Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Recap 10/12/16: Season 33 Episode 4 “Who’s the Sucker at the Table?”

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Recap 10/12/16: Season 33 Episode 4 "Who's the Sucker at the Table?"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 12, 2016, episode and we have your Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X recap below.  On tonight’s Survivor Season 33 episode 4 called, “Who’s the Sucker at the Table?,” two castaways are out for revenge after being blindsided by their allies.

Did you watch last week’s Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X season 33 episode 3 where Castaways got a chance to mingle with the “enemy,” and Paul was blindsided and sent home? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X recap, right here for your enjoyment!

On tonight’s Survivor season 33 episode 4 episode as per the CBS synopsis, “The Tribes are Hungry for Reward and Revenge – Millennials and Gen X get physical in the first reward challenge of the season, and two castaways are out for revenge after being blindsided by their allies.”

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#Survivor starts after Paul’s blindside eviction from the tribe as the Gen-X group comes back to their camp after Tribal Council. Sunday wants to talk to Chris and he refuses. He’s angry and thinking about throwing the rice in the ocean.

The women tell him about Paul’s remarks about an all-guy alliance. Bret is fussing too but Jessica repeats what Paul told her about betraying the women in the alliance. The women wonder if they made a mistake. The girls now want to blame Jessica.

Lucy tells Bret and Chris that this is all Jessica and she wanted Paul out so she can control the tribe. Lucy tells them that Dave and Ken trust her and can work with them. Chris is interested now in getting Jessica out and Bret agrees they should target her.

Millennial hunting time

It’s day 11 and the tribe is hungry. They talk about hunting a pig and Zeke says he saw pig tracks on the beach. The tribe gets excited. They see a goat on a hill. They go climb the hill to get it. Adam uses this time to search for a hidden idol while others hunt.

He finds a scroll and unrolls it. It is a map with hints on where to find the idol. He plans to hunt later when no one else is watching him. Jeff welcomes the two tribes and the Millennials are stunned to see that Paul was sent home. They have a #RewardChallenge now.

They have to swim to get a ring and get it back to a pole and they get to try and stop the other tribe. The reward is steak, sausages, veggies, spices, and more. Michelle sits out for the Millennials. This looks like someone could be drowned in the effort.

Water wars

Jay and Adam face off against Dave and Chris. They start swimming and Jay goes after Chris to stop him so Adam can swim for the ring and he gets it. Now two Millennials are on Chris and that lets David get to the pole to score for Gen-x.

Now its Sunday and CeCe vs Figgy and Michaela. Sunday and CeCe hang back and then wait for them to come back with the ring. The brawl is on. CeCe and Figgy fight over the ring. Michaela keeps pulling. All four wrestle on the ring. The Millennials score to tie it up.

Bret and Ken are against Taylor and Will. All four go for the ring. Then the grabbing starts. Will is the sole one open to go for the ring. Ken has the ring and swims hard. They are close to the poles and they fight hard then Ken grabs the pole and Gen-x takes the lead.

For the win in the water

Jessica and Lucy take on Michaela and Hannah. Jessica swims while Lucy and Hannah grapple. Jessica gets the ring and Lucy screams for her to go while she hangs on to both women. Michaela throws her top off and goes for Jessica.

It’s a lady brawl fest. The others cheer from the side. Lucy pulls hard and Michaela pulls back to their pole. Michaela sigs in and pulls them all. She slaps the pole and ties it up. She covers her chest as she gets out of the water and the tribe cheers her.

Now it’s a #Showdown4TheAges with Zeke and Jay vs Dave and Chris. Zeke hangs onto Chris but he finally gets loose and takes it from Jay. Zeke pounces on Chris again. Dave and Chris win it and Jeff is almost toppled by a wave. He picks up Dave and throws him over his shoulder in triumph.

Idols and hunger

Back at the Millennial camp, they talk about the comp and how close they were to winning it. Zeke says it’s a nightmare since the Gen-x guys are huge. Zeke says Michaela was MVP and was like an Amazon. Michaela says she didn’t care about her top and just wanted to win.

Adam says he’s not really a good one for physical competitions. He sneaks off to find the idol. He knows it’s in a shell but can’t find it. He strolls down the beach looking around. He finally spots it and cracks the shell open. Adam has the idol! He’s thrilled and tosses the shell away.

Hannah wishes him luck when she sees him poking around. Looks like she didn’t see him with it. Adam puts it on for just a moment to get the feel of it. He says Mom this is for you and stashes it in his pocket. He says his mom has Stage IV lung cancer and it’s a nightmare. Adam says his mom is a Survivor super fan too and is happy she’ll get to see him find this.

Food and fellowship

Over at the Gen-x camp, they are grilling meat on the fire. Lucy and Dave go to get water. He asks her about talking but she says she’ll give him the name later. Ken wanders up on them. David decides they should go with the majority. Lucy says they have no worries.

Then she tells them they’re targeting Jessica but she won’t like it if she sees them talking to someone else. They promise they won’t tell her. Dave agrees and so does Ken. She walks off and Ken doesn’t like how bossy that she was with him and says she’s another dictator.

Bottom line is it will come down to who wins the Immunity Idol and which tribe ends up at council tonight voting someone out. Everything can change. This is an obstacle challenge and you have to retrieve 30 bags up high and then solve a puzzle.


Adam sits out for the Millennials. It’s on and Chris makes fast work of the obstacles. Gen-x struggles to lift Chris. You have to pull the bags in order so it’s an up and down process. Chris grabs his last one and he’s done. Figgy gets her last one and they run her down.

Ken zooms past the obstacles and it’s easy to lift him since he’s lighter. Ken gets his and moves on. Michelle is close behind. David is next up for Gen-x. David is easy to lift and they have him moving fast. Michaela is in the chair and is four behind David when she starts.

David has two to go and Michaela is catching up. David gets the last one and they lower him down. He runs with the pieces. David delivers his and Gen-x is running as Michaela gets the last. Now they’re unpacking the letters to figure out the phrase.

Words at war

The teams are all unwrapping and thinking. Gen-x is putting their letters down while Millennials are thinking and talking. The approaches are very different. David is in charge for Gen-x. 20 minutes later, they are still talking.

Millennials are still thinking and focused. Now it’s 45 minutes and no one has it yet. Zeke whispers to them and now they are moving. David is moving fast too. Millennials think they have it and they do. They win it again and that sends Gen-x back to Tribal again tonight.

Back at Gen-x, the tribe talks about how it sucked. Chris is worried about Tribal but hopes Lucy can keep the blindside Jess plan in motion. Chris and Lucy talk about how puzzles are killing them. He asks if Dave is with them and Lucy says for sure. She says they have five of them voting.

Tiger Mom pounces

Lucy says she’s a #TigerMom at home and says her kids don’t like it, but that’s the way it is. Ken and Dave talk about Lucy and voting her out. They talk about bringing in Jess and how they can keep Lucy out of it. They pull in CeCe on the plan.

Ken tells Jess about the blindside and says they have to go against Lucy. Jess asks who is talking about voting her out. He says talk to Sunday and pull her in or you’re done if you don’t vote with us against Lucy. Jess is stunned that Lucy threw her under the bus as the Paul blindside mastermind.

Jess is suspicious. Lucy later tells Jess they’re voting CeCe and then Jess tells Lucy about Ken telling her to vote for her. Dave plays dumb when the others ask him about it and he says Jess told Lucy. Ken is stunned that Jess betrayed him like that.

Lucy vs Ken

Lucy asks Ken who she’s voting for and he says she didn’t approach him the right way and was bossing him around with rules and says he’s an adult. Lucy thinks Ken is emotional like a girl even though she didn’t handle it well.

The tribe talks again and Dave says he thought it was Jessica. He worries about being on the bottom. He considers using the idol to save Jessica. Lucy says there’s a snitch in their midst. They head to #TribalCouncil with things still up in the air about who’s voting for whom.

Jeff asks them about the last tribal and Chris says the tribe is in chaos since he was blindsided and so was Bret. Jess says they are all processing things and says she hopes the five are still together. Lucy says everyone got insecure and a lot of names were thrown around.

Lucy vs Ken at Tribal

Lucy says she thought she was okay then Jess told her Ken wanted to vote her out and she wonders if he has the numbers. Ken says they talked earlier and she came at him a certain way that bothered him. Lucy says she’s blunt and that’s how she talks.

She thinks men should be able to handle bluntness. Lucy gets bossy again and Jeff calls her out on it. Ken says he wavered all day and he was loyal to Jess but she wasn’t loyal. Jess says she can’t trust what he told her and he says she should have. She glares.

Dave says it’s a #LiveTribal and anything can happen since things weren’t set when they left the beach. Jess says she’s second-guessing her vote. Chris says he’s not and it might bite him. He says someone is the sucker at the table.

The vote!

Jeff calls for the vote and Sunday goes first. Chris votes Jess and whispers that it’s for Paul. No other votes are shown. Jeff goes to count the votes. Jeff calls for the immunity idol and Dave stands and pulls it out and asks to say a few words.

Dave says he liked meeting all of them and this might upset some people – and he plays it for Jessica. Ken is stunned. Jaws drop – even Jessica’s. Jeff says no votes for Jess count. The votes are – Jess, Jess, Jess, Jess, Jess, CeCe, Lucy, Lucy.

That’s enough to send Lucy packing. The Tiger Mom was slayed at Tribal Council. Ken says wow. Sunday glares. Chris looks murderous. Jeff snuffs Lucy’s torch and sends her out. Jeff says it doesn’t get any more live than that. Jess thanks Dave.

Lucy says she almost controlled everything and wasn’t expecting Dave to play the idol. She says she should not have gone full force. Looks like it was Ken that voted for Jess while Dave and CeCe stayed together and voted to oust Lucy. Jess voted for CeCe.