NCIS: New Orleans Recap 2/9/16: Season 2 Episode 15 “Father’s Day”

NCIS: New Orleans Recap 2/9/16: Season 2 Episode 15 "Father's Day"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all new Tuesday February 9, season 2 episode 15 called, “Father’s Day,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Agent Pride (Scott Bakula) opens his bar to the public with a Fat Tuesday party.

On the last episode, the team investigated the murder of an immigrant petty officer that was staged as a suicide. Also, the agents secretly created an online dating profile for Pride. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Agent Pride opens his bar to the public with a Fat Tuesday party, but the event is cut short when he and Mayor Hamilton are kidnapped and held hostage by an unknown assailant.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 2 episode 15.

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#NCISNOLA starts with Pride playing with King and the band. Pride goes out to sign for a delivery for him, and someone sticks a syringe into his neck and drugs him. He goes down like a box of rocks. Pride wakes coughing and sees he’s tied to a chair.

He sees Hamilton across from him, and they see someone peeking in at them. Pride sees a camera on them. LaSalle, Brody, and Sonja are there, and LaSalle tells them Mobile was where Mardi Gras started. LaSalle gets a message about a dead Marine.

Brody says she’ll get Pride and meet them. Hamilton tells Pride this is not his idea of a party. A masked guy comes in, and Hamilton says taking a Fed and the mayor is poor planning. Pride says it takes a lot of planning to pull this off.

Hamilton realizes the girl in the red dress must have poisoned him. He says a constituent wanted a private meeting. Pride asks what they want them to call him, and he says nothing. Brody comes looking for Pride and finds a busker there who says he put up a fight.

He says he saw a guy in a mask use that on him and shove him in a car and points at the syringe. She asks if he got a plate then sighs and hands him money for the info. LaSalle is at a party which was the event for the Mayor. Tom, Kelly and Brad all work for the Mayor.

The dead Marine was working security. LaSalle says lock down the hotel. Loretta is there and says it’s Jason Alex that’s their victim. She spots a needle and says Officer Tate was also drugged. Sonya talks to him, and he says he saw a woman in a red dress run by and then he was out.

They find the mayor’s phone when he calls it, and they tell them that the mayor is missing and may be kidnapped. LaSalle gets a call from Brody, who tells him Pride was also taken. Hamilton is worried and says people must have noticed they’re gone.

He asks what the camera is for and wonders if it’s terrorism. Pride tries to calm him down as Hamilton starts yelling at the guy and asks if he’s a damned terrorist. Hamilton says just tell us what you want. Pride asks why they are there. The masked man says – to confess.

Patton says this can’t be a coincidence and says he checked Pride’s phone and no strange calls, and there’s no chatter. Brody wonders if it’s a suspect from a past case. She gives him the license plate that the silver guy gave her.

Patton says the FBI can’t get in, and Brody says maybe the kidnappers can’t get out. She tells Patton they don’t have time, and he says he knows. LaSalle asks the mayor’s people if there have been any demands. Kelly says they need the mayor back in an hour for the parade.

Brad asks LaSalle why isn’t this about Pride. LaSalle says they need to find the girl since she knew where to take the mayor. Loretta shows them that the dead Marine likely had a reaction to the drug, and that’s what killed him.

Sonya finds the girl, and they go looking. The mayor’s staff wants to keep this out of the public’s eye. LaSalle says to quit worrying about PR and worry about their lives. Hamilton wonders if this is some weird ritual since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which means atonement.

The masked man tells them to shut up and says it’s time to confess. Pride asks what it is he wants to know. The masked man starts spouting off facts about them both. He knows a lot about their kids but says their families are safe as long as he gets what he wants.

Sonya wonders if this is militia-related and LaSalle says Patton doesn’t think so. She says she’s just worried, and LaSalle admits he is too. They look around the party and spot the red sequined dress. The woman runs, and they chase.

She heads into the kitchen and down a hall. She’s on the street still running, and they corner her, but she has a knife. She tries to fight them off, but they get her down and cuffed. The crowd on the street cheers. Pride tells the guy to leave now and free them since they don’t know who he is.

He pulls off his mask and asks if the mayor recognizes him. He doesn’t, but Pride does. Pride says Mike Spar and says he remembers. Pride says they met when he was with the sheriff’s office. He says it was his first death notification.

Mike says he told him that his wife killed himself and Pride says he never forgot him standing there with his little girl in his arms. Mike kneels and says Stacey grew up thinking her mom abandoned her. Mike says they both know that Hamilton murdered his wife.

The Mayor looks stunned. Hamilton says this is a mistake and says he was not involved, and he was in law school back then. Mike says his law school had a Mardi Grad party, and Mike says Pride was part of the cover-up and investigation.

Mike slaps a photo down on the table. Pride says he was called to the scene of a suicide and was told the woman had a history of depression. Mike says the evidence is what matters then slaps down statements from Hamilton’s frat brothers and says she was alone when she jumped.

He says all of these people have positions in his administration. Mike says Pride never interviewed Hamilton and Pride says he wasn’t there. Mike says he let his wife go while he babysat and says she went to network then Pride came to his door.

He has a gun and Pride asks what he’s thinking. Mike says he’s tired of playing games. Angela is the chick in a red dress, and she has a history of hooking. They show her the pic of the Marine. She says a guy paid her $500 to flirt with the mayor and get him alone.

She says she thought it was a prank. She says the guy told her he was a fraternity brother. She describes Mike Spar. Pride asks Mike if his plan is to murder them. He says he knows he’s angry and says he knows he’s desperate for answers.

Hamilton says he was never at the party, and that’s why Pride didn’t talk to him. Mike shows him a photo with his face circled and Pride says that’s him in the photo. Hamilton asks where he got it and says law school archives.

Pride says it was reckless of him to lie when their lives are at stake. Sonya says maybe it is a fraternity prank, and Brad, who is a frat brother of the mayor, says no way. Sebastian calls with an ID on the drug, and it’s a pentobarbital. He says the symptoms match that.

He says the dead Marine had a reaction and says it’s part of the cocktail used for lethal injection and is a strong sedative. He says it’s made at compounding pharmacies. He says there are secrecy laws, so the employee records are kept private.

Brody says five pharmacies supply that, and they run records. Patton wonders why a pharmacist wants Pride. He pulls it up and cross-references it against cases and the license plate. Pride chews Hamilton out who says it must be photoshopped.

Mike rages and tells him to stop lying and confess. Mike punches the mayor then kicks him down. Pride says he can take it to the DA, but Mike says he rejected the request two weeks ago. He hurts him some more and holds the gun on him, and Hamilton admits he was at the party.

Patton shows them that he found Mike Spar, and he owns the same car Pride was taken in and LaSalle says he went to school with Hamilton. Brody runs Spar’s name on Pride’s NCIS cases and finds nothing but finds him when he was with the Sheriff’s department.

Patton finds the suicide case, and Patton says they’re looking for his daughter Stacey, and they have a possible address for where Spar may be. Pride interrogates Hamilton who refuses to answer then yells for help. Mike says no one can hear.

Pride tells Hamilton to tell them what happened that night. Hamilton says he was there but did not see what happened to his wife. He says he left early, and Pride asks why he lied. Hamilton says it’s not good to be at a party where someone died when you have political ambitions.

Pride says tell me why you lied, there must be more. Hamilton says there was a ritual of sorts behind closed doors and says if anyone knew he was there, he would be destroyed. Mike says he lied about a sick fraternity ritual and Hamilton calls him obsessed.

Brody is at Spar’s house. Hamilton says his daughter was the one who couldn’t move on. He says he told her that her mother died in an accident, but she heard rumors. He says he encouraged her to let it go. He says all of this was his daughter’s idea.

Brody finds info about the crime. He says his daughter started drinking and using drugs, and he helped her. Pride says he understands a need to know and says we’re going to work this case for Stacey. Pride asks about his wife Patricia’s injuries and if there were signs of a struggle.

Mike says the cops didn’t focus on it, and Pride says prove the hypothesis. Loretta shows Sebastian photos that Brody found in his house. She says it looks like Spar and his daughter were working the case. Loretta shows them a spiral fracture that wouldn’t be explained by her fall.

They wonder if Patricia struggled with someone or was pushed from the balcony. Mike goes through the files and Pride again says tell the truth. Hamilton asks Mike to get rid of the gun. Mike sets it aside. Hamilton says he might have remembered seeing some guys with his wife.

He says he left early. Mike finds a file and says necklace then asks Hamilton if he saw her wearing a necklace. He says it’s not in the police report. He says his wife never took it off. Hamilton thinks and asks if it had a sapphire. Mike says yes.

Hamilton says he knows who took it. Loretta looks at the investigation and says look at the logo and says it’s the old Alistair Hotel. She says it closed years ago and was gutted. She says the Landon Court Hotel is built around it.

Loretta thinks that’s where Mike has him at the scene of the crime where his wife died. They figure that out. Hamilton says a couple of years ago, he was playing poker with some old frat brothers. He says one mentioned a necklace and called it a trophy.

He says it represented what you can get away with if you know the right people. Mike asks who killed my wife but Hamilton says he won’t tell him until they let him go. Pride tells him to tell him. Mike holds the gun on Pride and says tell me or he dies.

LaSalle pulls up a map of the old hotel and shows it to the mayor’s men and security guys. They see a tunnel and wonder how they got Pride in there. They spot a service entrance where Mike’s car is parked. LaSalle says they’re trying to find his daughter.

Hamilton refuses and says he’s no authority on parenting and says think about your kid’s welfare. He says Stacey is the reason he needs to let them go. Mike is upset, and Hamilton asks doesn’t he want to see her again. Mike is teary and Pride asks if she’s dead.

Patton tells them the daughter OD’d two weeks ago. LaSalle sends Tate to the service entrance while he and Sonya go another way. Hamilton tells Pride that Mike was never going to let them go. Pride says to change the outcome and says tell him who has the necklace.

He asks Hamilton to tell Mike who killed Patricia. Hamilton says it’s political suicide and won’t say anything with the camera on. Pride says he’ll figure it out and expose it anyway. Hamilton tells Mike to show him the picture again.

He says it’s the fourth guy from the left. LaSalle and Sonya pick the lock. Mike says he wonders if she knows who got him. Mike cuts Pride loose, and Hamilton tells him to cut him loose. LaSalle and Sonya burst in and help Pride. Mike is shot in the disturbance.

Pride says it was a camera he had not a gun. He closes Mike’s eyes. Hamilton is back and changed ready to finish the event. Hamilton steps over to Pride and says he thought he’d be off. Pride says he let it get awfully close, and Hamilton says he wants the video destroyed.

Pride just walks away. LaSalle walks over and compliments Tom’s wife on the necklace she’s asking. The cops haul Tom away for questioning. Pride makes it back to King’s place. LaSalle says look who we found. Sebastian hugs him and calls him dad.

Loretta says she was worried too. Patton comes over and says they saved it for him, and he has the king cake. Brody says whoever gets the baby has health and prosperity for the next year. Pride says he’s in, and they all go to pull a string.