Reign Recap 1/15/16: Season 3 Episode 9 “Wedlock”

Reign Recap 1/15/16: Season 3 Episode 9 "Wedlock"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Friday January 15, season 3 Episode 9 called “Wedlock,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Claude (Rose Williams) is forced to marry someone selected by Narcisse. (Craig Parker)

On the last episode Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Catherine (Megan Follows) dealt with the aftermath of Prince Don Carlos’ (guest star Mark Ghanimé) accident, Mary realized that she had to marry for the good of her country and not follow her heart. When Catherine was accused of poisoning Francis (Toby Regbo), Lola (Anna Popplewell) was shocked when Mary thinks Narcisse (Craig Parker) framed Catherine in order to become Regent of France. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary (Adelaide Kane) becomes suspicious of Prince Don Carlos’ (guest star Mark Ghanimé) true condition and relies on Gideon (Ben Geurens) to help her uncover the truth. Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) makes a shocking discovery which could change the course of her reign over England and forces Dudley (Charlie Carrick) to make a tough decision. Meanwhile, Narcisse (Craig Parker) forces Claude (Rose Williams) to marry someone of his choosing, against her wishes.”

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#Reign starts with Queen Elizabeth walking among her people. Her advisor says the people love her. He says now that Dudley is gone, she’s focused. He says Lady Lola will be her hostage and is on the way. She’s pleased and thanks William.

Mary vomits after she gets back into her carriage. Is she preggers? May hands Don Carlos a quill and asks him to sign the paper to get more food for her people. He asks slowly if she’s his friend. She says she is and will be his wife soon too.

He signs the paper then Narcisse comes in and hands him another paper to sign. Mary reads it and sees he’s demanding gold as part of the marriage. Mary says she’s trying to save her country and Narcisse says she’s using Don Carlos as her personal bank.

She doesn’t like using his mental issues. Narcisse says this is money to repay the soldiers who worked in Scotland. He shows him where to sign and Mary nods. Don Carlos signs away more money.

Mary lies in bed later unable to sleep. She finds Gideon on the balcony also awake. He says she probably had a private balcony when she was Queen but will be back to that soon. He asks if she’s having a grand wedding and she says no since she’s a widow.

He asks if she feels bad marrying a man who’s compromised. He calls her marriage mercenary. She says she needs Spain and has lost more than he can understand. Gideon says he was married once to a girl he loved who died in childbirth. He says love like that is a curse.

He asks how she can marry a man she can never love or be with romantically. She says he’s Elizabeth’s spy and is trying to trick her so he does what’s best for his queen. He says you can get good advice from a bad man.

Catherine meets her servant lover in another room and he shows her the sex chair that was Don Carlos’. He says it would have been burned in a fire if he hadn’t saved it. He wants to tie her to it but she tells Kristoff no.

Gideon bursts in and says Queen Elizabeth is reconsidering Don Carlos for marriage. He says the prince’s condition has made Elizabeth reconsider because she thinks he will be a gentle king and husband. Gideon says England will ensure the world never knows.

Frederico tells Mary that they must wait to see the marriage offer. Gideon was bluffing – Elizabeth didn’t change her mind, but he thinks she might and says Elizabeth may think this docile king is the best thing.

Dudley shows up when Elizabeth summons him and she says she’s pregnant with his child and says they must marry. He says it’s impossible. She says she can push a divorce through parliament. He says their child would be considered illegitimate.

She says many consider her that. He says his wife is dying but not that fast. She says what should she do? He says she can marry another. She says she loves him and she can give England a king and heir if they marry. He says he’ll divorce his wife and marry her for England.

Elizabeth tells William about her plan to marry Dudley. He says her people are opposed to divorce and asks why the rush. She says she can’t and says if they marry, the whispers about them will stop.

He says the people will call her a harlot for stealing a dying woman’s husband. She says her decision is made and tells him to clear it up. Claude ignores a suitor who has brought her a lovely necklace. He says it was his dear mother’s.

Leith comes in and says she has a Latin lesson. She says that’s a terrible inconvenience and says she was having a lovely visit with Archduke Forlay. Turns out Latin is a boxing lesson with Claude. He’s teaching her self-defense.

She kisses him and he says he wants her safe when he’s not there to protect her. He says he got something – it’s condoms. Claude starts to rants about how she’s not having sex with just anyone and he asks if this is because she now thinks he’s beneath her. He walks out.

Bash asks Delphine if she’s been outside and says she hasn’t left the room in days. He says he’s worried. There’s a knock and Bash is handed a letter about the murders. It’s addressed to them and the killer says the healer’s touch changed him and he won’t take anyone’s heart.

Delphine says she believes what he says but Bash says he won’t stop searching for him. He asks Delphine why she’s afraid and says he can’t do it without her. Don Carlos is wheeled around in a chair and Mary asks Greer to monitor Gideon’s letters.

Greer agrees to help and Mary says she can’t imagine this after a real marriage with Francis. A man us doing tricks with a top and a whip for kids and Don Carlos has a flashback. Mary comes over and asks if he’s okay. He says he’s tired and wants to lie down. They take him inside.

Later, Don Carlos tells Frederico not to talk to him like he’s a child. He stands and says he’s feeling his senses returned but he hid it because he knew he wasn’t safe her. He says he remembers his accident.

He says Mary was there and deceived him and betrayed his trust. He tells Frederico he knows he’s been mocking his secrets. He says Mary has been using him and now he’s going to use her. He says it’s time he did as he liked in a country of his own and says he’ll take Scotland.

Frederico tells Mary and Catherine that Don Carlos will marry her if she grants the crown matrimonial. This would make Don Carlos reigning king with her and if Mary died without an heir, he would remain king.

They ask where this came from and he says from the king. He says it’s a request made in respect for all they have done for Scotland so far. Don Carlos is still in his chair playing lame and dumb. Mary tells Catherine it’s a risk and Catherine says his brain is damaged.

She says she still has to edge out Elizabeth. Claude pouts and stares at Greer who comes over. She asks why men fall at her feet. Greer says she’s only setting up liaisons for her girls. She asks her if she’s worried about Leith and says there’s nothing between them.

Claude says she’s his great love and Greer says not true and he’s smitten with Claude. She says he hates her now then says they were about to hook up then she got angry and felt like she was protecting herself.
Claude says she convinced Leith she’d keep it casual but she’s falling for him. Greer says love is a risk worth taking. Bash and Delphine go to the village and she sees people strangely. Bash asks what it is. She says she can feel the killer’s rage.

She says she wants to hurt the people. She says maybe the killer is healed and she got his hatred. Bash says he’s sorry and hugs her. He says they’ll go a more private way back to the castle. He promises she will heal.

Mary meets with Frederico and Don Carlos and says she will grant the request if they can get married tomorrow. That cuts Elizabeth out. Frederico agrees. Don Carlos stares at her with a simple little smile.

Dudley comes to see Amy and she asks what Elizabeth wants from him. He says he’s divorcing her and she says she’s dying. He says he has to do it now and won’t wait. She asks what makes him want to divorce her so quickly.

Amy says she’s pregnant, isn’t she and he denies it. She says this child will ruin him. She says if he tries to divorce her, she’ll tell the world that Elizabeth is pregnant and they’ll take her head. She rants and he says he’s locking her up.

She screams that she’s not crazy and won’t be locked up. He does it anyway and leaves her in a room. Mary tells Greer she thought she saw Don Carlos move his bad arm and wonders if he’s faking. Greer says she has cold feet but Mary isn’t sure.

She says marrying a broken prince for power seems wrong. Greer says she can’t offer her an excuse as a Scot not to marry him. She says it’s best for their country. Kristoff has a servant ready to tie her to the sex chair.

Catherine comes in and the girl runs out. She says she had him followed to see what he’s up to. She asks why he wants to be involved with her. He says money and he doesn’t want to tend fires. She offers him two better job but he shagged some husbands in each place.

He asks for a place with the king’s guard. She says that could be helpful to her. She says my chambers now. He follows her. Mary sends for Gideon for good advice from a bad person. She says she thinks Don Carlos might be lying.

She says if he’s lying to her, he’s lying to Elizabeth too. She says everyone wants her to marry Don Carlos except for him. She says if Don Carlos is lying, he must have an ulterior motive. Dudley tells Elizabeth about Amy’s threats.

Elizabeth wants to hang her but he says that would make Elizabeth look worse. He says he thinks Amy is truly insane and says he’ll have her committed then he can divorce her. Amy rants and paces and breaks through the doors.

She hears noises and starts to freak out. She throws herself over the balcony after saying – rot in hell, you and your virgin queen. William tells Elizabeth that Amy is dead of a broken neck and there’s signs of a struggle.

He says rumors are spreading that Dudley murdered his wife. He says that Dudley could hang and so could she. He tells her to stay away from the man. Bash finds Delphine packing. She says she’s going to go help a mountain village where there was an avalanche.

Claude is with a suitor and she hints that Leith should take her to her Latin lesson. She says she was frightened by the idea of Latin and losing it. He suitor says he’s fluent in Latin. She tells him to shut up and leave. He takes his gift and goes. She and Leith kiss and he takes her to bed.

She says she loves him and he says he loves her too. Mary is dressed for the wedding – Gideon comes into her chambers and asks to speak to her alone. He says that the Spanish hired a team of mercenaries that specialize in assassinations to escort them.

She says she granted the crown matrimonial and he could kill her and take the crown. She says she’s got to prove that Don Carlos is trying to trick her. Gideon asks how and she says with a trick that her mom taught her.

Mary comes to the chamber for the wedding. She signs the papers and then he doesn’t see the crown matrimonial document. He rants and everyone can see that he’s lucid. She says he was going to have her murdered.

Catherine tells Narcisse to do something. He won’t. Catherine tells Don Carlos he’s banished from France and if he tries to damage France or Scotland, she’ll tell his father all his dirty secrets. She tells him to take his device and go. He storms out.

Claude comes to see Narcisse who sits haughtily on the throne. He says he has bad news. He says France has military debt and won’t get any money from Spain. She says it’s not her problem but he says she’s the solution.

He says he’s marrying her off to wealthy Duke Boinel. She says no but he says the Duke will be here tomorrow. She says she’ll run him off but Narcisse says King Charles will meet with him and says this is happening for the good of France.

He tells her to be grateful for the fun she had and says she knew her time would come. Dudley sneaks in to see Elizabeth and she asks what about locking Amy in the asylum. They each think the other had her killed.

They realize that Amy knew it was the one way to keep them apart. He asks how he can prove his innocence. He says she must help him. She says they can’t be seen together. She panics about her pregnancy. He says that child is motive to murder Amy. She asks what to do.

Gideon asks Mary how it feels to be single again. She says relieved but it was not a victory since Scotland needed the alliance. He says at least she obtained some grain for her country. She says she does want love in her life but as a queen, she was lucky to have it once.

She asks why he warned her about the Spanish mercenaries since Elizabeth would be happy to see her dead. He says Elizabeth would not want Spain in Scotland. Mary hands him a letter of his she intercepted. She realizes that Elizabeth is holding his daughter.

She tells him to take credit for ruining the marriage plans of her and Don Carlos. He tells her the Protestant reformation is picking up in Scotland and says she may not be safe there. She says she doesn’t want her pity.

Bash sees Delphine off. He says it’s cold but she says it feels like she’s in front of a warm fire. We see a man in front of a fire. He grabs the woman who speaks to him and throws her on the bed then stabs her.