Sister Wives Recap 6/12/16: Season 6 Episode 20 “Meri Makes Amends and Kody: Behind the Scenes”

Sister Wives Recap 6/12/16: Season 6 Episode 20 "Meri Makes Amends and Kody: Behind the Scenes"

TLC’s reality show Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, June 12, season 6 episode 20 called “Meri Makes Amends and Kody: Behind the Scenes” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the first half of a combined episode, the Browns get ready for a trip to Hawaii.

On the last episode, Robyn’s baby was due and she’s worried about having a breached birth, so she and Kody went for one more ultrasound. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per TLC’s synopsis, “in the first half of a combined episode, the Browns get ready for a trip to Hawaii, but Robyn worries about traveling with a baby, and Meri and Janelle continue their therapy sessions. Then, the four wives open up about Kody, and discuss why he became a polygamist and his decision to go public”

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Ariella Mae is the latest addition to the Brown Family and admittedly she’s super cute however there appeared to be some questions on tonight’s episode of “Sister Wives” about whether or not such a young baby should really be traveling.

Kody had apparently booked a family vacation to Hawaii in advance and he wanted everyone in the family to be there. Yet, the baby was going to be a mere two and a half months old when they traveled to Hawaii which was just a tad too young to be traveling. So the ultimate decision about whether or not the baby should go had to be Robyn’s call. Robyn was the one that was either going to be staying at home with the baby or traveling with the baby so she was the one that had to decide what was best for the both of them.

Robyn though was unsure. She wasn’t really up to enjoying the vacation per say because Ariella’s birth had been described as intense, but she knew that if she stayed then Solomon was going to stay and that meant several of the kids were going to be missing on the vacation. And not just Ariella Mae. So Robyn was still wavering about what to do in the days leading up to the trip itself and in the meantime she wasn’t the only one in the family that was looking at the trip to Hawaii as something of a deadline.

Meri and Janelle who have feeling admitted to having issues in the past have been talking to their close family friend and therapist Nancy about what they should do in order to bridge the gap between them when Nancy asked about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was supposed to be a joint project for both Meri and Janelle yet the same issues they had kept cropping up again. Meri was often too direct for Janelle and Janelle had the unfortunate of shutting down whenever something bothers her. So their main problem has always been in the way they misunderstand each other.

At Thanksgiving, Meri had picked up a few things because she noticed that Janelle wasn’t doing that and Janelle in turn believed that Meri had basically taken over. So therapy was able to cover that and to get each woman to openly express what they were feeling so the result was that Janelle felt they should try something again. Janelle wanted to do another project in which she and Meri give working together a second chance and Meri eventually agreed to Janelle’s plan because she too wanted to work on their relationship.

But the one thing that was not falling into place quite as easily was Meri’s relationship with Kody. The whole catfish thing had brought up certain feelings and there has been a cooling in the relationship however the both of them have been try to warm things up again. They’ve been talking and for the most part they’ve been sticking to safe subjects. So when Meri later called the adults together, Kody was worried. He feared that she would make another announcement like the ones before so he was apprehensive about what she had to say.

Only Meri’s announce wasn’t bad that time. Meri had simply called the adults over (and also Mariah) because she wanted to give Kody a belated birthday present. Meri had secretly been taken art classes so she painted Kody four landscapes to hang up at each house. There was one that Janelle knew right away was hers and one that Christine knew couldn’t be anyone else so Meri’s presents included unique features from each wife. And there was a certain symbolism as well.

Meri had painted twenty-three trees in all of them to show that she still wanted to be part of their family and that she wasn’t going anywhere. So the landscapes ended up being a great present because they reassured her sister wives, but Kody had apparently some time wrap his mind around the presents. He said he was still on the defense from earlier and that’s why it was hard to suddenly change gears only Meri knew that she was going to be getting a delayed reaction from him.

Meri had said that Kody was going to need time before he could see what her paintings said so she had already knew what to expect from him and therefore his lack of reaction didn’t hurt as much as it could have. But the family only had a short time to show off Meri’s painting before they had to finish packing and thankfully everyone decided to go. Robyn had felt that it would be ok to take Ariella Mae to the Hawaii because Ariella was such an easy a baby. So whatever magic that Ariella works on siblings came with them to Hawaii.

Arielle it seems just had a way to calm her siblings so everyone looked forward to holding her and even taking naps with her. Including Mykelti who recently decided that her home was no longer in Las Vegas. Mykelti had been asked by her dad if she felt like going back to school or moving back home yet Mykelti had firmly told him that she was staying in St. George. So the young woman had told her family that she was going to live a life slightly away from them.

However, while Mykelti was ready to start over somewhere else, Madison ended up having on last surprise left for her dad. Madison and her fiancée have talked about it and they want Kody to marry them. So her brother warned her that she should prepare for the water works because Kody was going to be all-out crying.

On part two of tonight’s episode however we didn’t get to see the crying. Part Two was all about behind the scenes footage so the older Browns got their chance to talk about their earlier seasons on the show and what they were really thinking about during filming. And, you know what, sometimes it was hard for them to get certain things off their chest.

Everyone had laughed when they saw footage of their first episode and some had expressed what they wish they could have done differently. Such as sat up straighter or take a shower right before, but then they were shown footage of Kody and Robyn’s courtship. Which had been hard for the other wives who didn’t necessarily want Kody to take on a new wife. So that brought up a lot of uncomfortable memories.

Meri had said, during that time, that she felt like leaving so Meri had asked about that because it seems like she says that a lot. However, Meri said that sometimes she needs to vent and that’s how she copes with things in her own way though Meri also went on to say that in spite of what she says she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. And there is the option of being somewhere else. The family has been very honest when they said that they knew they could always leave so the fact they stay together remains their choice.

Only it wasn’t always easy being part of a large family. Kody could say or do something that aggravates one of them so there could a few heated moments. But the wives said that Kody also has these great redeeming qualities that they love. Like how he tries to give them a normal life as much as possible with the kids all together. And how he tries to give them perfect movements even though sometimes he upsets one of the wives as he tries to do so.

The Sister Wives were going through footage and they saw the many times that they got in an argument with Kody so they were able to laugh at the different way they argue with him. With Janelle, they get into heated conversations that end with them going their separate ways until they aren’t angry anymore. While with both Christine, Kody often gets into a hair flipping contest.

But with Meri, they somehow both rile each other up though Robyn probably has the best deal because she said she usually talks Kody to death.

The last part, though with the hair really got them laughing. Kody’s hair mostly has a life of its own so the sister wives can make fun of Kody because of that hair. Which also got a short montage on tonight’s episode because the producers were in on the joke as well. So Kody’s hair was a long running joke and it will continue to be so, but the ladies weren’t done discussing the many time that they have butt heads with Kody.Kody had gotten called out recently about his two very distinctive relationships that he has with his sons and daughters so the cast talked about that.

Kody had first heard it from wives and then from the graduate student that had been studying the family that he treats his daughters very differently than he treats his sons. So Kody had to answer that and he tried to explain that boys were easier because they could connect with them over sports, but his wives wanted to make that same kind of effort with the girls. And Kody later lived up to one of his better qualities. Kody is someone that tries to adapt and so he began to rectify his relationship with his daughters once it had been pointed out to him how uneven it was.

And Kody also tries to do that with his wives, but there are still a few things that he needs to work on and that sometimes they need to work on. Yet, the one thing that they can agree to is that their committed. Committed to making their family and their marriage work.