The Amazing Race Recap Darius and Cameron Eliminated by Dumb Mistake: Recap Season 28 Episode 3 “Bros Being Jocks”

The Amazing Race Recap Darius and Cameron Eliminated by Dumb Mistake: Recap Season 28 Episode 3 "Bros Being Jocks"

Tonight on CBS the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race hosted by Phil Keoghan returns in an all new Friday February 26, season 28 episode 3 called Get in “Bros Being Jocks.” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, the race continues in Cartagena, Colombia when a claustrophobia becomes a problem.

In the last episode, for the first time ever, the Race traveled to Colombia where Racers go mud-diving for emeralds in a volcano. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the race continues in Cartagena, Colombia, where claustrophobia threatens to prevent one racer from going deep into catacombs to retrieve a clue.”

Tonight’s The Amazing Race season 28 episode 3 is going to be as awesome as ever, and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for our coverage of The Amazing Race — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are or this season of The Amazing Race!

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#AmazingRace starts with Dana and Matt bickering at the airport. She calls him stupid and he thinks she needs to calm down. In Cartagena, Columbia, Tyler and Korey leave first and are sent to Plaza San Diego. Brodie and Kurt leave second.

They talk about their issues as a team including Brodie’s nonstop talking. They are then sent to Castillo San Felipe and search the catacombs for the next clue. Burnie and Ashley leave in 3rd. Dana and Matt leave in 4th already arguing.

The #Detours is Tickets or Tejo. Tickets puts yo on a bus to essentially panhandle for cash. Tejo makes you play a local game. Tyler and Korey go for Tejo. Brodie and Kurt also decide on Tejo. Erin and Joslyn leave in 5th.

Zach and Rachel are in 6th and follow the girls. The other teams also jog out with Scott and Blair in 9th. Brodie and Kurt are confident because of their Frisbee skills. Brodie and Kurt beat them there because the other guys’ cab gets lost. Brodie and Kurt are doing well from the start.

Brodie and Kurt finish it and get their clue to move into 1st. They go to Calle San Juan de Dio. Tyler and Korey are now playing tejo. Tyler and Korey leave in 2nd place. Burnie and Ashley are playing and they also agree it’s like cornhole. Darius and Cameron leave in last place.

Zach and Rachel decide to do the bus. Erin is freaking out in the catacombs – she’s very claustrophobic and is crying. Sheri and Cole fall back to 9th place. Burnie and Ashley are done with tejo and take 3rd place. Matt and Dana show up and immediately argue.

Rachel and Zach make it to bus station. They have to collect money to get to 20k pesos. Brodie and Kurt are stuck in traffic and decide to get out of their cab and run. They are at the #Roadblock clue and are told they have to make local bags.

They have to choose one bag then go hunt down two bags by the same designer for #InTheBag. It looks like they are trying to find an identical bag not one by same designer. Dana and Matt are done with Trejo and take 4th.

Erin and Joslyn are doing the bus. Scott and Blair also do the bus. Tyler and Korey show up to the Roadblock. Kurt is still looking for another bag. Zach and Rachel’s bus is stuck in traffic. Burnie and Ashley are in 3rd place.

Tyler gets his second bag and runs back. Brodie and Kurt have theirs also and take off in first. Tyler and Korey leave in a close 2nd. It’s the pit stop and the two sets of guys check in first and second. Darius and Cameron are playing tejo now.

The bus people are still working for their money. Blair is getting people on their bus fast. Darius and Cameron leave in 7th and head to the road block. Erin and Josslyn have enough money and take off to the roadblock also.

Scott and Blair are also done. Zach and Rachel think they are done but she miscounted. Now they have to go back. She’s so upset. Erin and Joslyn turn in their money and take 8th. Scott and Blair turn theirs in and are 9th.

Zach and Rachel have to get back on a bus. Ashley is doing the bag search. She gets the clue and they leave for the pit stop and check in at 3rd. Dana is still looking for the bag and she yells at Matt.

Sheri and Cole and Jessica and Brittany both get to the bag challenge at the same time. Dana and Matt run off to check in for 4th place. Zach and Rachel finally get their money and head out. Cole teams up with Jessica but then tells her to go ahead when he can’t find his second.

Zach and Rachel leave for the roadblock in last place. Cole finds his second purse as Jessica and Brittany check in at 5th place. Sheri and Cole head out to score 6th place. Darius and Cameron and Erin and Joslyn are at the roadblock in 7th and 8th place and search.

Scott and Blair show up in 9th place. Zach and Rachel are worried because they’re not there yet and it’s getting dark. Scott and Erin work together then they end up splitting up. Zach and Rachel show up and it’s dark.

Erin finds her second bag and Scott is looking for his second. He tells her to go on. Zach is on the hunt and finds one. Darius has both but now needs to find the lady to get the clue. Erin and Joslyn take 7th place. Scott finds his second. Darius is right on top of it. OMG!

Scott and Blair check in for 8th place. Darius is still roaming. Zach finds his second bag. Zach runs up and checks in. They leave in 9th place. Darius finally figures it out and they leave in last place. Zach and Rachel think they are last. They are not!

Darius and Cameron run up to check in last. Darius and Cameron are eliminated from the #AmazingRace.