Pretty Little Liars Cancelled: Lucy Hale Confirms PLL Season 7 is Last

Pretty Little Liars Cancelled: Lucy Hale Confirms PLL Season 7 is Last
Pretty Little Liars is officially cancelled and the ABC Family (now Freeform) drama will end after Season 7. There have been rumors about the fate of the drama for nearly a year now, and when we learned Season 6 would be a time jump to five years later – it was assumed this would be the end of what seems like the never-ending show, so it was surprising to hear that PLL had been renewed for Season 7.

However, according to Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery), Season 7 will be the final season.

Lucy Hale recently appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden – and he put her on the spot and asked her if the rumors were true and Pretty Little Liars was ending. Lucy obviously was uncomfortable, however she finally spit out what appears to be a pretty solid answer that the show is over.

Hale dished to James Corden, “It is ending. Well, we’ve been doing it for six years. I’ve literally spent my 20s on the show, and I think all good things much come to an end. Who knows what could happen?” Corden went on to ask Hale how she hoped the show would end and she revealed, “I used to say I wanted the show to end walking away in the sunset, they’re all happy living an A-free life, no drama, right? But I don’t. I want it to end really tragically.”

At this point, the Pretty Little Liars writers are really beating a dead horse. Seriously, how many anonymous texts, black hoodies, blackmail schemes, and murders can plague one sleepy town before enough is enough?

The showrunner Marlene King of course is hoping for a Hail Mary and another renewal (who would want to hit the unemployment line?), King has been retweeting messages from fans and letting it be known that PLL addicts don’t want the show to end.

Are you shocked by the cancellation/ending of Pretty Little Liars? Or has the show lost its luster a few seasons ago? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Miriam Rivera

    Are you kidding me you can’t end ppl like really I luv this show please keep it going….

  • Amy Jo Jackey

    It sucks. It bad as Bones

  • Natalie

    I Dont Want pretty little liars to end i love the show and i will miss all the characters and especially all the girls and all the hot guys