Suits Recap 1/27/16: Season 5 Episode 1 Winter Premiere “Blowback”

Suits Recap 1/27/16: Season 5 Episode 1 Winter Premiere "Blowback"

SUITS returns to the USA network tonight with an all new Wednesday January 27, season 5 episode 10 called, “Blowback.” We’ve got your recap down below! On this evening’s episode, In the Season 5 winter premiere, Jessica (Gina Torres) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) must figure out how to defend Mike (Patrick J. Adams) despite knowing that he’s guilty of the crime he’s accused of committing.

On the last episode in the Season 5 summer finale, Jessica and Louis tried to rally the partners to stop the takeover attempt by Hardman and Soloff. In other events, Mike and Harvey each faced down past demons in order to make potentially life-altering decisions. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “as we begin our mid-season premiere, Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) worst fears have come true. He’s been arrested for fraud and is under investigation by a ruthless government prosecutor, Assistant US Attorney Anita Gibbs (guest star Leslie Hope).

Meanwhile, Jessica (Gina Torres) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) must figure out how to build a defense for Mike, knowing full well that he’s guilty of the crime for which he stands accused. And Rachel (Meghan Markle) must come to terms with her family’s reaction to the news that her fiancé is not the person he claimed to be – and that he could soon be in prison.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Suits” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for another episode of Suits tonight.

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Tonight’s episode of Suits kicks off with Michael Ross in the interrogation room – the district attorney Gibbs arrives and taunts him – she announces that she is “going to put him in jail.” He has been arrested for fraud – and is facing up to 66 years in prison. Gibbs teases, “College boys – even fake ones – don’t do well in prison.”

Rachel rushes in to Harvey’s office and tells him that two men from the State’s Attorney office just arrested Mike. Jessica tells Harvey that neither of them can go down to the prison because they will be charged with co-conspiracy. Jessica tells Harvey that she is ripping up his resignation letter – he can’t resign from the firm the same day that Michael is arrested – that will only make them look more guilty.

Meanwhile in the interrogation room Gibbs has set up a camera – and Mike has agreed to confess. Mike tricks Gibbs and announces he isn’t going to confess, he just wanted it on tape that she has violated his rights and won’t let him speak to his lawyer. Gibbs opens the door and says that there was a misunderstanding and his lawyer just arrived – but it’s not Harvey that walks through the door, it’s Robert Zane, and he does not look happy.

Robert reveals that Rachel called him and asked for help. He demands to know if the accusations are true. When Mike doesn’t deny it, Robert is furious. He shouts that he “doesn’t give a shit what happens to Mike” – he is there for Rachel. He slams Mike up against the wall and tells him that he has to turn on Harvey, that is the only way that he is going to get out of this mess. Mike says there is no way he is ever going to turn on Harvey – Robert leaves, and says he won’t help him, and he doesn’t have to worry about him dating his daughter any more because he will be in prison for the rest of his life.

Louis stops by Donna’s house and tells her about Mike. He orders her not to go any where near Mike or Harvey or else she is going to wind up on the witness list. Donna argues that they are like her family – and then announces that she is still going to check on Rachel and there is nothing that Louis can do to stop her.

Harvey is at the State’s Attorney office – but they won’t let him in to the interroagation room to talk to Mike. Robert is leaving the building and bumps in to Harvey – he shouts at him for putting Rachel’s future and career at risk. Robert tells Harvey that the only reason he came was to try and get Mike to thrown Harvey under the bus – and he wouldn’t.

Harvey finally gets in to the interrogation room and Mike has a meltdown – he says that he knows he is going to prison and he doesn’t have a case. Harvey tells Mike to get a grip, Gibbs doesn’t have anything on him. Technically, he is in the bar database and has a degree from Harvard – she has no proof that he isn’t a real lawyer. Meanwhile, Donna is trying to comfort Rachel who is at her house and having a meltdown of her own.

Mike gets tossed in a jail cell with a hyped up prisoner – he roughs Mike up a bit and the guards come running. Mike jokes that he isn’t scared of the inmate, because he recognizes him and knows he is an undercover marshall. Mike taunts the guard on duty and says that there is no way they are going to beat a confession out of him.

Robert heads over to Rachel’s house and tells her that he won’t be representing Mike – he lectures her about putting herself at risk to be with a fraud and a criminal. Rachel cries that she loves Mike, but her father tells her she needs to “get rid of him.” Rachel sobs that she cant do that, and then Robert informs her that he won’t be able to help her either and leaves.

Harvey tracks Gibbs down at the court cafeteria and asks her why she is going after Mike. He tries to cut a deal with her and tells her that he will get Mike to write up a letter of resignation if she drops charges. She laughs that she isn’t going to drop the charges, but if Mike resigns then she will waive his bail. And, if he doesn’t – then she will see to it that his assets are frozen too.

Jack stops by Jessica’s office to taunt her about Mike getting arrested. He teases that since she had a fraud working at the firm, now would be the perfect time for a new leader to take over. Jessica laughs off his threats and tells Jack that if he tries to boot her right now, he will look like a bottom feeder.

Donna shows up at Harvey’s house and demands to know why he isn’t at the office, he tells her that he resigned. Donna reveals that she just saw Rachel and she is not doing well, they need to get Mike out of prison. Harvey says that he is doing what he can – but he needs Donna to sneak something out of the office for him.

In court, Gibbs motions the judge to have Harvey removed as Mike’s lawyer. She gives the judge the resignation letter and says that they were conspiring together, and it is unethical on top of that because Harvey is also Mike’s boss. The judge orders them all to meet in her chamber in 10 minute – and she doesn’t seem too thrilled with Harvey and Mike.

In the judge’s chamber Gibbs argues that Robert was his Mike’s original attorney, he can’t just add a new one. Harvey and Mike argue that Gibbs is just as guilty of twisting the law around as they are, they tell the judge that Gibbs violated Mike’s rights and wouldn’t let him see his lawyer. The judge has had enough, she shoots down Gibbs’ motion and lets Mike bail himself out. Rachel is waiting for him in the courtroom, and runs in to his arms once he is a free man. Harvey informs them that they don’t have time to celebrate, it is time to go on the offense – first they need to figure out every single person that knows the truth about Mike’s faux transcripts and bar exam.

Jessica sends Louis on a mission – she tells him that he needs to find something in the bilaws that they can use to stop Jack from holding a meeting and over-throwing her. Jessica goes back to her office and finds Robert waiting for her. He tells Jessica that he needs her to fire Rachel, because she won’t quit, and he doesn’t want her career going up in flames. Jessica tells Robert she can’t do that – it will only make Mike look more guilty if they fire his fiancé the day that he is arrested. Robert threatens her before he leaves and warns her that people are going to come out of the woodwork to take her down now that her firm has been wounded – and he is going to help them.

Meanwhile Harvey is trying to tie up loose ends – he pays Scottie a visit. She reminds him that she is not in his life anymore and she doesn’t need to lie for him anymore. Harvey warns her that people might come ask her about Mike, Scottie won’t promise to keep his secret. Mike is busy too, he visits Trevor and reminds him that he owes him – Trevor reluctantly agrees to lie for Mike if the state’s attorney comes knocking on his door.

Back at the firm, Louis has served Donna with formal papers and fired her. He is furious because he found out that she was snooping around the firm and getting papers for Harvey after he specifically told her not to. Louis gets emotional, and breaks down in tears – he says that he is only firing her because he knows that Harvey and Mike need her more than he does. But, he hates to see her go because he is scared that she will wind up getting arrested and he doesn’t want to lose her too.

Mike is headed home and the Marshall from the jail cell is waiting on his porch. He tells Mike that Gibbs is going to bring him another deal, and if he is smart then he will take it. Mike tells him to get away from his house, before the Marshall leaves he taunts Mike that he saw his fiancé and she is “smart and beautiful and there is no way she is going to wait for him if he goes to prison.”

Mike heads upstairs and Rachel is waiting for him – she says that Robert just left, and Gibbs offered him a deal. If Mike turns on Harvey, then they will drop all of the charges and he won’t have to spend a minute in prison. Mike is furious, he tells Rachel that there is no way in hell he is going to turn on Harvey because he is loyal to everyone in his life. He scoffs that if Rachel considered the deal – then she isn’t loyal, and if he does go to prison then there is no way she will wait for him.

Harvey shows up at the door in the middle of Rachel and Mike’s fight – he has bad news, Gibbs is snooping around and she is very close to figuring out that Harvey already resigned from the firm. And, if Gibbs finds out, then it will screw up their deal with Forstman. Mike has an epiphany – he announces that “if the assistant attorney wants him to turn on Harvey, then that means he is holding a gun, and he can point it at Forstman.”

Mike stops by the office and tells Jack that if he doesn’t back off and stop trying to take over the firm – then he is going to tell Gibbs that he is the one that helped him create a fake degree and credentials. Jack asks Mike what he wants – Mike tells him that Harvey is coming back to work tomorrow, and if he calls Forstman and rats Harvey out, then Mike will rat Jack out.

Mike is getting ready to go back to court – Rachel gives him a pep talk and promises him that if he does go to jail, then she will wait for him and when he gets out they can start their lives together over without his secret hanging over their heads.