Nicki Minaj Dishes On Her Engagement Ring From Rapper Meek Mill – Says It’s A Fake, Couple Still Together?

Nicki Minaj Dishes On Her Engagement Ring From Rapper Meek Mill - Says It's A Fake, Couple Still Together?

Is Nicki Minaj still dating Meek Mill? The Philly rapper is currently serving out his house arrest sentence – and it has become a huge mystery whether he and Nicki are even still dating, let alone whether or not they are getting married. In 2015, Nicki debuted what appeared to be more than one engagement ring during their string of break-ups and make-ups, so it’s really any one’s guess if the couple is still together.

Nicki Minaj recently appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show to promote her new movie ‘Barbershop: The Next Cut.’ Of course, Ellen wasn’t about to let her get away with making an appearance and not talking about her tumultuous relationship with Meek Mill. And, Nicki and Meek have a pretty different opinion on engagement rings than most of us do.

When Ellen asked Nicki about her ring, Nicki joked that it wasn’t an engagement ring, but it was the second ring Meek had given her. Minaj explained, “That’s not my engagement ring though. He said that that’s my second ring and that if I get a third ring that that would be the engagement ring.”

As far as whether or not Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are even still dating, Nicki was coy about their relationship status. It wasn’t that long ago that rumors were spreading like wildfire that she had dumped her boyfriend because she didn’t want to be tied down with him while he was on house arrest. Nicki dished to Ellen DeGeneres, “We’re still figuring each other out.”

What does that even mean? We’d think after dating for over a year they would have figured something out by now. What do you guys think, will Nicki and Meek ever get married? Or are they more likely to break up again first? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below!

Image credit to FameFlynet