Madam Secretary Recap 3/6/16: Season 2 Episode 16 “Hijriyyah”

Madam Secretary Recap 3/6/16: Season 2 Episode 16 "Hijriyyah"

Tonight on CBS Madam Secretary airs with an all new Sunday March 6, season 2 episode 16 called, “Hijriyyah” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Elizabeth (Tea Leoni) is presented with the opportunity to question a person who claims to know the whereabouts of the most-wanted terrorist in the world.

On the last episode, following a shocking event on U.S. soil, Elizabeth rushed to find answers to President Dalton’s many questions about how it was able to occur. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Elizabeth is presented with the opportunity to question a person who claims to know the whereabouts of the most-wanted terrorist in the world. In other events, Stevie brings her boyfriend home to meet her parents.”

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Tonight’s episode of Madam Secretary kicks off in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, off the Coast of Libya – there’s a massive storm, and sinking ship full of passengers in life jackets – men, women, and a crying baby. The captain radios for help, but the voice on the other side says that they are outside of the rescue perimeter.

The ship is taking on too much water, some of the men in charge start hand-picking passengers to dump because the ship is too heave. A passenger begins freaking out when they try to take his children, he tells the captain that he can help – he has valuable intel and uses it to barter to save his family, he says he knows where to find Jibral Disah.

Meanwhile back in the United States, Elizabeth is trying to cook breakfast for her family. She and Stevie are hounding Henry to eat his breakfast. It’s the first day of his new job, and he is busy reading CIA briefs and prepping for work. Henry got a new gig working as a consultant for the Defense Department. Talk at the breakfast table turns to Stevie’s new boyfriend – her parents want to meet Jarreth. Elizabeth excuses herself from the kitchen – Blake is blowing up her phone.

At the White house, the president is being briefed on the ship carrying Libyan refugees to Italy. An Italian Navy airship answered their distress call and saved all 200 passengers. Italy called the US because one of the passengers had intel on Jibral Disah. Now, Elizabeth and the team at the White house need to decide whether or not they want to question him – if not, the Italians are sending the refugees back to Libya.

Becker thinks that the refugee was lying and knew that if he tossed out Jibral’s name the Italians would save them. According to their research, the refugee Moussa al-Mukhtar is a mechanic who claims that he was contracted to fix the Libyan’s battle vehicales – and forced to pledge himself to their cause. So, he and his family tried to flee the country.

Elizabeth is concerned that if the US questions Moussa and the Libyans get word of it – all hell could break loose. Becker strongly advises against it, he thinks that Moussa is full of it and they are grasping at straws, it won’t be worth the drama that will follow if the US takes custody of Libyan refugee. Russell argues that Jibral has access to nuclear weapons and threatened to use them on the US, the President agrees and tells Elizabeth to call the Italians and let them know they are on the way.

Henry arrives at his new job at the White House, Russell meets him and takes him to “Marvey Room” – where they have set up station to takes down Hazhib – the Radical Libyan ideology that Jibral is a part of. Their main goal is to capture Jibral Disah, Russell introduces Henry to his new co-workers, his former handle Jane Fellows is a member of the team too. Russell fills them in on their possible tip from Italy.

Stevie is headed to class and Jareth tracks her down – he wants to know why she has been ignoring his text messages, he jokes that she has put him in the friendzone. He wants to know why she switched up and is acting like she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Stevie makes an excuse and tries to rush off to class, she gives him a kiss, and reassures him that she isn’t brushing him off.

Elizabeth and the President stop by the Marvey Room and tells them that they are preparing to interview Moussa, they have set up a live feed to the interrogation on the Italian ship, and it is Henry and his team’s job to question Moussa through a translator. Moussa tells them that he saw Moussa in the desert with his wife – he was blindfolded and taken out there to work on truck that they overheated the engine on. Henry and his team think that Moussa’s story is made up. They have had eyes on both of

Jibral’s wives, and neither rof them have been to the desert or with him since the bombing. They report back to the President that Moussa is not credible. But, Henry won’t let it go. He does research and finds parts of Moussa’s stories that do make sense – his village is right by the hot spot in the desert where Jibral was spotted before. He goes over Jose’s head and calls Elizabeth to tell her not to let the Italians send Moussa back to Libya.

Elizabeth goes to Russell and tells him that they need to stop the transfer of the Libyan refugees back to Libya from Italy. Russell whines that he doesn’t want the terrorists to know that they have a lead and they need to keep it out of the news. Elizabeth goes back to her office and they craft up a lie to tell the press to explain why they are getting involved in Italian deportation. She tells everyone to tell the media that they are just doing “joint naval exercises” with Italy.

Meanwhile, they have gotten another tip. A man named Shamekh is willing to sell the US information on Jibral for $5 Million. One of the members of Henry’s team will have to go to Libya and question him in person. It’s dangerous though – it could be a set-up. Jose says that Shamekh is full of it, but Henry argues it could be a good lead. Russell nominates Mimi to go to Libya for the interrogation.

Later that night at home, Henry fills Elizabeth in on Mimi’s trip to Libya. He is stressed – if something happens to her, he will feel responsible. Stevie interrupts their chat and says that she is bringing her new boyfriend Jareth to dinner to meet them tomorrow night. She lectures her parents on “being cool” and not embarrassing her.

At work the next day – there is a problem. A Senator named Carlos from Arizona found out about the Libyan refugees, and he is holding a press conference to blow it all up. If news breaks and the Libyans find out – they could strike back, and Mimi will probably be their first target since she is en route to Libya. Elizabeth tells Daisy to get the Senator on the phone ASAP so that she can try to get him to shut up.

Elizabeth meets with Carlos – he begins ranting about the immigration policy. Elizabeth reminds him that his parents were immigrants at one point, and the US let them in. How is he going to interfere with the US interviewing immigrants in another country? She orders Carlos to sit down so she can read him in on everything that is going on.

At the White House, Elizabeth and Henry are both working late – they are sitting in on live feeds of Mimi’s interrogation of Shamekh. Elizabeth calls Elizabeth and wants to know where she is, Jareth just arrived for dinner. Elizabeth apologizes and says she totally forgot, she begs Stevie to reschedule and says there is no way that they can leave.

Meanwhile in Libya, Shamekh arrives for his interrogation. The President, Henry, Elizabeth, and the rest of the tea gather around the video feed. Shamekh gets out of his jeep, and then he makes a run towards the soldiers and Mimi – he opens his coat and he is strapped up with a bomb. There is an explosion and the cameras go dark, they’ve lose their feed.

Back at Elizabeth’s house – dinner is not going well. Stevie burnt the food, and she and Jason got in to a fight over dinner. Jareth tries to comfort Stevie and figure out what is going on with her. Stevie gets emotional, she breaks down and tells Jareth all about the bombing – and her family nearly being killed. Jareth can’t believe that she kept it a secret from him this whole time.

Elizabeth heads back to her office, now that there interrogation in Libya has gone to hell – they are moving full steam ahead with the Libyan refugees, and importing them to America. She tells Daisy and Nadine to figure out a way to get everyone to sign off on it, and keep Senator Carlos out of the way.

Henry is not doing well after Shamekh’s suicide bombing – Elizabeth heads home and finds him rewatching the video footage over and over. He doesn’t understand what went wrong – Shamekh wasn’t a radical terrorist. Russell calls Henry and Elizabeth at home. They researched the bomb that Shamekh was wearing, and it was remotely detonated. That means that Jabril’s men sent him in, and blew him up from another location. So, Henry was right all along – Shamekh himself wasn’t a threat, Jabril’s men must have threatened him family.

The next morning at the breakfast table, Elizabeth and Henry try to make amends with Stevie over missing dinner. They want her to invite Jareth back – and promise they won’t miss it. Stevie says that she was a freak last night, and Jareth probably won’t come back. Apparently Stevie didn’t scare Jareth off though – he surprises them at breakfast with scones and introduces himself to her parents.

Elizabeth and Henry rush off to the office. The Justice Department tried to have the injuction to bring the Libyan refugees in dismissed. Senator Carlos is doing everything in his power to stop the US from bringing in the Libyan refugees. Elizabeth says it is time for the President to remind Carlos that at the end of the day he has final say. Elizabeth crashes Carlos’ press conference and brings a document proving that the President has power to override the gov’t and accepts refugees in a state of emergency. She threatens Carlos and tells him that if he keeps fighting them, they will put all of the immigrants in his state of Arizona.

Elizabeth heads back to the office and Henry is still watching the video of Shamekh over and over. He realizes that just before he blew up he screamed something, it’s a woman’s name, Hrijjah. They do some research and learn that Jibral just took a new wife, and her name is Hrijjah – she was the woman in the desert with him the day Moussa saw him. And, if they find Hrijjah – they can find Jibral.