Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Premiere Recap 8/15/16: Season 3 Episode 1 “California Dreaming”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Premiere Recap 8/15/16: Season 3 Episode 1 "California Dreaming"

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs with an all new Monday, August 15, season 3 premiere called “California Dreaming” and we have your weekly Love & Hip Hop Hollywood recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the third-season premiere, Ray J and Princess’ wedding plans are thrown off track.

On the last season finale, Nikki decided Rich deserved to know that his girlfriend had feelings for another man. Did you watch the last episode? Did you miss it, we’ve got a detailed Love & Hip Hop Hollywood recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “in the third-season premiere, Ray J and Princess’ wedding plans are thrown off track. Later, Moniece and Brandi encounter each other; Nikki discovers Fizz has been hiding a secret; and someone from Willie’s past visits Shanda.”

It sounds like the 3rd season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama that you won’t want miss and neither do I. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live Love & Hip Hop Hollywood recap of tonight at 8PM! Excited for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? What kind of drama do you think is going to unfold during the season 3 premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? Sound off in the comment and let us know!


On the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Princess and Ray are preparing for their wedding by doing a shoot. Princess says “After last year I never thought I would be here, but I am Ray’s fiance and we are making it official by doing a photo shoot for a magazine spread.”

When Ray takes a break he goes to talk to his mother. He asks her “Did you like the photo shoot?” She tells him “It was beautiful. I have this business document that you need to have princess sign.” She pulls out a prenuptual agreement. Ray does not look happy. He tells his mother “I do not want to make her mad.” His mom says “You are making me mad right now. This is something that we will fight about until it is signed. This must be signed before the engagement party.”

Moneice is still dealing with the fallout from her heartbreak with Rich Dollaz. She and Fizz are living together because Fizz has been displaced from his house due to flooding. Moneice lays down some rules for him while he is living in her house. She tells him “No females in the house. No women running up and down the hallway and Brandi and Max are not allowed in the house.” Fizz tells her “Please keep your monkey covered at all times.”

Moneice asks him “Are you referring to my vagina?” Fizz says “Yes.” Moneice says “That’s fine. As long as you remember that I am the head of this household everything will be fine.”

Brandi, Tiarra, and Nikki meet up to talk. Brandi tells them that she is going to Moneice’s event. Tiarra and Nikki are not happy to hear this. Nikki tells Brandi “I am going to confront her at the event because she tried to start beef with me when we were in New York.” Tierra then preceedes to share a message that Moneice put out there to her threatening her family and especially her son. Tiarra is very angry.

She tells Nikki “She can say whatever she wants about me but she needs to keep my family and especially my son’s name out of her mouth.” Brandi says “I understand where you are coming from. I want to back you up, but i also want to back up my friend Moneice.”

Shanda and Willie are working on helping Willie prepare for his role in the movie Chocolate City 2. Shanda is still trying to get her own music career off the ground. She wants to work with Blaze, but Willie is against it because of the fact that he made moves on Shanda.

On the day of Moniece’s event Brandi shows up ready to do battle with her. When the two women sit down the confrontation is instantanious between Tiarra and Moniece. Tiarra says “I feel that you attacked me wrongfully.” Moniece tells her “My comment was about you and the way you dressed your son up. If you felt it was some other way then I genuinely apologize.” Tiarra tells her “I don’t want an apology from you because I don’t feel like you are genuinely sorry for the way you attacked me.”

Ray mentions the prenup to Princess and she is not happy. She says “It sounds like we are getting divorced before we even get married.” Ray says “No. I plan on us staying together forever and ever.” Princess tells him “I am tottally against signing a prenup so you have to figure something out.” Ray is really upset and worried about how his mother is going to take the news that Princess will not sign the prenup.

Fizz goes to hang out with Nikki. He says “I needed to take a break from spending time with Moneice and go spend time with someone I really enjoy.” Fizz and Nikki are talking and he asks her about the state of their relationship. She tells him “We are just seeing each other and taking it slow.” Fizz says “Until Nikki decides to make more of a commitment to me I don’t see a reason to tell her that i am living with Moniece.”

Tiearra sets up a meeting between Moniece and Brandi to try and squash the issues between the two of them. When Moniece shows up she says “I appreciate Tiarra trying to play peacemaker between me and Brandi, but if I don’t like what she has to say she may be leaving here without arms or legs.”

When the two ladies sit down at the table Moniece tells her “I don’t like the way that you went and told Rich about my feelings for Drew.” Brandi tells her “Rich was looking for a way out of the relationship and that was his ticket out.” Moniece is quiet for a second then she drops a bombshell on Brandi.

She tells her “Drew is living with me.” Both Brandi and Tiearra are shocked to hear this news. Brandi tells her “You are lying. You have to have a man living with you in order to help take care of your son.” Moniece just laughs and tells her to”No, I don’t. His banana is not getting anywhere near my monkey so it can stay with the leftovers.” Tiearra is absolutely shocked by the exchange between her friends.

The day after the meeting with Tiearrra and Moniece Brandi calls Fizz. When the two meet up she asks him “Why are you living with someone you can’t stand, and why didn’t you tell me about it?” Fizz tells her “I had to move out of my house because of a gas leak. We were all evacuated. You would know that if you watched the news.” Brandi tells him “You still shouldn’t have lied to me about it.”

Fizz responds “You said yourself that we weren’t in a committed relationship. We were just casually dating.” He also tells her “I am not dating Moniece. I am simply providing my son with a family environment.” Brandi laughs. She tells him “Well just so you know Moniece wants to have another baby with you.” She hands Fizz a bag and tells him “I bought you this onesie for you to give to your new baby.” Fizz gets really angry. He tells her “I don’t have any children that size so you can take that and give it to your nephew.” Brandi just walks away.

Willie is still worried about Shanda’s working with Blaze in the studio because of their past history. He considers going over to her session to see what is going on, but instead he decides to book his own studio session.

While Shanda is working a woman comes in and confronts her. Shanda takes her away to speak with her privately. The woman tells her that she has been sleeping with Willie the whole time that they have been married. She also tells Shanda “He is, and always has been in love with me, and he was going to leave you when you were pregnant.” Shanda tells her “I want to talk to my husband about this.” and sends the woman away.

When Shanda finishes recording she heads over to the studio where Willie is working. He is very happy to see her. She sits down and asks him “What have you been doing?” He tells her “Working on this song.” She looks at him seriously and says “No, not today. I mean all throughout our marriage?”

The End!