Rob Kardashian Moves In With Blac Chyna: Betrays Kylie Jenner – Kim Kardashian Demands Budding Romance End?

Rob Kardashian Moves In With Blac Chyna: Betrays Kylie Jenner - Kim Kardashian Demands Budding Romance End?

Rob Kardashian has moved in with Blac Chyna and this arrangement has Kylie Jenner feeling betrayed? Is Kim Kardashian already demanding that the budding romance end immediately?

The Kardashian clan – led by Kim – is allegedly appalled that Rob would share an abode with Tyga’s evil baby mama. In case you missed it, Kylie and Chyna aren’t exactly BFFs – though Chyna and Kim were friends once upon a time.

Sources reported to TMZ that Rob has taken up residency with Blac Chyna and this gives Kardashian access to Chyna’s home gym 24/7. The insider divulged that there is no romance here, just friendship. Seems as if Chyna has taken the bull by the horns and is helping Rob get into shape despite the bad blood with Kylie and Kim. Chyna cares more about Rob than the Kardashian and Jenner ladies? Does that surprise anyone?

Whatever this is between Rob and Chyna it started a couple of weeks ago when Kardashian reached out to Chyna with some DMs according to the same sources. Of course the Kardashian clan would have the world believe this is just Chyna exploiting Rob to get back at Kylie for stealing Tyga away.

This living arrangement could be viewed as an opportunity for Chyna to stick it to Kim. Let’s not forget Queen Kimmy K took legal action and got Chyna and bestie Amber Rose’s MTV reality show cancelled before it even began.

Of course the Kardashian women are going to think Chyna’s only motive is to take advantage of Rob! Isn’t that what Kim Kardashian has been doing for years? Kris Jenner only trots Rob out to film “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” when the momager believes it will be a bonanza for ratings.

Kylie Jenner hasn’t been very interested in Rob in years. Do little sis and older bro even speak to each other anymore? Does anyone know if Kylie even knows about Robert’s health problems?

Rather than starting another feud with Blac Chyna maybe Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner should let Rob Kardashian figure things out. If Rob stayed away from everyone Kim and Kylie hate there wouldn’t be anyone left in Kardashian’s circle of friends. Overbearing Kardashian women are the reason Rob has been spiraling out of control for years.

If Rob Kardashian wants to live with Blac Chyna so be it. Whether or not the duo are friends or romantically involved it’s time for Kris and Kim to back off and let Rob get healthy. If Chyna can help then Kylie, Kim and Kris will just need to get over it.

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