Teresa Giudice Calls Fellow RHONJ Star Jacqueline Laurita to Make Peace, Blasted For Bashing Her On Speakerphone? (VIDEO)

Teresa Guidice Calls Fellow RHONJ Star Jacqueline Laurita to Make Peace, Blasted For Bashing Her On Speakerphone?

If the latest promo of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is any indication, then the road to mend broken friendships is not an easy one. The new trailer shows how, in the attempt to rekindle their friendship, Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice make things murkier.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” saw Jacqueline Laurita aching to return, only to make peace with her longtime friend, Teresa Giudice. Things went awry between the two after Teresa came back from prison.

However, on New Year’s eve, Giudice had invited close friends and family over for a party, but never sent an invite to Laurita and her husband. But when Teresa Giudice called Jacqueline Laurita to mend the broken bonds, muttering “new year, new beginnings” under her breath, little did the viewers know that the idea was to make the other look bad.

When Jacqueline received the unexpected call from Teresa on New Year’s Eve, she answered it on speaker phone and was immediately accused by her. Jacqueline Laurita took this insult to her Instagram and said that Giudice didn’t call to repair friendships but to make her look bad. She added that all the housewives are required to answer the phone on speaker as this is a reality show.

Perhaps Giudice never thought that Laurita will have company or didn’t think that the filming was on when she called. Since Jacqueline couldn’t tell her about the camera crew, Teresa bashed her for answering her call on a speaker. However, Laurita decided to clear the air regarding the call.

“RHONJ insider: While filming a reality show, we must always have calls on speaker. Take notice. I was also on speaker. This is why I got turned off and my walls went up after Teresa asked me if I always answered my calls on speaker. She knows why I do. That was a dirty play. It was then that I realized her call was not sincere,” Laurita revealed on Instagram.

While many people think it wasn’t Jacqueline’s fault, there are others who think that she could have told her about the camera by answering the call from another room. To which Laurita responded that her kitchen was the only room in the house that was lit up for camera.

The viewers hold varied opinions about this episode, blaming Teresa that all she cared about was herself. Some even say that Teresa thought that Jacqueline would be all by herself on New Year’s Eve and didn’t expect to see her with company of other co-stars.

As reported by Daily Mail, Giudice called Jacqueline Laurita because she wanted them to be friends again. However, before that happens, Laurita will have to defend the question of putting her call on speaker phone while being on camera.

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