Talking Dead Recap 2/21/16: Season 6 Episode 10 “Danai Gurira, Austin Nichols & Nathan Fillion”

Talking Dead Recap 2/21/16: Season 6 Episode 10 "Danai Gurira, Austin Nichols & Nathan Fillion"

Tonight on AMC Talking Dead returns with an all new Sunday February 21, season 6 episode 10 and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, guest talk about “The Next World” episode of “The Walking Dead” is discussed.

On the last episode Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick were sat down with Executive Producer Greg Nicotero, Carrie Underwood and a surprise cast member discussed the episode “No Way Out” from The Walking Dead. Hosted by Chris Hardwick. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

Tonight on Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis, “Danai Gurira (Michonne), Austin Nichols (Spencer) and actor Nathan Fillion discuss the episode “The Next World” from The Walking Dead. Hosted by Chris Hardwick.”

Talking Dead airs tonight, at 10:30 PM ET on AMC after The Walking Dead. After The Walking Dead recap, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s Talking Dead! How excited are you knowing that both The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead are back? Sound off in the comments down below!

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#TalkingDead starts with guests Danai Gurira, Nathan Fillion and Austin Nichols. It starts with just Danai and Nathan with Chris. Danai says it’s been two months since the walker overrun incident. Chris says fans wanted Michonne with Rick for so long.

Michonne says they are not going to fall for each other until they had the time to be mundane. Danai says Michonne always lived in the house with them but her room was downstairs. Chris says they live as a family and she says there was more going on than friendship.

Danai says the gesture of the mints was nice and Chris says neither had one before they started making out. Chris says it’s also nice that Rick didn’t have to explain how he cut off his ex’s arm. Nathan says when he saw it, he thought everyone Rick beds down with dies.

Chris says Michonne and Rick are the ultimate power couple. Danai says she could tell it was building to this point so it was an expected surprise. Nathan says people are going to be like – what. Chris reads off fan reactions to the new #Richonne.

Now it’s In Memoriam. Should be brief. There’s the walker in the woods, the one Rick and Daryl shot, the tied up walkers at the farm, Deanna and that’s it. Andy Lincoln talks about how big the episode is and says he didn’t read the whole script and Danai said read the whole thing.

Andy says his mum is going to be so thrilled and says it was a great episode to shoot. He says they did the kiss scene and he told Danai it’s a lot more fun to work with her than Norman. Danai says they talked about it but didn’t rehearse the kiss so it was fresh for the cameras.

She says she and Andy agreed it felt natural. Nathan says when they jumped out of bed naked and ready to fight, he thought yes. Chris says Rick covered up a little but Michonne was ready to murder. Nathan says they need to build an official jail.

Chris says the experience was so good they literally saw Jesus. Danai says he got through all these obstacles so it’s jarring. Chris says the sign outside of Alexandria that says mercy for the lost, justice for plunderers.

Nathan says there’s an addendum about plundering. Michonne says the Alexandrians finally earned their stripes. Chris says a town motto means a lot. Chris says it was such a good ending to the episode. He says he needed a break after last week’s show.

Nathan says Carl and Enid are children of the apocalypse. He says her parents weren’t practical and got sideswiped. Nathan says Carl has transformed and says he’d go with Carl if they had to split up. Chris says he’s the John Connor of that world.

Now the live quiz:

#1 Which grain does Eugene tell Rick and Darul to look for? Quinoa, Sorghum or Bulgur – Sorghum.

#2 What does Rick give Michonne instead of toothpaste? Gum, mints or candy – Mints.

#3 What comic book was Carl reading in the woods? Wolfman, Invincible or Revival – Invincible.

Austin Nichols joins them on the couch and Chris thanks him for not dying. Austin says he’s excited to be alive then says Tova is from the theatre and likes to rehearse a lot. He says on that day, he had to stay away from her before they started so he’d see her fresh on the first take.

He says she wanted to rehearse so he did it with his eyes closed so he wouldn’t see her. Austin says the writers did a great job with Carl. He says Carl led Deanna towards them and it was like what Carl went through at the prison with his mother.

He says he had the foresight to bring her to him then disappeared without seeking credit and says he was heroic. Austin says Spencer wanted to do it alone and didn’t want help or anyone around. He says he realized he did need Michonne there.

Nathan says these are frail people in Alexandria that had a cushy time because of the quarry and says now they are experiencing what the other have dealt with all along. He says it’s a new reality and he thinks Spencer will come out stronger.

A caller asks Austin what was the most memorable stunt he did on Walking Dead. He says the church and grappling hook and says he was in a harness all day and says it cuts off circulation to your legs and junk and says sometimes they made him dangle on his own strength.

He says he was cramping and exhausted and Andy is giving him winks from up on the wall. He says that was incredible. Back from the break, it’s inside info from tonight’s episode. Tom Payne, aka Jesus, is the latest Brit to join the cast – he’s from Bath, England like Andy Lincoln.

Andy and Norman watched Butch Cassidy to prepare for the episode but crew members said it was more Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

We see footage of Yvette Nicole Brown screaming and whooping and screaming – that’s what I’m talking about – Richonne – when she watches the footage. Chris says she won’t be happy to know they had surveillance cameras in her house.

Yvette Nicole Brown is there as the audience guest. She says she and Norman Reedus started this three years ago and says all their dreams came true. Danai says she’s happy that people won’t bug her anymore. Yvette says she handled the kiss well. Chris says fan reaction has been great.

Danai says it’s cool and has built up over the years. She says she and Andy are always asked about it on every interview and panel. Chris tells Yvette that they are the Rick and Michonne of Talking Dead and gives her mints and a kiss on the cheek.

Austin says when he watched the episode, he was brought to tears by the scene with Michonne and Carl on the balcony and says he read it on the script, but then when he saw it, it meant so much. He says he felt like Spencer was more part of the group.

He says Spencer was protected by the walls and Nathan asks if Spencer realizes what Carl did for him and he says he doesn’t know and Nathan says he hopes so. Nathan says everyone treats Carl like a kid but he’s not a kid anymore – he’s just the youngest in the group and is a man.

Nathan says Carl takes care of business. Danai says Chandler Riggs is the most mature guy on set and says he’s fantastic, considerate and kind. She says he’s kind of incredible and she loves working with him and says they have a great connection.

She says when his voice dropped in season four and says they were all floored. She says it’s amazing to watch someone grow up in front of you. Chris says the first time Chandler was on a Comic Con panel four years ago, a fan asked him what weapon he would choose.

He says Chandler said a flame thrower with a bayonet on the end and everyone was like – yeah. Next is a behind the scenes look at Jesus’ truck ride. We see the stunt guy on top of the van and they talk about all the moving parts of the stunt.

Andy was actually driving the truck and had to stop at the perfect spot. The instant poll is – do you trust Jesus? Yes or No. Nathan says they should call him flying Jesus then says he’s like Robin Hood and didn’t carry a gun and is clean. 70% say no don’t trust him.

Nathan says flying Jesus has hurt no one. Nathan says Daryl has flipped and was out there with Negan’s guys and now has trust issues while Rick is more open. Chris says as a fan, it was stressful watching the truck sink into the lake.

Austin says he liked it because it was very buddy movie, keystone cops with the scene in the field. He says the first shot when Rick was adding a notch to the belt loop, he’s put on some weight now that life is at peace.

Nathan says he thought he was getting skinnier because they didn’t have enough food. Chris says the truck in the lake was a hubris moment and they got all redneck then the truck was lost. He says Rick didn’t seem that bothered.

Chris says the songs they chose for the episode were used to help draw out some walkers. The song was called Action Packed. Chris reads fan comments and questions. One compared them to Thelma and Louise. Another said Rick and Daryl were running the Alexandria 5k.

Next is a look at next week’s episode. We see Maggie building trellises at night for tomatoes when Glenn comes out to help her. She talks about stretching rations. Glenn says they’ll grow and they’ll be okay. They hear a noise and see someone chasing someone else and they run to check it out.

Chris says it’s so annoying that Danai and Austin know things that millions of people want to know. Chris reads a question for Nathan – would Captain Reynolds or Captain Hammer fare better. He says yes. Austin says when you get near the end of a season, it gets wild.

He says everyone talks about how things ramp up and get intense and Danai says it’s a new world they’re stepping into. Austin says it’s really hard to not say things and says you have to watch it. Chris says good for him, they’re out of time.