Meghan Markle Follows Queen Elizabeth’s Orders: Refuses To Do Television Interview, Banned From Dishing On Prince Harry Romance

Meghan Markle Follows Queen Elizabeth’s Orders: Refuses To Do Television Interview, Banned From Dishing On Prince Harry Romance

Meghan Markle is keeping her lips shut and refusing to talk about her relationship with Prince Harry. That’s why she supposedly snubbed a morning television show interview. Sources say that Meghan was supposed to appear on ‘The Today Show’ but didn’t show up to the interview.

Sources say that Meghan was a no-show even though she was supposed to appear on ‘The Today Show’ to talk about ‘Suits’ this week. In fact, before Meghan began her relationship with Harry, she used to appear on ‘The Today Show’ all the time to talk about the USA network series.

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According to Life & Style Weekly, one insider close to the actress said, “Meghan told producers she was pressured by the palace to not do any interviews. She is being extremely cautious and wants to keep a low profile out of respect for the royal family.”

In fact, royal insiders close to Queen Elizabeth aren’t surprised that Meghan Markle is refusing to do interviews. If there’s one thing that Queen Elizabeth hates, it’s seeing the royal family in the gossip magazines and tabloid headlines.

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Sources say that Meghan Markle won’t be able to hide from the press forever. Sooner or later, she’s going to have to promote her network show. But at the same time, she knows the media is going to ask her questions about her Prince Harry romance. Instead, Meghan wants to show Queen Elizabeth that she can be trusted. That’s why she’s doing her best to stay quiet for as long as possible.

After all, some sources say that if Prince Harry does propose to Meghan, there’s a good possibility that she will be forced to quit her Hollywood career. There’s no way that Meghan will be able to work in Hollywood and be a full-time royal at the same time. Reports indicate that Harry is planning on proposing in the New Year. And if he does, that means Meghan is going to be facing some huge changes in the coming months.

Meghan’s rep has not made any comments about the report. Are you surprised that Meghan is canceling her television appearances? Some insiders say that this is yet another sign that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting serious. Do you agree? Drop us a line with your thoughts in our comments section. Also, check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on the royal family.

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In that case – be a rebel, friends 🙌🏽

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  • Sigi

    Even if he proposes it won’t last. His planets say so.

    • Ladyhawke

      Good to know. The woman appears incredibly self- absorbed, posting endless selfies on social media.

      • Sigi

        Schmarkel’s going bananas. She thinks it’s already in the bag.

        • Ladyhawke

          The continual self-promotion is irksome. Just curious if anything came up in Harry’s chart that indicates a permanent relationship?
          The “Wikileaks” doc on ‘Reddit’ is entitled, “A Possible Reason for the Elites’ Obsession With Cannabalism”

          – just typing the title will get you into the document. Coincidence – I’m reading, “Better than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie” by Hunter S Thompson. He writes how the Marquis De Sade was finally forced into politics because, “They [authorities] pushed him too far. So he decided to control his environment…. And the moral of the story is never lean on the weird [the authorities, elites, etc). Or they will chop your head off. And the perverts will eat your brains. Take my word for it Bubba. I am an expert on these things. I have been there.” Wonderful stuff, and the document isn’t too horrific – no more horrific than the story of the abductions in Kamloops.
          I can’t find our discussion of a few days ago regarding the comments from “guest” regarding my crappy writing skills, but her comments and my final reply are under the article: “Kate Middleton Excluded: Queen invites Camilla Parker-Bowles to Dedication of Queen Mother Square” Enjoy!
          Off to the sister’s place for Christmas lunch. Loathe this time of year – also New Years Eve. If I didn’t have family functions to attend, I’d draw the drapes and pretend none of it was happening.
          Enjoy the festivities or whatever – hope Santa is good to you. Catch you soon – :-)

          • Sigi

            Happy Holidays ! LOL – I have to agree with what you said about drawing the drapes !
            I’m tired of holiday hysteria and hassle too. It tends to get in the way, clogs things up. Everything haywire then finally,slowly it dissipates.
            I finished the book about Elizabeth the First and am in a book about Eustace Chapuys. It’s fascinating.

            I don’t know if Harry will ever find a marriage or not. But I could look at his 2018 astrology. This year doesn’t look encouraging.
            So far I’ve only looked at his current solar year, which is fairly new since he was born in September. This astrology indicates probably very intriguing/hot love affairs but it also has Venus opposite Uranus. And that is a built-in fail.

            OK – I’ll look at that “elites” article but it sounds pretty disgusting {no shock there of course}. As for Kamloops all I read about that that I recall is that the kids were never seen again and things about Brussels courts and so on, but nothing graphic {which was OK with me if it wasn’t graphic}.
            I’m a it baffled with the stuff about the Marquis but I’ll read over it again later —
            “Happy Holidays” and Merry Christmas,

          • Ladyhawke

            Dammit – just found this unanswered post as well. Sorry.
            Look, if you’ve read the doc I suggested, I do apologise. If not, I suggest you DON’T read it. I became accustomed to reading disturbing/horrific info over the years when I was a journalist. I am mostly able to distance myself from it, and tend to forget others may not be able to. In retrospect, I think it may cause you unnecessary distress. I’ve deleted the title – I don’t want anyone else reading it. Again, if you did manage to read it and it caused you distress, I really do apologize.

          • Sigi

            Don’t apologize ! I was interested at first anyway.
            Ha ha, I know ! Constipated message system somehow, not getting message alerts,happens to me too. Maybe it’s just the internet itself. Yeah that topic sounded pretty gnarly and I did put it off ,
            {I have been busy too}, but really intended to look. But then started thinking well…why stress out over something that gross ?! On the other hand I’ve read plenty of gross things anyway in my time so – ?!

            I’m trying to be more aware of what I put myself thru though, and I think I might not look for that article after all !

          • Sigi

            P.S. As gross as it sounds like it was, that article, if it spoke of what sort of further rot the RF gets into, you know people should be aware.
            So, ? I guess if you can take it then good, and mainly it’s good the info gets out there so people will know.

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  • Elizabeth Connell

    He aint gonna marry her, I predict he’ll dump her next month

    • Ladyhawke

      That’s excellent news – hope your prediction is correct (although if the media is to be believed, the pair seems to be in that “hot and heavy” period of the relationship, which usually takes a while to cool down). Anyway, onward and upward – and fingers crossed the relationship takes a nose-dive sooner rather than later.

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