Scandal Recap 4/28/16: Season 5 Episode 19 “Buckle Up”

Scandal Recap 4/28/16: Season 5 Episode 19 "Buckle Up"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday April 28, season 5 episode 19 called, “Buckle Up,”and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, Florida’s powerful governor meets with the candidates, who compete for her endorsement.

On the last episode, Olivia uncovered the details about Jake and Rowan’s plot and had to make an agonizing choice as she attempted to thwart it. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Florida’s powerful governor meets with the candidates, who compete for her endorsement. Meanwhile, Abby and Olivia’s spin war could hurt their candidates; and Cyrus has to make a potentially life-changing decision.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here.

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#Scandal starts with Sally talking about the political cat fight. We see Abby and Olivia making press statements about how their candidates are the clear leader in this. They talk about Florida where it’s winner take all for 99 delegates.

Sally says she doesn’t like seeing Olivia and Abby tear each other apart but can’t look away. Cyrus gets ready to go out while Michael plays with their daughter and asks how late he’ll be. Cyrus is non-committal.

Michael offers to leave food for him but Cyrus says he’ll take it to go. Cyrus tickles his daughter and promises to call if he’ll be late. Alex keeps calling Michael and talks to him about Cyrus cheating and his involvement with the shooting.

Alex demands that he get him what he asked for but Michael says don’t call back and ends the call. Liz wakes David and Susan. David’s sleeping on the floor. David sweet talks Susan who ignores him. David tells Liz that Susan hates him and Liz doesn’t care.

Governor Louise Baker of Florida is critical to get the delegates. Hollis, Mellie and Susan are all fighting for her votes. Their people give them advice. Turns out Baker likes gin and hates tardiness. Olivia says don’t blow this or Susan will win Florida and her campaign is done.

They all head for Florida. Quinn and Olivia talk about Mellie’s schedule and five wardrobe changes. Abby is there too and it’s awkward. Olivia won’t let her on the elevator and says she can take the stairs. The press is out in force at the airport.

Fitz and Abby are on Air Force One and it looks like Abby pulled a fast one and Olivia is told they can’t leave until Air Force One takes off. Olivia calls Abby who says there’s mechanical problems and Mellie will just have to wait.

Olivia tells Abby not to play like this. Abby says this is about presidential safety and tells her to suck it. Cyrus is at Vargas’ office talking to Frankie about polls. Alex comes in and stands listening. Cyrus says he’s tied in the polls and says they need a wedge issue.

Alex says Edison doesn’t have kids and that can be the wedge issue. Alex says use Anna. Frankie looks askance. Alex says it will come out anyway but Cyrus says it’s distasteful and crosses a line. Frankie says find another issue when Cyrus and Alex start bickering.

Quinn looks for commercial flights to get Mellie to Florida on time. Mellie gets bitchy and Marcus calls her down and Mellie listens to her which stuns Olivia and Quinn. Olivia calls in an anonymous tip that Air Force One is screwing with Mellie’s campaign.

Fitz confronts her but Abby says it’s done. The press is with both teams and Olivia says the White House trick is also screwing with commercial flights and talks about how it’s making regular voters miss connecting flights and important events.

The governor shows up to Susan’s hotel room to talk to David. She says Susan doesn’t have the chops to be president and Mellie is like a back room brawler and she would give her the nomination now. The governor brings up Tamarac Sugar and tells David to drop the investigation.

She essentially offers Susan the nomination. David is outraged. The governor pushes anyway and then walks out. They are in hour four of the standoff at the airport. Mellie rants but Olivia says just wait. Mellie rants and walks away.

Quinn asks why Olivia is doing this and Huck says stop it. Olivia asks what and Quinn says the contest of wills with Abby is not working and says she’s sabotaging their hard work. Huck asks why are you here instead of saving Jake.

Olivia says she doesn’t have to explain herself to them and they should be acting like gladiators. She storms off and Quinn says they are going to sit on this tarmac the rest of their lives. Mellie pours a drink and tells Marcus she has to do something.

She tells him this is out of touch and unlikable. Marcus says just end this. She asks how. He says Abby doesn’t control Air Force One. Marcus says Fitz can’t snub the mother of his children on national TV. The news is on and we see Mellie is on the runway heading for Air Force One.

Reporters are all over this and she stands outside the plane. She waves her hand and Abby asks what is she doing. Fitz says he’s getting off the plane and Abby says the optics are awful. Fitz says he can’t let her stand out there alone.

Fitz gets off the plane and Olivia asks her team who let her go and then tells Marcus to bring her back. He says no. The reporters see Fitz coming out and the press goes wild. He walks up to her and asks if she wants to talk.

David tells Susan and Liz about the governor’s pitch. He says Baker is pocketing kickbacks from the sugar company and Liz says drop the case. David refuses and Susan says no, he’s right. Susan says she can’t let the governor play dirty like this and will skip the endorsement.

Liz calls David a special snowflake and says she hates him. Fitz tells Mellie this is a bold move and he says she’s doing great and is giving them a run for their money. They smile and he steps closer. He touches her shoulder and says he’s proud of her.

She says she’d like to get to Florida and says please move your plane. He says he can’t and she says this is all Abby. She says that redhead is telling the President what he can’t do, that concerns her. She says this is a problem and says it’s them – Olivia and Abby.

She says one of them is going to go Tonya Harding on the other. He says don’t be inappropriate. He steps closer and asks if she doesn’t know. He says Andrew then Olivia. She’s shocked. She gasps and then smiles at the press.

She says my God no and says she thought it was Liz. Fritz says no it was Liv and did it with her bare hands, she didn’t have one of her people do it. Mellie is shocked. She says you should have told me and he says she should have asked.

Mellie says props to Liv then says Olivia has been a different person when it comes to Abby and now she knows why. She says Olivia is missing, there but not there. He asks if Liv is sleeping or running. Mellie says she won’t work out and says she makes her eat because she forgets.

They are both worried about Olivia. Fitz says make sure she runs and sleeps and eats. Mellie nods. She asks him to move his plane now. She says not just for me. Fitz nods.

Fitz goes back on Air Force One and tells Abby get them in the air now. She argues and he says sit down and buckle up and don’t talk to me until we land. Mellie tells Olivia it worked and will be fine. Olivia says they will still be an hour late to dinner.

Mellie says please come up with an idea. Olivia thinks then makes a call and tells Abby to turn her plane around. We see Hollis with Baker and Susan at dinner. Baker says Mellie can’t show up late to her dinner but her aide says it’s not that simple.

Fitz is there too and says he’s sorry that Mellie is late and says it’s all his fault. Baker has Megan make more space and asks Mellie to sit right at her side. Olivia smiles. Liz asks Abby why and she says she’ll tell her later.

Baker says her sugar farmers are about to be out of business. Susan says big sugar that are polluting the Everglades. Susan scoffs and says she knows the voters would give Baker the job for life but this is Baker’s blind spot. David is stunned.

Abby drains her wine glass and Olivia pours the rest of the bottle in hers. David tells Susan she did great with the way she talked to Baker. He says he’s proud of her then takes his spot on the floor beside her bed. Susan says she forgot the kind of man he really is.

She says it’s nice to know that he’s still him. She says you hurt me and he says he knows. She says more than anyone ever has. David says he knows and is sorry. She reaches out her hand and David takes it. He says he never wants to hurt her again. Susan’s crying.

Cyrus comes home and finds Michael up waiting for him. He asks what time Cyrus got home last night then asks if it was after midnight. Cyrus asks why and Michael says he told him he’d call. Cyrus says he’s had a long day then asks to drop it.

Michael asks if he’s cheating and says he’s not stupid. Michael says just tell me and Cyrus says he is sleeping with someone else and doesn’t know what else to say. Michael wants them to go to counseling. Cyrus chews him out and says accept your role.

Cyrus says don’t be pathetically needy and puts some effort into getting me off. Michael says he’s disgusting and says he puts a lot of effort into their daughter. Cyrus say that’s James’ daughter. Michael says you’re screwing Tom.

Cyrus calls him a washed up rent boy and threatens to put him out. He asks where will that leave you. Cyrus says don’t mess this up. Michael meets Alex and hands him a flash drive. He says it’s voice mails, emails and more from the week of the shooting.
Michael says the bastard can get what he deserves. Alex is thrilled. Liz turns on the TV for David and Susan to see the news that Baker gave her the endorsement. Susan is thrilled she’ll win Florida. She hugs David and Liz turns away.

Baker says she’s voting for Susan. Olivia throws something. The news shows photos of Frankie’s daughter at a cancer treatment center. Cyrus calls to ask for the source. Frankie chews out Alex. Looks like the flash drive that Michael gave Alex sent the email.

Michael did NOT betray Cyrus. Frankie fires his brother who walks out of the campaign office in shame. Cyrus calls Michael and promises more time for him and that he’ll go to counseling with him. He thanks his husband.

Huck finds Olivia drinking alone and she snaps at him. Huck says she should not be at work and says your first kill stays with you. He says he was trained to cope and she was not. He asks if she’s having nightmares. She denies it.

Olivia says stop and Huck says go home and grieve and find a way to forgive yourself. Olivia says she’s satisfied with Andrew’s death – not grieving. She says she slept better after crushing his face with a chair and the surprised look on his smug face was freeing.

She says she’s glad he’s dead and doesn’t regret it. She says she’s glad she’s the one who killed him. Huck stares and says he’s waiting for the rest of it. Olivia gets teary then says her father told her if she tried to go near Jake or save him, he would slit Jake’s throat.

Olivia says one kill was enough for me and she’s not he dad and is better than him. She sobs and Huck steps closer and then holds her while she convulses in tears. Abby brings Fitz a campaign schedule. He says it’s ambitious.

She’s annoyed with him and says he thinks he knows better than her and he says she was off the rails. Abby says he runs the country and she runs him. She says she makes decisions that he doesn’t need to and can focus on his big job.

She tells him don’t cage your monster and says he wouldn’t try it with Cyrus. She says it wasn’t me – she’s not responsible for her killing Andrew. She says don’t put that on me. She says she’s doing her patriotic duty and then starts crying.

Fitz steps closer and Abby says he didn’t even look like a face when she got done with him. He sits down with her and says he’s been where she is and says climb out – he says she needs a rationale that allows her to forgive herself. She nods.

Sally says Hollis took the win in Florida which is a shocker. Baker’s endorsement didn’t help Susan enough. David says he doesn’t understand. Susan is ready to drop out of the race. Sally says you can’t ignore Hollis or it will be your peril.

Doyle talks about catfights between Mellie and Susan. Olivia finds Abby at her office and she rants at her about why she didn’t handle it well when she took the White House promotion. Olivia says she wants her White House back and earned it.

Olivia says she’s done losing and wants it back. Liz tells David this is a good thing – turns out he made a deal with Baker to get Susan the endorsement. Cyrus comes home looking for Michael and finds that his husband has packed up and left home.

There’s a note – Michael took Ella. Cyrus calls and leaves him a livid voice mail demanding that he bring back his daughter now. Olivia and Abby talk about how they need to team up and take down Hollis Doyle!