Madam Secretary Recap 5/1/16: Season 2 Episode 22 “Render Safe”

Madam Secretary Recap 5/1/16: Season 2 Episode 22 "Render Safe"

Tonight on CBS Madam Secretary airs with an all new Sunday May 1, season 2 episode 22 called, “Render Safe” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the U.S. debates enacting a “render safe” mission to secure nuclear weapons that belong to the failing Pakistani government.

On the last episode, President Dalton sent the “Murphy Station,” aka Henry, Jane and Jose, on a dangerous mission after receiving word that the world’s most wanted terrorist was hiding in Islamabad. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the U.S. debates enacting a “render safe” mission to secure nuclear weapons that belong to the failing Pakistani government; at the same time, the terrorist Jibral Disah is pursued by the Murphy Station.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss and neither do I. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Madam Secretary’s second season. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below and let us know how you are enjoying this second season.

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Tonight’s episode of Madam Secretary kicks off with Elizabeth and the President – they just got a coded email from Murphy’s Station on Jibral’s new location. Russell shows up in a huff – he says that Pakistan is imploding. Abedi just declared himself the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, and he is working with Jibral. They head to a meeting with their team to discuss their next move.

They already have drones over Pakistan – Russia and the US is working quickly to take out all of Pakistan’s bombs before Jibral Disah gets a hold of them. They call the Murphy Team and talk to Henry and his partner – who are currently in Pakistan and trying to drive through the riots. Russell thinks they should get Murphy Team out of Pakistan – but Elizabeth shoots down his idea.

Elizabeth gets a phone call from Allison at school, she says that it is an emergency. Allison is freaking out because her mother didn’t sign her New York field trip permission slip. Elizabeth scolds her for saying it was an emergency and promises that Blake will take care of her permission slip.

Elizabeth heads to her office and the Russian Prime Minister is waiting for her. Konstantin has bad news – he tells Elizabeth that Russia is not going to help them take out Pakistan’s bombs, Russia has decided to back Abedi as the new Prime Minister. Elizabeth shouts at him that this alliance has been in place and he can’t just back out – Konstantin doesn’t seem to care, he leaves her office. Elizabeth is having a melt down – Henry calls her cell phone from Pakistan. She tells him “I love you so don’t die on me,” and then rushes off the phone to brief Potus on Russia.

In Pakistan Henry and his partner arrive at the address where they think Jibral Disah is hiding. They are going to stake out the house and see if they see him.

Meanwhile, Dalton, Jackson, and the Admiral are trying to figure out how to disarm all of Pakistan’s nuclear bombs by themselves. Admiral Parker says they can get the job done – but it is going to be messy and there are going to be a lot of casualties. Dalton tells him to get the job done.

In Pakistan – Henry and Murphy’s Station spots Jibral Disah, he gets in a car and is leaving the house. They call for an air strike but Jibral is getting away, and the drone is still 3 minutes away. Henry decides to tail Jibral Disah in his own car, which is a horrible and dangerous decision. Meanwhile, a car pulls up behind Henry and his team and starts shooting at them – they have been made. Luckily the drone arrives at the last minute and takes out the car shooting at them and the car with Jibral in it.

There’s a problem though – Henry’s car is totaled, they need someone to pick them up. Jose has been shot – but he is able to walk. Henry and his team rush to seek cover, they have to wait an hour before a helicopter can pick them out. Henry breaks in to a market that is closed. It seems to be empty. The store owner arrives with a gun and starts screaming in another language. Jose translates and says they aren’t there to hurt him – they are just waiting for their helicopter.

Back at the White House, Elizabeth is a hot mess, worrying about Henry. She wants to take a nap, but Prime Minister Chen from China arrives at her office. China is apparently not happy about the US attacking Pakistan. But, Chen says that China wants to help. Elizabeth scoffs that they have been asking them for help for months and they scoffed at the idea. Elizabeth says they already have teams in Pakistan, but if their plan goes awry – they will take China up on their offer to help.

Elizabeth gets called back to the Situation Room – Dalton and Jackson have another problem. They arrived at one of the bomb locations in Pakistan to disarm them, but someone beat them to it. The Pakistan army is dead, and six nuclear bombs are missing. They think that terrorists may have gotten to the bombs before them. This is bad…

Within a few minutes a video is uploaded to the internet by members of Hizbal Shahid. The masked men pose in the video with the nuclear bombs and claim that they will rain the bombs on non-believers. The US is in trouble, Elizabeth calls out to Chen for the help that China offered. Meanwhile, Matt and Daisy are trying to handle the press – who are in an uproar over the Pakistan takeover.

Jay gets to work trying to figure out where the terrorists are hiding the nuclear bombs. They need to get them back before they attack – but finding the bombs is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, they have some time because there is no way the terrorists have the access codes, which mean they are going to have to rewire the bombs. There are only 14 scientists in Pakistan that even have the know-how to rewire the bombs. They just need to figure out which one of the scientists are helping the terrorists and let him lead them to the bombs.

Henry and his team are still hiding out in the Pakistan store. Jose is in bad shape and he is bleeding out. Plus, Jane’s phone is dead so they have no idea where their helicopter is. Jane takes Henry aside and tells him that Jose’s lung is collapsing, they need to blow it back up, but they need a compression need from the hospital. They can’t leave beause the Pakistan people are rioting outside and all hell is breaking loose. They’ll kill an American on sight. Henry decides to try and send the shopowner to the hospital to get them supplies – he thinks that they can trust him. Jane is skeptical, but they don’t really have any other options.

Jay is still trying to track down the man that is going to rewire the bombs, his name is Iancu Balon. He was originally from Russia, which means that they need to meet with Konstantin again and try to get information on Balon. As predicted, Konstantin is not too helpful. Konstantin wants to cut a deal – he wants their spy Peter Buckley released to Russia. Elizabeth scoffs in his face and tells him that it is not happening.

Oliver gets to work trying to find Balon – he was able to hack in to Balon’s laptop, but the US turned off the power grid in Pakistan. Dalton gives Oliver permission to turn the grid back on to trace the laptop. He is able to get a location, Dalton orders every available asset to that location, to try and take back the nuclear bombs.

In Pakistan, the shopkeeper actualy comes through for them. Jose asks Henry to say a Catholic prayer for him because he doesn’t think that he is going to make it, but at the last minute the shopkeeper arrives with a doctor.

More good news – the US army is able to take down the terrorists with the warheads and get them back. Russell rushes in to Elizabeth’s office and wakes her up. He tells her that the bombs have been neutralized, and the helicopter is on location to pick up Henry and his team. Henry, Jose, and Jane make it to the helicopter and get picked up safely. Elizabeth watches with President Dalton over the live feeds. Once they are in the air, Henry jokes that he thinks he is going to use up some of his vacation days when they get back.

Elizabeth isn’t done saving the world though – she has to meet with Allison’s principal Dean Ward. Apparently they aren’t letting Allison go on the trip because there was a problem with the permission slip. Elizabeth is fuming, she heads to Allison’s school and confronts Dean Ward herself. After she makes a fool of herself, Dean Ward tells Madam Secretary that it was a “settled issue” and she gave Allison extra time to turn in the permission slip – then she stomps off.

Tonight’s episode ends with Elizabeth having a drink with Konstantin and smoothing things over with Russia. Elizabeth has a special request – she wants Russia to release Dmitri’s sister Taliya Petrova. Konstantin still wants Peter Buckley. He drops a bomb on Elizabeth and says they will trade Peter Buckley for Taliyah AND Dmitri…he isn’t dead after all.