The Originals Recap 1/29/16: Season 3 Episode 10 Winter Premiere “A Ghost Along the Mississippi”

The Originals Recap 1/29/16: Season 3 Episode 10 Winter Premiere "A Ghost Along the Mississippi"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday January 29, season 3 fall finale called “A Ghost Along the Mississippi,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) declares war on Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) and Tristan, (Oliver Auckland) in the aftermath of a horrific plan that left Cami dead. Meanwhile, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) is forced to use his magic against his will; and a risky plan leads to a showdown between the Strix and Klaus, Elijah and Freya.

On the last episode, when a dangerous affliction threatened to expose one of her siblings, Freya (Riley Voelkel) searched for a way to reverse the crippling curse even as she found herself the target of The Strix’s latest plan. Elsewhere, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) kept a watchful eye over Cami (Leah Pipes) while she attempted to help Detective Kinney (guest star Jason Dohring), whose life had begun to spiral out of control as a result of Lucien’s compulsion.

Meanwhile, a confrontation with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) caused Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) to reevaluate his decision to stay out of witch business, and Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) attempt at a quiet Christmas with Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) and Hope resulted in an unexpected surprise. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “in the aftermath of a horrific plan that left Cami (Leah Pipes) dead, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) declares war on Aurora (guest star Rebecca Breeds) and Tristan (guest star Oliver Auckland).

Elsewhere, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), who has resumed his role as Regent to the New Orleans witches, is forced to use his magic against his will, while Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) find themselves pawns in Tristan’s twisted game. Finally, after learning that Tristan is in possession of a powerful weapon that could take their family down once and for all, Klaus, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Freya (Riley Voekel) enact a risky plan that leads to a tense showdown with The Strix.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals begins with Cami talking to Klaus in a therapy session scenario. He recalls himself pacing and screaming. He flirts with her and says he’s the picture of health and master of his fate. This alternates with him raging and tearing up his bedroom.

He says he has no trauma about death. He screams as Cami lies dead on his bed. The other scene is him being very glib about death. She says he gives a damn and he surrounds himself with immortals to avoid the agony of loss.

Cami lies on his bed and he holds her body crying. She gasps back to life. She freaks at the sight of all the blood. She sees his tear stained face and speaks his name. He sits her up and he asks what happened. She says it was Aurora.

Aurora compelled her to drink a vial of her blood then slit her throat and bleed out at his side once he admits he loves her. Cami says she made her do it then she writhes in pain. Klaus says she has to feed or she’ll die for good.

Cami gets in the shower and rinses off all the blood. Elijah talks to Klaus about Finn missing and the pendant. Klaus tells him they need to kill Tristan and his clan. They know that the Strix and their allies need a regent and they suspect Vincent of doing the deed.

Elijah tells Klaus to stay with Cami. Vincent is preparing to work the spell for Tristan who threatens to have his witch channel Finn back into him. The price of Vincent working the spell is the pendant. Tristan agrees.

He does the spell and Vincent says he wants the pendant. Tristan doesn’t give it up and he tells his people to hold him there. Vincent is furious. Marcel asks Tristan what else he has planned and Tristan says he’s got it in play already.

Someone takes a shot at Jackson and Hayley. The Strix are after them. They fight and bite the vamps. Jack goes down and Hayley is hit with several more tranquilizer darts. They finally knock them both out.

Cami is in pain from the light and says the music down the street is too loud. Elijah says she needs to feed then it will all be better. He says it will go from pain to euphoria. She says she doesn’t plan to feed.

Cami says she deserves this and Klaus says no one does. She says she has a choice and says if she doesn’t feed, it will be over. Vincent looks at the Obeah witch that’s guarding him. He says he knows she’s from a proud line of witches.
He asks why she’s bowing down to Tristan. She tells him to shut up. He says he has to know what it feels like to be a backstabbing traitor. The vamp with her says stay on task.  He takes out the vamps and then knocks the witch down with magic.

She goes down bleeding and screaming and he tells her may your ancestors judge you harshly. Another vamp come at him and he’s all but dead but Elijah saves him. He snatches the pendant before Vincent can get it.

Cami and Klaus go to her place and she looks around. She sees a pic of herself with her uncle and says she misses him. She says he wanted her to be happy, marry and have a few kids. She says the O’Connell family line ends here.

Cami says she never understand the comfort he got from his faith. Klaus says vampirism is afterlife and she asks heaven or hell. Vincent tells Elijah that the Seratura is with Tristan and says he leveraged him with the pendant. Elijah dangles it before him.

He tells Elijah he can’t turn the Seratura off. Cami tells Klaus where she wants her wake to be and what food she wants served. He tells her feed – I need you. She smashes the blood vial he gives her and says if she turns, she won’t be her.

Klaus says she will be the same person she is now but an extension. Cami says what if her darkness takes over. He says he won’t let it but she says he can’t control his own darkness. She says it’s better she dies a decent person. He refuses.

Cami says she won’t feed and says respect it or they can spend their last hours arguing. Hayley and Jackson are chained up with wolfsbane on the chains. Hayley asks if his leg is okay and he says he is. He says he’s not healing because of the wolfsbane.

Jackson says he doesn’t know if they will get out of this. She says they will. Jack says he loves her and always has. He says he broke when he first saw her and nothing has been the same since then. He says it was all real, every moment.

Tristan is there and calls him pathetic. She demands he set them free. He says he’s been pondering this since she tortured him. He asks how can you hurt a hybrid? Then he rips Jacks’ heart out while Hayley screams and watches him do it.

Elijah meets Freya and she says a message came with this. She’s crying. Vincent is with him. The box has Jackson’s heart in it. She says the Strix sent a message. It says Hayley’s heart will follow unless Elijah meets him. Hayley whispers to Jack that she’s sorry for bringing this into his life. She says he was always there for her.

She says he showed her what it is to be loved. She says she will make all of them suffer for this. Klaus drags Cami along and he puts her inside a boundary spell so he can deal with the Strix and save Hayley.

He says he’ll be back before she starves and leaves her blood in case she changes her mind. She says it’s the same as force feeding and says don’t do this. She says she will never forgive him. He says he’ll risk it because he can’t forgive himself if she dies.

Klaus comes in raging and Vincent says he’s not immortal and says he will go to the covens and propose an alliance. Elijah says there is no time. Freya says Tristan can fulfill the prophecy. She says she can’t lose them.

Klaus says he won’t let Tristan do this. Vincent says with the Seratura and his baby mama, Tristan has the advantage. Freya says they’ll take it and asks for something that belongs to Aurora. She conks out in the car.

Vincent stands in the road and the vamp is told to run him down. He flips the SUV and it goes tumbling and stops just shy of him. Two vamps hop out and Elijah takes them out fast. Aurora calls Klaus her love and says she knew he would find her.

Freya comes to check on Cami and says she was also denied the right to die with dignity. She wipes away the spell holding her. Cami thanks her. She says that’s the nicest thing anyone has done all day.

She tells Cami she can starve alone or risk the little left of her life to help her. Cami is interested. Tristan gets to the SUV and sees Aurora is gone. Elijah calls him and says they can swap Aurora for Hayley and the Seratura or Klaus will eviscerate his sister.

Tristan tells them to double the dose of wolfsbane and retrieve Hayley. He says when Aurora is safe, the Strix will come en masse and they will seal them all away. Marcel asks if he’s sure.

Freya talks to Vincent about channeling him and says they’ll see how it goes. He agrees. They grasp hands after she makes a little voodoo doll thing. Elijah and Klaus meet the Strix. Tristan says it’s not a pleasure.

Klaus says he sees Marcel is with the enemy. Klaus says get on with it. Hayley is dropped in chains at their feet and Tristan says there’s enough wolfsbane in her to kill a pack then asks where is his sister.

Klaus says he wanted to flay Aurora and hang her like a flag. Tristan walks over and says his sister for the Seratura. Klaus steps closer and then back. He opens a semi trailer where they see her tied up with a bag on her head.

Tristan tells his people to attack if they try anything. He pulls the bag off her head. They hand Hayley over. Aurora says – you came for me. Elijah takes Hayley. Aurora takes the Seratura from his pocket and Tristan reaches out to her.

He asks what she’s doing. She jabs it into the wall of the trailer and they are trapped. Freya and Vincent keep chanting. She says to him, not her and she walks out of the trailer. Aurora fades and he sees it’s Cami. She says payback is a bitch.

Klaus says the Seratura makes an impenetrable barrier nothing living or dead can pass through. Cami is in between. Tristan tells them to attack. Elijah says as their sire, he cautions them. He says most of them will die subduing them.

He says they will only avenge a fool marching them to certain death. He says Tristan engineered all of this over a petty grievance over his family. He says the only danger here is the choice they make. Elijah says he delivered them into this existence and can take them out.

He says the choice is theirs. Marcel tells Aya to be smarter than Tristan and not waste any more of their lives. Aya tells the Strix to stand down. Tristan says you won’t abandon me. Aya walks over and tells Tristan it’s a shame it ends like this.

She tells Tristan may the ghost of our fallen keep you company. He screams her name as she walks away. Cami goes to walk away and Klaus says let me thank you. She turns back and says she won’t forgive what he tried to do.

She says no one will take her choice away. He zips over in front of her and begs her not to leave him. She walks past him after a look. Elijah is there to stop him. He says let her choose if you care for her. Klaus says he can’t lose her but Elijah says if he forces her, he’ll lose her.

They go to the trailer where Tristan is stashed. Elijah says they won’t end them – they will put him at the bottom of the ocean where he will die endlessly. He asks what they did with Aurora and Klaus says her death will be spectacular.

Hayley says wait before they shut the door. She says he took a very good man from this world and says he will be forgotten. She says as he rots in the ocean remember my face. She shuts the door and says it’s the last one he ever sees.

Cami is at the cemetery putting flowers on her brother’s graves. Vincent shows up after he gets her text. She says she’s a dead girl putting a dead flower on her dead brother’s grave. Vincent says others don’t think her life is pointless.

She says she called him there because he’s been a friend and he wouldn’t be judgy no matter what she chooses. He says this world is crazy with monsters and lunatics, but it’s a better place with her in it.

She says she risked her life today fighting a monster. She says it felt good. He says he knows the feeling. He says when you stop fighting what you are, it’s amazing. She says her uncle was all about the right thing and helping people fix the city.

She says maybe if she sticks around she could carry on with that work. She says if she was a vampire, she would have the strength to make a difference but would have to feed. Vincent cuts his hand then asks if she’s sure. She says no then latches onto his hand.

Elijah goes to Marcel’s lair and finds him listening to blues. Elijah says he knows where his loyalties lie. Marcel says if he had known they were going after Hayley, he would have warned him. He asks what they did to Aurora.

He says she’s in a box at the bottom of I don’t give a damn. They toast to the devil in the deep blue sea. Klaus is furious that Aurora is loose. She says she was aided by a witch or someone with dark objects. Klaus says it must be Lucien who took her.

We see Hayley writing Jackson’s name in the family Bible with his date of death. Elijah comes and tells her it’s time. Hayley drinks then pours whiskey on his funeral boat. She takes the torch from Elijah and lights Jackson’s pyre and sends him out into the waters of the bayou.

The other wolves watch as she sends her husband away into death. She says til death do us part. Klaus shows up to home and finds her drinking from a blood bag greedily. He speaks her name. She says she helped herself to their blood stash.

He asks how she feels. She says at first it was strange and metallic then it was like electricity and stars exploding in her mind. She says all she can think now is she wants to do it again. She gets close to him and looks excited.