Quantico Finale LIVE Recap 5/15/16: Season 1 Episode 22 “Yes”

Quantico Finale LIVE Recap 5/15/16: Season 1 Episode 22 "Yes"

Tonight on ABC Quantico airs with an all new Sunday May 15, season 1 finale called, “Yes” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode in the Season 1 finale, the NATS graduate from Quantico

On the last episode, as graduation neared, the NATS prepared to leave Quantico for their real-world assignments. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “in the Season 1 finale, the NATS graduate from Quantico; and, in the future, Alex and her team square off with the terrorist.”

Tonight’s season 1 finale looks like it is going to be awesome so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Quantico at 10:00 PM EST! In the meantime, sound out your comments below and let us know your thoughts on this great new show, what was your favorite part?

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Tonight’s episode of Quantico kicks off with a series of flashbacks – Liam is spying on the FBI students, he has hidden cameras in all of their rooms, he follows them, and knows all of their secrets. He plants the bomb layouts in Simon’s locker, he faked being drunk the night that Alex got him from the bar, and he even had Alex’s phone bugged the entire time. Liam basically is a criminal mastermind and has been one step ahead of them for months. He’s even the one that shot Ryan Booth, we see him planting the bombs and leaving Alex in the bombing aftermath in NYC.

Flashback to Quantico – the students are preparing for graduation. Shelby is upset that Caleb got assigned to San Diego. She calls his dad Clayton and he reassures her that Caleb will be setting at a desk for the rest of his career.

The students head to their final class – Ryan announces that there is a huge mixer that night between them and the FBI faculty. They turn in their student weapons and badges. They’ll get their real guns tomorrow. Alex is upset when she hears from Liam that Ryan is headed to Texas and wont be on the East Coast with her.

Present time – Neema, Rayna, and Simon are convinced that Miranda is the bomber. Liam arrives and Alex is relieved to see him. Liam announces that finding Miranda is their top priority – they have to locate her and stop her before the bomb goes off.

Alex takes Liam aside – she has doubts about Miranda being the new bomber. He gives her a far-fetched tale about Miranda trying to take out all of the FBI bigwigs so that she can create a “new FBI.” Liam tells Alex she is “either with him or not.”

Flashback to Quantico – Alex and the other FBI students head to the big mixer. Alex quizzes Ryan about going to DC, he changes the subject, apparently he is trying to hide Texas from her. Alex lets him know that she already knows and isn’t happy about it. Shelby goes in the bathroom and makes a phone call about Caleb, she’s upset when she learns that he has a fancy corner office and his own assistant – obviously his dad wasn’t completely honest with her.

Caleb’s mom Claire corners Shelby and tells her that she hopes they can still be friends even though she and Caleb broke up. Shelby takes the opportunity to tell his mother that he rejoined the cult. Meanwhile, Neema and Rayna are spending quality time with each other before they go undercover in the cell tomorrow and won’t be spending any time together.

Present time – Everyone is searching for Miranda, little do they know she has been shot and is tied up in the trunk of Liam’s car in the parking ramp. Miranda manages to get free, but Liam arrives just in time. Ryan catches him in the parking ramp, and can tell something is suspicious, Liam punches him and knocks him out.

At the FBI office, the agents are starting to put two and two together and realize that Miranda can’t be the bomber. Alex found out there was a camera in her apartment, someone was watching her – why would she be watching herself. Plus, Simon checked Miranda’s schedule last week – and there was no way she was the one calling them, she had meeting during the time that The Voice called. Alex realizes that Ryan is missing and no one can find Liam either.

Flashback to Quantico – all of the students are packing up their rooms and turning in their uniforms before they leave Quantico. Shelby tells Caleb that his parents are not coming to graduation – his mom is furious now that Shelby told her all about the cult. She scoffs at Caleb that she isn’t writing him off, she is just going to forget that he ever existed.

Liam privately tells Alex congrats on graduation. He teases her that he is glad she made it through Quantico, because he “has plans for her.”

Present time – Alex heads to Liam’s house to snoop around. His daughter Louisa arrives and is surprised to see Alex. She tells her that she just talked to Liam an hour ago and he is headed back to Washington DC. Alex leaves and calls Shelby, she says that it has been Liam this entire time and he’s headed to DC – Alex says that she thinks that Liam is headed to Quantico.
Alex and the FBI agents rush to Quantico – there’s another class there graduating today. They spread out to search for the bomb, Simon thinks that Liam may have planted the bomb in the dorms, because that would cause the most fall out damage.

They find Miranda and Ryan tied up in one of the rooms. Alex and Ryan grab their guns and start searching the dorms. Liam taunts Alex over the loudspeaker, he tells her that she made a great scapegoat. He says that he is setting off the bomb to get rid of the “cancer that is the FBI.” He rants about how horrible the FBI has done, and all of the projects they have botched and lives they have cost. Liam comes out of hiding and grabs Ryan and takes him hostage. Alex finds Liam holding a gun to Ryan’s head.

Liam rambles to Alex that the FBI made him kill people and frame people – and then kept rewarding him and promoting him. Liam says that Alex’s dad would have wanted him to set off the bombs and get rid of the FBI. While Liam is talking Ryan breaks free and Alex shoots Liam in the head and kills him.

Liam is dead – but there is still a bomb about to go off. Alex and Ryan rush to the top floor of the dorms, Simon, Caleb, Shelby, Rayna, and Neema found the bomb. The nuke is going to detonate in 8 minutes. Simon looks at the bomb and says that there is no way to stop it. While they are all arguing over what to do with it – Simon grabs the bomb and jumps in one of the SUV’s outside and drives off.

Alex calls Simon and asks him what he is doing. Simone says that if the bomb goes off underwater – there will be minimum damage, and no one will be heard. He talks to them on speaker phone while he floors it to the bridge. Alex and his former classmates sob and tell Simon how much they love him – they stay on the line until Simon drives the SUV over the bridge and in to the water, a few seconds later there is a huge explosion underwater. Simon just sacrificed himself to save thousands of people.

A few weeks later, everyone reconvenes for Simon’s funeral – and he is being gives a Medal of Valor. Miranda and Ryan arrive, they have a surprise for Shelby…her badge, they were able to get her reinstated. Vice President Haas arrives, Alex corners her and makes some accusations, she knows she was involved with Liam. Alex remembers that Liam blackmailed her in to swapping medication with her high blood pressure pills, but she just found out that Haas doesn’t have high blood pressure. Alex accuses her of having Liam stage the first bombing to make her look like a hero so that she could win the election. Alex says that Simon’s blood is on her hands. Claire Haas scoffs that Alex doesn’t have the proof to come after her. Alex vows she may not have proof, but she will never stop watching her. Alex heads inside and pays her respects to Simon.

Two weeks later – Alex s no longer in the FBI, she says she is moving back to her mom’s house in Oakland. They all gather at Alex’s house to help her pack up. Ryan shows up at her doorstep with flowers. Ryan reminds Alex about the trip they were supposed to take after graduation that they never went on – he wants to take the trip now.

Two months later – Alex is home in Oakland and going for a job. A SUV pulls up and stops her, she climbs in and a man introduces himself as Matthew Keyes. He is with the CIA and they want to offer her a job. She has to decide right then and there – Alex’s phone goes off…it’s Ryan. She ignores the call and Mr. Keyes waits for her answer …