Nashville Season Recap 4/13/16: Season 4 Episode 15 “When There’s a Fire in Your Heart”

Nashville Season Recap 4/13/16: Season 4 Episode 15 "When There's a Fire in Your Heart"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday April 13, season 4 episode 15 called, “When There’s a Fire in Your Heart,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, The Exes struggle with fame as they go on tour with Autumn Chase. (Alicia Witt)

On the last episode a familiar face – Juliette Barnes – finally returned to Nashville after receiving treatment for postpartum depression and found herself at a critical crossroads upon her homecoming. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “The Exes find navigating their newfound fame tricky business when they go out on the road with Autumn Chase (played by Alicia Witt). Meanwhile, back in Nashville, Maddie continues to grow closer with Cash, causing tension with Deacon as he questions her motives and interest in his daughter. Juliette misses her manager, Glenn, and devises a plan to get him back while Will finds himself working with Kevin again”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville starts with Gunnar and Scarlett at Autumn’s tour HQ and they’re meeting her. Scarlett is fangirling. Autumn greets them warmly and introduces them to her team. She hugs Scarlett who giggles like a maniac.

She asks them to sit and do her weekly tour meeting. Alicia says she wants to be on stage 15 minutes after the Exes bow. She then chews out a guy and fires him. She says sorry but she’ll get him a flight back to Nashville.

Juliette talks to her therapist about the studio suing her but says it doesn’t matter, she needs to be with Cadence. She says she and Avery talk about the baby only then says she wants to get back to work. Her therapist suggests she go see Glenn.

Deacon and Layla talk about at-risk kids and she’s working with them to try and find the missing Vita. She says she’s doing a fundraiser concert. Maddie comes in and they ask what she’s doing with her day off. She says working with Cash.

Rayna asks about the breakup and she says she wrote about it and it’s good. Rayna says she’s growing up. Will meets with Layal and shares his good news about the label. She says Avery has no time for her and her album is at a standstill.

She asks if he and Juliette are hanging out and he says Avery and Juliette barely talk. Then she says she feels like she got screwed out of opening with Autumn. She says Jeff got more stuff done for her and he says Jeff wasn’t ethical.

Cash shows up to Rayna’s and Deacon greets her at the door. Cash thanks him for helping with her dad and he says thanks for helping Maddie. Maddie paces in the home studio and tells Cash that Colt joined the Army. She says she’s jealous that he can make his own choices.

Cash says write it into a song. Maddie says no one will hear her songs. Cash says she used to sneak out and play cafes then says she wasn’t telling her to encourage her. Maddie says it’s killing her then begs for her help.

Bucky brings in some positive reports to Rayna and he shows her the Business Week cover touting her success. He says they’re going to see the Exes tonight but he can’t find a tour for Layla. Rayna thinks and says let’s go outside the box. Rayna says maybe it can be her.

Juliette shows up at Glenn’s and he says he has a meeting but she begs him to listen. He says they didn’t have a last great couple of years then says he’s not who she needs and closes the door on her. Rayna and Bucky talk about a short tour with her and Layla.

He says let’s push it six months but Rayna says no. He says he thought she wanted to be home but she says things at home are calm and they need to do this for Layla. He says he’ll make the calls. Luke gets an update about his tour with Riff.

His manager says you should bring along one of your baby artists. He says someone with an album. Luke says get on board since Will is in the family now. Kenneth says he’s clear as Will shows up but Kenneth gives him the cold shoulder.

Luke says he’s an amazing artist and his music is the selling point and says he has some tracks he wants to work with and asks if he can work with Kevin and Will says it’s fine. He says he even had breakfast with his ex-wife today.

Gunnar tells Scarlett that your idols aren’t what you want and their manager tells them that Autumn fired her last opening act and says don’t piss her off. Gunnar says when have I pissed anyone off. Scarlett glares and he adds “lately.” He tells them to do whatever she asks.

Cash finds an underground place for her to perform at and they don’t realize Daphne is in the room listening. Avery calls Layla about working together and she says she’ll call him later. Juliette is at his house and he’s surprised.

She says Cadence’s passy got left in her car. She asks if Glenn hates her and Avery asks why she asks. She says she went by to apologize to Glenn and he seems to hate her. Avery asks if she was honest about why she wants him back.

She says she was with him since she was 14 and doesn’t know how to do it without him. Avery says it’s so hard for her to admit she needs people. Avery says she hurt Glenn so he’s protecting himself. He says the Juliette he knew wouldn’t take no for an answer.

She says the Juliette he knew was hated by people and did bad things. He gives her some encouragement and says she should give Glenn the truth and not give up. She asks for his help. He considers this. Deacon finds Rayna with her guitar out and she says she’s working on a song.

She says she wants him to come with her when she goes on tour. Deacon is stunned she’s planning a tour. He says he has the girls and she says Tandy can watch them and he says he has the Beverly. He says it’s 10 dates and Frankie can watch it.

Deacon says he thinks of himself as a dad and a business owner. She says wouldn’t it be great to be on stage together and he agrees. Kevin shows up to work with Will and it’s awkward. He congratulates him on re-signing with Luke’s album.

Kevin takes a call and steps away and it’s obvious it’s someone he’s dating. He ends the call and Will asks if it’s a new BF. He says yeah and says he knows it seems fast. Will says he owes him no explanation since they’re there to work.

Juliette has Emily doing a bunch of work and snaps at her impatiently. Then she says sorry and please get on board. She suggests J call her shrink but she refuses. Maddie asks Deacon if she can go see Cash at a coffee house. He asks if it serves booze and she’ll be home by curfew.

Daphne forces her to bribe her to take her shopping and buy her something. Deacon agrees to let her go. Gunnar and Scarlett eat with Autumn who asks them questions. Scarlett says she wrote poetry and Gunnar was the singer.

She says Gunnar put one of her poems to music. Then she asks about their relationship. She asks if they lived together and who broke up with who. Autumn pries and then says dish to me – it’s just the three of them. She demands the story of their split.

Gunnar says he proposed and she turned him down but it was for the right reasons. Autumn makes them feel uber uncomfortable. Layla shows up to see Luke and talks to him about Jeff. She says Luke was good to her flying her home and everything.

Layla says she wants to be his opener for the tour. She says she needs to promote her album but there are no openings. He asks what Rayna thinks and she says she doesn’t know she’s there. He says his people want him to bring one of his artists.

Layla says he was there when Jeff died and knows what happened in a way no one else does. She says she has no one else to turn to and begs him to help her get her life back on track.

Scarlett rants to Gunnar about Autumn being crazy. He says focus on the opportunity and let it go. Rayna shows up and asks how it’s going with Autumn. Then Autumn shows up and greets them. Autumn says they have the most amazing history then says she loves their storytelling.

Rayna says she’s glad they found each other. At the Opry, Avery greets Glenn. He told him to come see a new act. Juliette takes the stage to a cheering crowd and Glenn asks if he tricked him. Avery begs him to stay and says you may kick yourself if you don’t hear her out.

Juliette tells them it’s been a rough year and she’s grateful they’re there for her. She then says she couldn’t have done this without a very important man and says she thinks of him as her father. She says every word of this is the truth.

Juliette sings and Glenn’s eyes feel with tears. The song is about how her life is not the same without him. She looks at him offstage and he nods. The crowd is crying and swaying. Avery pats him on the shoulder and takes off. The song is about her being the bad guy.

Bucky tells Rayna that he called Layla and she told him she booked herself on Luke’s tour. Bucky says it’s great news and Rayna doesn’t have to go out. Rayna says she feels gut punched and Bucky says she didn’t know they were trying to do this.

Rayna says she feels betrayed by Juliette and others that left her. Bucky reminds her of all the success. Kenneth complains to Luke about him taking Layla out on tour. Luke gets snippy with him and says there’s more to this job than the business.

Scarlett and Gunnar take the stage at the show. Rayna looks longingly at the screaming crowds. Deacon tells Daphne to clean up and she says it’s not fair she’s always in trouble when Maddie gets away with everything. Deacon asks what she means and she clams up.

Madide is with Cash and they meet Billy. She says she told them they were at a coffee house. Juliette finds Glenn in her dressing room and he says it was a great performance. She says it wasn’t an act and says she’s so sorry. She says she treated him terribly and let him down.

She cries and says it’s not okay. She says she misses him and needs him. He sighs and says his left kept going and can’t drop Layla. She says it’s not about that. She says her life is not the life she wants without him. She says if you can’t be my manager, just be in my life.

He says maybe he can do both and they hug each other and cry. Maddie checks out the bar and pulls off her jacket to show off her LBD. A guy comes to talk to her and says he hasn’t seen her there before. She says she’s a friend of Cash. He says Cash is cool.

He offers to buy her a drink but she says no thanks. Will and Kevin finish working and he says he thinks Luke will be happy with them. Kevin says he knows Will is upset and he says they just broke up and he moved on and Kevin asks if he should wait for him to stop hating and blaming him.

Will says he was wrong and it was all new and confusing. Will says he’s not proud of how he behaved and says he’s grown a lot. Kevin says he heard what happened at the bar and was impressed how he went back and stood up for himself.

Will says he learned a lot from Kevin. He tells Will the person you learn from isn’t always the person you end up with. He goes to leave and Will says he loved him and Kevin says the same then goes. Autumn takes the stage and Gunnar says sorry to Scarlett but she says it’s fine.

Rayna comes to talk to them and says they were awesome. Then Autumn introduces Rayna who takes the stage to cheers. Cash takes the stage and tells the bar a friend of hers is performing tonight. She takes the stage and thanks Cash for inviting her and Billy for letting her sing.

Cash videos her as she sings. The guy who flirted with her smiles as she sings. Deacon shows up as she sings. The crowd is really into it. Deacon does not like what he sees. There are catcalls galore and Deacon glares as a guy gets really close to the stage.

He knocks the guy out of the way and rants at Maddie. Cash is alarmed and he drags her out as she screams at him and tells him to get off her. Cash runs out and apologizes to Deacon. She says it’s a music venue not a strip club.

Deacon says she has no right to take her anyway. Cash says he doesn’t even know his daughter. Cash says Deacon stands in her way and tells Cash to back off. She says she won’t abandon Maddie. Deacon says stay the hell away from my daughter or you’ll regret it.

Maddie sits in the car crying. Rayna sings with Autumn and is thrilled to be on stage. Juliette shows up to thank Avery and hands him a six pack in thanks. He says she didn’t have to come there. Layla pulls up and sees them talking.

Juliette says good night and goes. Layla watches them and then considers. Autumn tells Scarlett and Gunnar’s personal details at the after party. Scarlett goes over to her and asks to speak to her privately. Scarlett says she would appreciate she wouldn’t talk about their history.

She says it took them a long time to find equilibrium and she doesn’t want anything to risk it. Autumn says sorry and says she’s just so open about her heartbreak. Autumn acts gracious then says good for you for speaking up and says she respects that.

Scarlett walks away and Autumn glares. Layla comes to Avery’s door and then tells him the news about her tour with Luke. She hugs him then asks if he wants to be her bandleader. She says she’d like to have him with her. Avery is intrigued.

Autumn approaches Gunnar who says Scarlett left early. Autumn drags her to her dressing room and says she lied earlier. She says her favorite song is the one he wrote and drags him off with her. Bucky brings Rayna a drink on the plane and says great show.

She says the Exes killed it and Bucky says it was great to see her on stage. She apologizes and says she thinks she lost sight of herself as an artist and touring would have been important for her. He tells her to do 10 days for the hell of it and she asks if they can.

Deacon calls and tells her the bad news. Luke is there when Heidi shows up crying. She says it’s Riff and says he’s been acting crazy. She says two days ago he packed a bag and left and says she doesn’t know where he is.