The Walking Dead Recap – Jesus Takes the Wheel: Season 6 Episode 10 “The Next World”

The Walking Dead Recap - Jesus Takes the Wheel: Season 6 Episode 10 "The Next World"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday February 21, Season 6 episode 10 called “The Next World” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a seemingly simple scavenging run proves to be very tricky.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, with walkers inside the gates of Alexandria, Rick and the group were scared, outnumbered and things were only getting worse. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “a seemingly simple scavenging run proves to be very tricky when the group isn’t the only one vying for an unexpected supply goldmine.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight and neither do I. We’ll be recapping the season 6 episode 10 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the season 6 episode 10. Who do you think is going to die tonight, any major characters or just the regular walkers.

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#WalkingDead starts a while after Carl’s lost eye attack. Judith is bigger and playing happily while Rick adjusts his belt. Michonne asks Rick for toothpaste and he says she took all of his. They call Carl in – he’s bouncing a ball because Denise told him it was physical therapy.

Rick dances Judith around and then leaves. Michonne tells Rick what flavor toothpaste she wants. Daryl greets Denise and she goes over the stuff she needs when he goes on the run. She says anything medical is good, food, books, clothes. She rattles off a long list of stuff.

She asks about soda and says Tara was talking about in her sleep so it would be a nice surprise to get her as a going-away present for the two week run that Tara is going on. Daryl says he’s got it. Work on walls is going on and Eugene opens the door for Daryl and Rick.

He gives him some instructions about agricultural supplies. Eugene rattles off corn facts and they just stare. They take off and we see new obstacles of cars with spikes have been placed around the gate to trap walkers from getting too close.

Rick and Daryl take off. They talk about finding food and people but Daryl says they haven’t seen anyone for weeks and maybe it’s a good thing. Rick pops in a CD as Daryl begs him not to. He cranks it up. He has the windows down and says it draws them away from home.

In Alexandria, Michonne stands guard atop the wall. She sees someone go into the woods carrying a shovel. Maggie comes to see Enid who is scribbling in a notebook. She asks where Enid has been and says she never sees her. She asks if she’s sitting in her room and she says no.

Enid won’t tell her where she’s been and Maggie says she helped her and Glenn and says there are better places for her to go than nowhere. She tells Enid she’s around and to come talk to her. Enid stares as she walks away.

Rick and Daryl speed down the empty roads then back up when they see one of the agricultural sites that Eugene mentioned. They check out a closed barn and Rick scouts the area as Daryl calls to him and has him cover as he opens the door.

They find a truck inside and Daryl pops it open. It’s piled full of food. Rick says let’s take this and come back for the car later. They drive off in the truck. They pull over at a gas station and hop out. They find the gas station locked and a guy creeps up on them when they’re looking at a snack machine.

It’s a young man wearing a bandanna across his face. Daryl and Rick hold him at gunpoint and he says he was running from the dead. They tell him it’s a half a mile down headed this way. Rick lowers his gun and thanks the guy. He says there’s more of them than us.

He asks if they have a camp and Daryl says no. They ask if he does and he says no. He says he’s sorry for running into them and says he hopes they are safe. Rick asks his name and the guy pulls down his scarf and says Paul Rovia but my friends used to call me Jesus.

Rick asks if he’s on his own and he says yeah. He goes to jog away and won’t stop as Rick starts to ask him the standard questions. Daryl says not him. Rick says they could track him but Daryl says the guy calls himself Jesus. Then they hear gunshots and go to check. It’s firecrackers.

They realize the guy stole Rick’s keys when he bumped into him. They run back as he’s driving away. Spencer is in the woods with a shovel as a walker nears. He lets it get close then Michonne comes out and lops it head in two.

Spencer asks why she’s out there. She says she was on guard and saw him. He says he walks after his shifts and says no one has noticed before. She asks about the shovel and he doesn’t explain. She brings up Deanna, his mom, and says she told her to figure out what she wants from life.

He asks if she has and she says she’s working on it but wants to know why her son is walking in the woods with a shovel. He walks, she follows. Carl and Enid are in the woods together. Enid finds a deflated mylar balloon with a note on it but it’s too wet to read.

She says it doesn’t look too old. She asks why they’re out there and he says that’s what kids do. She says they’re not kids. Rick and Daryl run down the road top speed. They find the soda machine in the road and know they’re on the right track.

Daryl busts the glass and pulls out what’s left inside. Rick catches his breath. Daryl finds a couple of sodas and says it was a special request from the doc. Rick says she saved Carl’s life so whatever she wants. They split one of the Orange Crush sodas they found.

Rick says there are still people out there to find but says not that guy. They follow the tire marks at a run.

Enid and Carl sits in the woods. He’s reading a comic and she’s trying to decipher the balloon message. They nibble on snacks then hear a sound. Carl pulls his gun and kneels. Enid wants to leave. They spot Michonne and Spencer.

Carl tells her it’s okay and they wonder what they were doing. He says just walking and sits back down with his comic. Enid says she doesn’t want to come out there anymore. Carl says okay and puts their stash of stuff back in the box nearby and walks back towards Alexandria. Enid follows behind.

Carl and Enid hear snarling and spot a walker. Carl goes for it even though Enid cautions him. He says Michonne is out there so he can’t leave it. He whistles to draw it back to him. They are stunned and he tells her to just go. She says it’s BS and should be dead.

They argue and he says just leave. She asks what they hell is wrong with him and he says you don’t understand. He tells her she doesn’t want to be there and knocks the walker down then says go home. She runs off.

Rick and Daryl see more tracks and jog along. They slow down as they top a hill and see that the truck is pulled over and Jesus is changing the tire. Rick grabs Jesus and says hold still and maybe I won’t hurt you. But the guy knows some kung fu type moves.

He kicks Rick’s butt but then Daryl gets the drop on him. He says you don’t have ammo and they both shoot the walker. Rick says give me the keys as he asks if they’ll shoot him over a truck. They tie him up. Daryl is annoyed that one other orange soda was busted in the melee.

Rick ties him up but not too tight so that he can work his way loose later. Jesus asks if they can talk but they tell him no and drive away. Daryl flips Jesus off and calls him a prick. They drive away. Rick says it worked out and says today is a good day.

They share candy from the snack machine and they spot a barn and hear a loud noise. They slam on the brakes and Jesus goes flying off the roof. He looks at them then runs and Daryl hopes out to give chase. Jesus hides from Daryl by using the truck as a shield.

There are some walkers tethered to a truck and then they break loose and Rick takes them on. Daryl and Jesus grapple for control of the truck and then Jesus gets his gun and says duck. Daryl does and he shoots a walker that was about to get him.

The truck rolls backwards into the lake and it hits Jesus hard in the head as it goes, knocking him out. Daryl says this is bullshit. Rick wants to help Jesus and Daryl says they can put him in a tree. Spencer asks Michonne why she’s still following him.

She says she doesn’t want him to die and says let’s go home. He says that’s not home because his family is dead and says it’s just a place to live. He says he has to take care of something before he can think about restarting his life. He says he has to try.

Michonne says let me help. He says she can’t. They hear a sound and they notice Carl jogging and hear a walker snarling. It looks like Deanna. Spencer says he thought he saw her that night. Spencer pulls his knife and heads for his mom.

Michonne pins Deanna for him and he starts crying as he stares as her insane face. She snarls then stops as he puts a knife into her head. He tells Michonne – that’s why I was out here. Spencer digs a grave and buries his mom while Michonne carves a D into a tree.

Spencer says his mom left him a note saying he still knew his way but he says he never did know it. Michonne says he loves his family so he knows his way and it’s home. Spencer says they’re gone and she says she’s been chasing him all over today so he’s still got family and a home.

They head back to Alexandria. Rick and Daryl drive back in a minivan with Jesus along for the ride but he’s still unconscious. Rick says Denise needs to look at him. Daryl says he would have left the guy but Rick says he wouldn’t have.

Jesus keeps slumping over on him and Daryl shoves him away. Rick says he finally listened to what he and Michonne were saying to him since they got to Alexandria. Carl sits rocking Judith and points out the North star.

Michonne comes up on the porch and asks if he had a good day. He says – guess so – then goes to take his sister inside. Michonne says she saw what he did with Deanna – running Deanna towards Spencer. Michonne says he should have left her or kill her.

She says he shouldn’t be out there since he didn’t have to. He says he wouldn’t leave her out there and says he couldn’t kill her. He says he wouldn’t. She asks why. He says it should be someone who loved her and says he’d do it for Michonne. She’s stunned.

Michonne pulls him close and hugs him. Rick and Daryl make it back to Alexandria. Daryl says Rick was right about looking for people but Rick says Daryl was right. They blink the lights and the gates open. They drive inside.

They carry Jesus onto Denise’s porch. He says he’s sorry that it didn’t work out for what she wanted and says it’s this asshole’s fault. They lay him down in the basement with a glass of water and a note. Rick says we’ll see.

Rick says it’s stupid to keep going out there like that and they agree to go back again tomorrow. Rick flops down on the sofa and she tells him to move over then shows him the baby monitor and says she’s practicing in her sleep.

They see Judith trying to crawl. She asks about Daryl and he says he’s watching over a guy they found. He says it was a crazy day but he doesn’t want to talk about it right now. He asks about her day and she says no, same thing.

He asks if she found a guy and she says not a guy. They both sigh. He says he got her something and pulls out a roll of breath mints. She asks if that’s instead of toothpaste and he says he has a crate of it for her but it’s at the bottom of a lake.

She says he had a day and he says it’s all on account of her dental hygiene. He pats her hand then they end up holding hands. She looks at him and he looks back. They have a moment. Rick leans over and kisses her. She kisses back.

He pulls his gun off and goes back to kissing her. She pulls him down on top of her and they get hot and heavy. Later they lie in bed naked. Jesus says Rick wake up. Rick stands and pulls the gun. Rick and Michonne both hold weapons on them. Jesus says – Rick, we need to talk.