Person of Interest Recap 5/30/16: Season 5 Episode 9 “Sotto Voce”

Person of Interest Recap 5/30/16: Season 5 Episode 9 "Sotto Voce"

Tonight on CBS Person of Interest continues with an all new Monday, May 30, season 5 episode 9 called, “Sotto Voce,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, the criminal mastermind known as “The Voice” traps Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) in the precinct with armed gang members and the latest POI.

On the last episode, Root went undercover to protect the host of a conspiracy theory show; and Samaritan’s agents tried to convince a member of the team that their goals are noble. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the criminal mastermind known as “The Voice” traps Reese and Fusco in the precinct with armed gang members and the latest POI. In other events, Root makes a shocking discovery.”

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The Machine was just handing out numbers on tonight’s all new episode of “Person of Interest”. Apparently Reese had gotten a number that traced back to Terry Easton however, Root who had been miles away and looking into Shaw’s whereabouts had also gotten a number of her own. So at first Finch didn’t know what the Machine was doing. Yet, he knew better than to ignore a direct command from the Machine so he let Root follow up her own leads while he helped Reese figure out if Terry was a victim or a perpetrator.

Usually, such things are identifiable in the first few minutes yet Terry was just full of contradictions. He was a locksmith by trade and for some reason he couldn’t stick with the same job for longer than six months even though there didn’t appear to be anything overtly wrong with his demeanor his work history. And he was also a husband that was seemingly happily married to his wife Carla. So with numbers like Terry, he should have been a victim. But Terry had been seen by Reese breaking into an investment firm and that in turn, had made Reese second guess Terry’s happy middle-class life.

Only a crook doesn’t rush into a building that he knows has an alarm, but chooses to ignore said alarm and only a crook would actually have a reason to break into such a place unless they were going through some financial difficulties or simply used to a life of excess. Though Terry was suffering from none of those things and therefore there wasn’t any pressing reason why Terry broke into an investment firm, but Reese knew that he had to find out. And the only way he could do was by following Terry inside of the building.

So that’s exactly what he did and surprisingly he had found Terry standing over a bomb. Not a makeshift, but a professional bomb. That also had the capacity of wiping out an entire New York block. And So Reese hadn’t known what to do much less think of Terry though his first action was to of course, diffuse the bomb. Then question the suspect as to what he was doing with a bomb.

However, Terry later refused to say nor did Finch find any reason why Terry would do such a thing. Finch had thoroughly looked into Terry’s background to find out just why he had been walking around with a bomb and the only thing he found was a self-deleting text. The self-deleting text had been a picture of Terry’s wife and it had looked like someone was holding her captive.

And so the guys had thought someone was using Terry’s wife to get him to do something illegal yet they didn’t think it was merely breaking into an investment firm just to plant a bomb. Terry was caught within moments of the break-in because he hadn’t known what he was doing and he hadn’t been cooperative with the cops because he had told Reese that he didn’t want to risk his wife. So there went politically motive and twisted sense of recognition.

But if it weren’t any of those things then why take the wife. The wife was the part that had bothered Reese and Finch the most. So the guys had actively tried to rescue her when they were unfortunately caught in the act by the Voice. The Voice was a criminal mastermind and he showed himself as being the one behind Carla’s apparent kidnapping.

So the guys knew that they were doing to need to take the Voice down, but they were kind of limited with their options. Finch was forced to accept Elias’s offer of help because that was the only person he could turn to. However, Reese’s efforts were thrown back into his face when he tried to get Fusco to help him and Fusco replied that he was too busy with his own caseload so he had advised Reese to find a partner that he knew he could trust.

Elias though hadn’t been used to Finch and Reese’s methods. So Elias had gone to a bomber friend of his and had revealed that he was still alive in order to get information. And when that didn’t work, he then showed that he was perfectly ok with shooting his way to the Voice. Yet, the one part that Elias did come through with was providing Finch with someone he could bounce ideas off of.

Finch had later looked into why Terry’s wife would still be alive even though he had supposedly failed at a planting a bomb when both he and Elias finally figured out that the wife wasn’t real at all. Therefore, there was no Carla Easton and a husband would only lie about having a wife if he meant he could cover up his own footsteps. Which would throw off suspicion.

So the men had realized that Terry wasn’t all that he seemed, but that information had almost come too late for Reese and Fusco.

Reese and Fusco were the only officers at the police station because someone had cleared the building. And it had been right after that Fusco’s perp admitted to being the only one that knew who The Voice was that the Voice aka Terry made his move. Terry, it seems had gotten himself arrested on purpose because he had wanted to get close to the one man that could flip on him. So the whole bomb and kidnapping had merely been a ploy to cover up an assassination yet the guys ended up dodging bullets themselves just to get away from Terry and the guys he hired to clean up after him.

Terry had paid off The Templarios to kill everyone that was still alive at the police station once he left. So Fusco ended up taking a bullet to the shoulder and Reese nearly died because they had all fell for The Voice’s Terry act. But The Voice never got away because Elias had bombed the master bomber’s car. And so that had later made Finch regret accepting Elias’s help though he technically couldn’t say that Elias had been wrong with his methods.

Elias had saved countless with what he did and at least the team knows that there won’t be any reprisals. Fusco and Reese were able to walk away from their gun battle with their lives so it was probably best that someone else had taken care of the Voice because who knows what would have happened once Reese got a long night sleep and Fusco’s arm could come out of its sling. But as the guys were recovering, Reese eventually felt it was time to come clean with Fusco and that ended up meaning Fusco had one leg back in the door when Root came back from dealing with her own number yet surprisingly had Shaw with her.

Shaw had escaped from South Africa and had made it all the way back to New York without Samaritan being the wiser. Though Shaw didn’t think it was safe to be around the others until Root was able to convince her that they weren’t in a simulation. So while Shaw is physically back, she’s still going to need time to accept her reunion with her friends is real.