Prince Harry Not Dating: Focuses On Royal Responsibilities And Making Princess Diana Proud – Gives Up On Marriage Altogether?

Prince Harry Not Dating: Focuses On Royal Responsibilities And Making Princess Diana Proud – Gives Up On Marriage Altogether?

Prince Harry is the world’s most eligible bachelor, but the ginger-haired prince hasn’t had a serious girlfriend in years. Harry hasn’t even hinted that there might be a special lady in his life. In an interview not long ago, Harry said marriage and a family were priorities in his life. The problem is, Harry revealed, a casual dinner date is blown out of proportion and the poor woman is hounded by the paparazzi and hailed as the next Royal bride.

With that in mind, it seems all Harry does lately is work and, along those lines, attempting to channel the warm energy of his late mother, Princess Diana. Kate Middleton and other members of the Royal family might be worried that Harry has given up on the possibility of marriage and a family.

Harry has been on the run for months championing charities for war veterans, HIV testing, and mental health awareness. Adding to his already packed schedule, Prince Harry will soon visit the National Ice Center which Coach Core provide sports apprenticeships to young people between the ages of 16 and 24.

Also on Harry’s schedule is a visit to Nottingham on Wednesday, October 26. Kensington Palace announced that the prince will spend the day “focused on youth and local communities.” While in Nottingham, Prince Harry will check in on the Full Effect project whose goal is to help reduce youth violence.

Is it time for Kate Middleton to step in and help Harry get back on track? It’s been previously reported that the Duchess of Cambridge is one of Prince Harry’s most trusted advisors. Perhaps Kate could attend a few elegant cocktail parties with Harry. The Duchess of Cambridge could whisper in Harry’s ear, letting him know which ladies seem best suited for Royal life.

Kate Middleton tried to play matchmaker for Harry on at least one occasion. The Duchess of Cambridge did her best to make a love match between younger sister Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry. The two seemed to get along splendidly at Kate and William’s wedding reception in 2011.

Pippa is off the market now, engaged to James Matthews and planning to wed in 2017. Harry’s exes Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas have moved on with their lives. Chelsy is an attorney turned jewelry designer and socialite Cressida has begun a career in acting.

Prince Harry Not Dating: Focuses On Royal Responsibilities And Making Princess Diana Proud – Gives Up On Marriage Altogether?

Certainly Queen Elizabeth wants to see her grandson happily married with a few little Royal babies of his own? Her Majesty is 90-years-old and in good health, but granny isn’t going to live forever. If Harry wants his wife and children to have the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth the prince needs to get serious about his love life.

You never know where you will meet the love of your life. The next Royal bride could be a single mum Harry meets while doing charitable work with children and teenagers. That would be a first for the Royal family.

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    I, perhaps naively, believe that the majority of your readers realise the bulk of these articles are fictional, soap-opera-formula churnouts, poorly written and at times, completely nonsensical. Do your writers find it so difficult to undertake a minimum amount of research to provide reasonably written work that doesn’t make the reader cringe in embarrassment?

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        :-) Yes, always liked the terms. Particularly useful when dealing with insufferable twits who were under the delusion they were Hemingway or Gellhorn.

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    :-) Yes, you’re absolutely correct. Back in my day, when the dinosaurs roamed freely, the legendary journalists were known by everyone in the trade. Surprising how so few, now, only know Hemingway as a writer and many have never heard of Gellhorn.

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    :-) Much appreciated.

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    Yes, there’s obviously a gaping hole in the market for royal sites that don’t assume the reader is the technical definition of an “idiot”, and which have the capability to produce well-written, factual articles that don’t read like synopses of episodes of “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

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    I tend to disregard any information written by gossip sites or the checkout “sad-rags”. They exist only to hook people in to buy or view them with their sensationalized, fictional nonsense. Any story which purports to know what goes on behind closed doors is obviously fabricated. Unfortunately, the gossip rags and websites do have a strong readership and generate a great deal of money for the media outlets. I used to believe that people were drawn to those magazines/websites for some light relief from reality. However, it’s unfortunate there’s sizeable section of the readership which does believe what they’re reading, which is a bit of a worry.
    If anyone wanted straightforward info on the Royal family, I’d direct them to the official website. There’s always a large amount of reliable detail there without the dramatic overdrive. An interesting website -reliable, very well written and moderated, is the ‘Royal Forums’, which covers all the royal houses of Europe. From what I’ve read in ‘Royalty’ and ‘Majesty’ magazine’s, they appear to be reliable sources of information. Just treat the gossip rags for what they are: usually poorly-written, fictional dross that exist only to make money by drawing readers by their ridiculous over-the-top-headlines. I do agree it is concerning when some take the stories seriously :-)

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