Reign Recap – Mary Taken Captive – Lola Banned from Denmark for Life: Season 3 Episode 16 “Clans”

Reign Recap - Mary Taken Captive - Lola Banned from Denmark for Life: Season 3 Episode 16 "Clans"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Monday, June 6, season 3 episode 16 called “Clans,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) arrives in Scotland and must hide her identity in this suddenly treacherous and changed land.

On the last episode, Mary had to leave France quickly and quietly in order to secure safe passage to Scotland.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary arrives in Scotland and must hide her identity in this suddenly treacherous and changed land. Meanwhile, Elizabeth makes a misstep with an insufferable new suitor; and Charles covertly schemes to have his mother surrender her power.”

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#Reign starts with Mary and others waking on shore. Looks like they were shipwrecked because of the storm. She sees one of the men with her get his throat cut and Narcisse grabs Mary and says to be quiet or they’re dead.

He says he found some of the mercenaries but they ran off since they’re unarmed. She asks if he’s seen Bash but he has not. Narcisse tells her to come on. They see that Bash is found and one local starts to stab him to death but then some men on horseback show and the men run off.

Some Druids grab Bash up and Narcisse asks her what the hell kind of country this is. At Elizabeth’s court, she and Lola enjoy some hair treatment and talk about the Prince of Denmark. Elizabeth says she doesn’t want to marry the man but wants him to bring some livestock.

She tells Lola that she let Prince Magnus think that Lola was single since she doesn’t care for her husband. Elizabeth says be charming even if his friend is hideous. The prince arrives and turns out that the friend is the hot guy and the prince is slightly less so.

Claude rages at her mother for trying to bribe her with presents when they know what she did to her and had her beaten. Catherine admits she had her beaten to get rid of Narcisse. Catherine says Narcisse had to go and tells her children they can hate her in private.

Charles asks her plan to deal with the red knights. Catherine says she will gather intelligence then catch them in the act but Charles says he doesn’t like it. Catherine tells them she’s in charge as regent and the two of them are to stay put.

Claude says Charles should lock her up and make her pay. He says he can’t risk his reign by showing his mother tricked him to get rid of Narcisse. Charles says he has his own plot to get rid of the regency. He says the council can declare him of age.

He says he’ll bring down the red knights and that will prove his merit. Mary tells Narcisse where she thinks they are and says North of Edinburgh where it’s sparsely populated. She says here there’s a 50/50 chance of finding locals who hate her.

Narcisse points out a wicker man and says it’s to burn human sacrifices inside it. He says this is a broken land and they kill foreigners here. He reminds her she was raised in France and they won’t see her as a Scot. Thunder rumbles as they bicker.

Mary says she knows he hates her but says she could have left him in France. She says do your job, save Bash, then you can go to England. He says she should keep her identity secret. He says he stole papers from her chambermaid and her brother so they can pretend to be siblings.

Mary points out the Druids going hunting and says they should try to rescue Bash. The prince talks with Elizabeth about the darkness in Denmark. He’s boring her to tears. He says the air here smells and the fish is not as good.

Lola talks with his pal Bonnay and lies and says she’s a widow with a son. Magnus is charmed that she brought in snow so he can play a game he likes. He’s finally being agreeable. Bash is in with a Druid who is performing a ritual to help him but is using poisonous snakes.

Mary and Narcisse want him to stop but he doesn’t. He then smears an egg on Bash’s chest who is wheezing. He spits up water and chokes back to life. The Druid tells them he’ll survive. Charles makes up a spy brigade of his own. They pretend to be playing when Catherine comes by.

She yells at them for breaking the vase then says you boys have fun and says she hated that vase. Daniel wants to know why they’re playing in public. Charles says them playing makes her think they are just feckless youths.

He’s disappointed that they have no news for him on the red knights. One hangs back – Felix – and says he didn’t want to say it in front of the others. He whispers to Charles who says that may be what he needs to get rid of his mother and the regency.

Magnus teaches them to play freeze tag. He talks about when the Danes took over England 600 years ago but Elizabeth says the glory days of the Vikings are over. Lola encourages her to let Magnus win to get what she needs for England.

Lola plays and Elizabeth laughs and has fun in the snow. Bonnay seems very interested in alone time with Lola. Elizabeth is infuriated when Magnus hits her with two snowballs and shouts Denmark is the best. Charles tells Claude about his spy network.

He says he took a page out of Catherine’s book and enlisted his high born friends. He says Felix found crates of weapons being sent to Orsay which is a farming town and thinks that the red knights may be quartered there.

He tells her that he has to go investigate him but Claude says the village hates him because of Narcisse’s tax. Claude says she knows a man that can help him – the man that she wants to marry. She tells Leith that he’s going to work with Charles and topple Catherine.

She says once he helps Charles bring down the red knights, he will be fill King and will make him a Duke and they can marry. Leith says Catherine is as frightening as the red knights. Claude says Charles is like Francis and should be ruling France for himself.

Claude encourages him and Leith agrees. He goes to report to Charles. In Scotland, Narcisse and Mary lie and tell them they booked passage with mercenaries and found a rich Scot to marry his sister. Mary picks up the lie since Narcisse doesn’t know local town names.

They tell Senneck that Bash is their loyal servant. Pierre and Pauline are their pretend names. Narcisse asks about the wicker man and Druid says people often have misinformation about them. He says it’s not for human sacrifice but is for protection.

Senneck says the Wulvers are the one that pillaged the ship and says that’s not a clan name but they are a deadly group. Mary asks if they took the claim to the agent and Senneck says the Wulvers are anti-government and says Scotland is a fractured place of hate.

Leith and Charles search a building looking for weapons and Charles find barrels of gunpowder then they find crates of muskets. Charles says it’s enough to start a war and they find the red knight’s sigil. Leith and Charles make a plan to draw out the red knights and kill them and destroy their weapons.

Bonnay flirts with Mary at dinner and asks her to come to his chamber tonight. Elizabeth is irritated with Magnus who wants her to write an obnoxious letter about him saving England and she walks out. Lola goes with her and Elizabeth rants at the king.

Elizabeth says she could crush Denmark and the arrogance of their Prince. He follows them and asks if she just declared war on his nation. He says she can kiss him and his oxen goodbye and he storms out. He tells Bonnay he has to go.

Magnus says he came to apologize to her and Lola then says she was the one who said it and takes the fall. Magnus says that there will be consequences and tells Lola that she is banned from Denmark for life before flouncing off. The girls giggle.

Mary finds Narcisse packing to leave. She tells him she needs him to stay with her as an advisor. He says this remote area is not her country and she says they are one brick in a long wall and begs him to go with her to Edinburgh and says she will get Lola released.

Narcisse says he can’t help her be queen or Scottish but says she has always annoyed him with her ability to make the best of thing and come out on top. Mary says she can see that he cares for Lola. He leaves her the stolen papers to use for her and Bash and leaves.

Leith tells Charles he has a team of trusted guards at the ready. Charles’ spies report that the secret tunnels are cleared. Leith asks Charles to stay back and promises to make it clear that Charles was responsible.

Charles says if Leith wants to marry his sister, he takes him along. Charles sends one friend to ride ahead and another to sleep in his bed and pose as him then takes Felix with him. Leith says he wants her so much he fears never having it.

Claude says she won’t have to live without him if they can do this. He kisses her then goes. Elizabeth comes to Lola and asks why she took the fall for her without hesitating. Elizabeth says she knows she’s been trying to get her to like her.

Elizabeth says she thinks she’s being close to her to share information with Mary. Lola says she has no information to share and Elizabeth reminds her that she’s a threat to her friend Mary. Lola says Elizabeth is a good person and so is Mary and both are in untenable situations.

Elizabeth says Scotland is Protestant and dangerous and Lola says that Mary is a foreigner to her country and can’t conquer there without an ally. Elizabeth asks if Lola thinks she will delay her return until she’s married to a powerful Catholic king. Lola says she’s not sure.

Elizabeth says she will try and see more from Mary’s perspective. Lola is relieved. Mary speaks to Senneck about horses he’s loaning her. He knows she’s Queen Mary but says he will keep her secret. He says he looked into her eyes and saw the soul of King James in her eyes.

He tells her don’t fear and says the spirit of Scotland is in her heart. Bash says they gave them more supplies than they can use and Senneck offers them a blessing for the road. They accept it from the Druid but then the clansman attack.

Senneck hides them from the clansmen and the Druids go to battle with them. Senneck is run through and tells her to come with him to hide. The leader of the clan sees movement in the wicker man. He goes over and finds Mary and Bash tied up like prisoners.

They are untied and Bash introduced themselves as Pierre and Pauline. They claim the Druids were going to sacrifice them. The man says the Druids are a threat and says they killed the other men because they wouldn’t have survived.

The leader insists that they will ride with them to Falkirk. When he walks away Mary and Bash agree that the man has plans for them. Elizabeth comes to Lola and says she heard about a shipwreck in Scotland – mercenaries from France.

Elizabeth says her fleet was in for service. Elizabeth says she thinks Lola told Mary where to cross when she somehow learned the fleet would be out of commission. She says she thinks Mary is dead but tells Lola that she can’t blame herself and says she doesn’t blame Lola either.

Elizabeth says Scotland will fall into chaos and Lola won’t be safe there. Lola asks why she’s not angry with her and Elizabeth says she was loyal to her queen until the end and needs a friend like that. She offers Lola to stay with her son not as a prisoner but as a subject. Lola cries over Mary’s death.

Charles and his men are ready to take out the munitions. Charles shoots a fiery arrow into the silo. Things burn but there is no explosion from the gunpowder. Felix runs to check and goes inside. He calls for help and Leith runs inside.

Leith carries the boy out. He says the weapons are gone and the villagers accuse Charles of burning their food for them refusing to pay the taxes. A fight breaks out and Leith struggles to protect Charles. Thierry betrayed him and the red knights set up on them.

Thierry says he’s a patriot when Charles calls him a traitor. He knocks out the king. As they pack to go, Bash goes looking at the dead druids. He heard a noise. A woman grabs his ankle and says he has magic in him. Duncan comes to assist her onto her horse.

Mary takes notice of a badge on his cloak. It looks like a boar. Mary tells Bash that they’re Clan MacFie – the ones that killed Francis when they tried to assassinate her. She says Monroe ordered her death and says they need to trick them into taking them to their leader.

Bash says they will find them out. She says she will rip out Monroe’s heart as he did hers when Francis was killed.