Reign Recap – Catherine’s Filthy Secrets Exposed: Season 3 Episode 15 “Safe Passage”

Reign Recap - Catherine's Filthy Secrets Exposed: Season 3 Episode 15 "Safe Passage"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Monday May 23, season 3 episode 15 called “Safe Passage,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) must leave France quickly and quietly in order to secure safe passage to Scotland.

On the last episode Mary (Adelaide Kane) realized her need to return to Scotland and was becoming increasingly imminent and that along with the help of Bash (Torrance Coombs). Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary must leave France quickly and quietly in order to secure safe passage to Scotland. However, her exit will be put at risk if she chooses to assist Catherine, who’s been framed for murder.”

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#Reign starts with Bash and Mary coming to see the dead bodies at the feast. Catherine tells them that the Red Knights killed the generals. Narcisse is upset because he just put his life at risk in the ring to get the money to pay them.

Catherine says their enemies will rise up against the House of Valois. Narcisse says they have to get rid of the bodies. Catherine tells Bash to go bribe the servants and threaten to kill them. Mary says this is not her fault and says they will pay for what they did.

Mary says they have to send out word that the generals never arrived. They get to work covering up the poisonings. Mary tells Bash she likes to think of him in Scotland but his family needs him. Bash says she must go deal with John Knox.

He says Catherine and her family will take care of the problem with the Red Knights. Mary says his purpose is there and hers is in Scotland. She says he must stay to protect his family. Bash agrees. He says he will stay while she goes.

Lola hears Elizabeth talking to a Naval officer about the ships coming in for maintenance for a week. He says they must take care of repairs. He says it’s a quiet time of year on the North Sea. Lola runs off to write to Mary in coded language about the lapse.

Bash finds Delphine with Charles and he’s surprised. The king says he summoned her to try and ferret out who is a Red Knight hiding at court. Bash speaks to her alone and says she can’t be part of this. Delphine says she’s healed and asks if he waited for her as promised.

Bash says he cares for Delphine and she says even if she can’t have him, she’ll help Charles as his official seer. Narcisse comes to see Mary and says he got a letter from Lola after all this time and is upset that it was for Mary, not him.

Mary knows what it means and says it’s a week she can have safe passage across the North Sea. Mary says she must leave soon and Narcisse agrees she must go now. Mary can’t believe she can really go home. Bash tells Catherine that they’re doing chamber searches looking for the poisoner.

Kristoff comes in and says Catherine asked for him. Bash whispers that he thought they were finished and then walks out. Catherine says don’t invite yourself to my chambers and it’s not a good time. Kristoff says he heard her planning a feast and then it was never cleared.

Catherine wants to know why he’s minding her business. He says he likes to pretend she’s his prey. She calls him a blackmailer. He kisses her neck and she asks him to go away. He asks why she’s upset and says he’ll find out on his own. Catherine offers him sex for silence.

Elizabeth meets with Gideon and says he’s proven his loyalty then says she wants to know how things ended between him and Mary. She asks if he fell for Mary. Gideon says he could envision falling for Mary except that he was born an Englishman.

Elizabeth says she will allow Gideon work closely with her from now on and hopes she won’t regret it. Delphine finds Bash and he says the castle is on high alert. Delphine says she felt something and says the killer they were after is alive and in the castle.

Bash says the man was executed but she says no, his hands were around a woman’s bare throat but he didn’t kill her because this woman protects him. Bash is told that Catherine needs him and he thanks Delphine. Mary tells Catherine she’s leaving very soon.

Catherine asks why now and Mary says there’s a window of no English Navy patrols. Catherine tells her to go without guilt because she’s taking care of it. She says she will pay the soldiers what they are owed and explain the generals didn’t show up.

Then they hear a scream and go running. The generals’ heads are on pikes in the courtyard. Bash comes out and sees what’s happening. Men ride towards the castle and Mary alerts Catherine. She says it’s too late. Soldiers shows up and rant that those are their generals.

Catherine tells Narcisse that he buried the bodies but their heads are on pikes. He says the Red Knights must have followed him when he buried them. He implores her to tell the truth and give the soldiers the gold but she may need reinforcements.

He suggests using Mary’s mercenaries and he reminds her that Mary sent his son to his death and helped break up his relationship with Lola. Catherine says Mary needs her soldiers. Narcisse says she can’t afford to protect Mary any longer.

Narcisse finds Mary and asks what she will do about Lola and says she’ll be at risk in England. Mary says he’s not been concerned about Lola much lately. He says Elizabeth will keep his wife hostage forever. Mary says she already set a plan in motion to save Lola while he was busy in France.

He says he loves his wife and Mary says he loves power and he’s proven that time and again and that’s why he lost Lola. Narcisse tells her she’s throwing Catherine to the wolves by leaving now. He mocks her then walks away.

Gideon comes to see Lola who’s playing with her son. He asks to speak to her in private. Lola hands her son to the nurse to go visit the horses. Gideon tells Lola that he gave his word to Mary that he would help free her but says it will take time.

He says Mary did a lot for him and he owes her. He says Elizabeth held his daughter as leverage and Mary helped him get her daughter then saved his life. He says he owes Mary everything and killed a man to protect her. He says he’s on their side and she can call him friend.

Lola says please find them a way out. Mary tells Catherine she’s decided to stay and use her army to protect the Valois. Catherine says she has it under control and says go. She says Mary can’t sacrifice her throne for France and says it would be a mistake.

She says safe passage may never come again. Catherine says go. She says they’re doing more harm trying to protect each other and each must move on as queens of separate nations. Mary agrees and says she can’t risk her future for Catherine.

Mary asks if this is how she wants to say goodbye. Catherine says having her there has been like having part of Francis there and losing her is like losing him again but says her destiny is in Scotland and she can’t stand in her way. She embraces Mary warmly.

Mary asks what Catherine will do and she says she’ll figure something out like she always does. Charles helps Mary load into her carriage and she tells Bash to take care of Catherine. She says she remembers when she first came there and she was so scared but had her friends.

She says then she saw Bash and Francis and knew that it would be all right. She says she never imagined leaving alone. Bash has a gift for her that Francis asked him to give her the day she left for Scotland. Mary tells Bash he’s been more than a friend and is family to her.

She gets into her carriage and takes off. She looks out the carriage window at Bash who stares at her sadly.

Lola comes to see Elizabeth and she says John Knox wrote her asking for help to destroy Catholicism in Scotland. Lola says John Knox hates women in power and Elizabeth admits she doesn’t like the man but doesn’t want to make an enemy of him.

She asks how can she say no without alienating him. Lola says don’t answer. She says if Elizabeth refuses him, that gives him something to rail against. Lola says make excuses, tell him she’s considering it and let him think she’s being a woman and that way he has no decision to be angry at.

Lola tells Gideon that Elizabeth trusts her and he says it’s too risky to get close to her. Lola says she can help Mary better while there and got information for Mary and says the North Sea is unpatrolled. Gideon says this makes Lola’s situation even more risky.

She says with Mary in Scotland, she will become a very valuable hostage. Lola begs Gideon to get her and her son away as fast as possible. Charles tells Delphine he’s made fine chambers for her as the royal seer. He says he recalls what she did for Francis.

Delphine says she’s happy to serve the Valois. Delphine gets a vision and runs into Kristoff searching for him. She realizes he’s the killer and he stabs her repeatedly. Kristoff lays her down on the floor bleeding out. Bash runs to find her dead and says he never should have brought her there.

Charles looks at the knife and a red cloth tied to it. He thinks the Red Knights killed Delphine so they couldn’t expose her. A guard says Kristoff found her body and alerted them. Both Bash and Catherine are suspicious.

Bash follows Catherine to her chambers and she says she’s sorry Bash, Delphine didn’t deserve this. Bash sees bruises on her neck and asks about it. She says let it go. He asks who she’s protecting then asks if it’s Kristoff. She says he wasn’t trying to kill her and says it’s sex play.

Catherine walks away from the conversation. Catherine and Charles greet the lieutenants and she says they didn’t murder the generals. The men tell them that Catherine must face a tribunal but Charles says she’s been framed.

The lieutenant says it’s not about gold anymore, it’s about justice. He says they will burn the castle down if she doesn’t surrender to be tried for her crimes. Mary is at the docks preparing to leave for Scotland and puts on her fine new robe Catherine had made for her.

She opens the gift Francis left her. There’s a letter and he says he wishes he could be at her side while she goes to take back what is hers. He says her heart was a light that burned bright for France and will burn forever. He says he loves her and had crafted for her a fine sword small enough for her to wield.

Mary tells her men to gather their men and go back to the castle for a fight. The head of the mercenaries resists but she demands they go now and says she has one thing left to do. Bash waits in Kristoff’s chambers and says Delphine warned him the heart killer was in the castle still.

Bash says he knows he’s the killer. Bash shoots him the knee with a crossbow and says he’s a liar and murderer. Bash says he’s been relieved of his duty and shoots him in the hand. He asks how much Catherine knew and he says she knew everything.

He says he left a letter detailing all of their crimes – his and hers. Kristoff tells him where the letter was hidden at a tavern and Bash stabs the man in the heart, taking care of the matter once and for all. Charles and Catherine talk about how to defend the castle.

Catherine says she will take care of it. The soldiers are at the gate and the leader tells Catherine to come quietly. They prepare to storm the gate and Catherine tells Narcisse to take Charles inside and barricade the door.

Then the soldiers hear the sounds of horses and Mary rides up at the head of her army of mercenaries. She and her men pull their swords. She rides up to the gate through the men and turns to face them. She says she’s Mary Stuart and demands the commander then says stand down.

Mary says she came to defend the Queen and says Catherine is innocent and says there is a faction working against the Valois seeing to frame the regent and plunge the realm into chaos and terror. She says turning against her is turning against France and she’s ready to fight them to the death.

She says Catherine is her queen and France is their home. She says we cannot afford to let it burn and must make the right choice. She says choose now. Narcisse watches, a bit impressed. The men put away their swords and fall back, the threat over.

Charles is thrilled. Mary signs in relief. Charles says Mary saved his mother. Mary gives Catherine one last look then rides away to sail to Scotland. Catherine tells Narcisse she’s shocked about Kristoff and he says her taste in men leaves something to be desired.

Narcisse tells her he’s leaving France and says the crisis is averted and he wants to go to his wife. He says Mary called him a selfish husband and he’s leaving to free Lola. He says the two of them work together well – too well in fact and that’s the problem.

Narcisse says he wants to share what he had with Lola before it’s damaged by his relationship with Catherine. The queen mother says that’s flattering and he promises to return and kisses her hand.She wishes him safe travels.

Catherine finds Bash at her desk and he says he knows she was protecting Kristoff because he knew she had Claude beaten. Bash rails at her for protecting a murderer and keeping him in the castle. He says Delphine is dead because of her.

Bash says he knows his mother is missing and says he cast Diane out of his life to protect her from Catherine. He asks if she killed his mother. Catherine says Diane murdered her babies. He asks where his mother’s body is so she can have a proper burial.

Catherine says her body is in the sea and Bash strangles Catherine. She tells him she’s the regent of France. She says he has no proof. He goes to stab her and she asks if his awful mother is worth dying for. Bash throws her down with a scream.

He says she’s the real king of France and so he can resign to her. He walks out. Catherine collapses. Narcisse asks to sail with Mary so he can go to Lola. He says he can’t leave his wife’s safety in her hands. Bash is there and says he’s going along. He says there is nothing for him there.

Bash says he can’t stay and says he needs to leave France and she needs someone at her side she can trust. Mary accepts and thanks him for coming. Mary says she shall never see France again and loads onto the ship.

Charles and Claude read a letter that Bash left them – Kristoff’s letter of confession. Claude storms out past her and Charles says he will pay for what she’s done. Mary’s ships are in a storm on the sea. The window blows out and a surge of water rushes into her cabin putting her life at risk.