The Originals Recap – Marcel is Lucien 2.0: Season 3 Episode 21 “Give ‘Em Hell Kid”

The Originals Recap - Marcel is Lucien 2.0: Season 3 Episode 21 "Give 'Em Hell Kid"

On the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday May 13, season 3 episode 21 called “Give ‘Em Hell Kid,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Freya (Riley Voelkel) receives new visions of the looming prophecy and learns her family is on a collision course with a dangerous new enemy.

On the last episode, Klaus, Elijah and Freya searched for a way to take down Lucien once and for all, and the result was a showdown between Klaus and Lucien that forced Freya to take matters into her own hands. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Freya receives new visions of the looming prophecy and learns her family is on a collision course with a dangerous new enemy. Meanwhile, Vincent and Kol travel to the ancestral world to stop the witches and take back their city for good. Elsewhere, Klaus and Elijah confront Marcel after a heartbreaking plan goes awry and sends him spiraling.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals starts with a band playing on the street and a horse drawn carriage pulling a coffin. Vincent reads a prayer. Elijah gets dressed for a funeral. Kol sits depressed. Marcel and Josh are in their Sunday suits too. Klaus walks with the other mourners behind the cart.

In the cemetery, Vincent speaks about vengeance being a lion. He stands with Kol, Josh and Marcel at Davina’s tomb. Josh steps up and says he told her about his first boyfriend and he never told that tale to anyone else. He says she was like a sister and best friend and he loved her.

Josh can barely speak and sniffles. Kol says sorry as he sobs too and says he can’t speak. Marcel opens a slip of paper then folds it back up and says words aren’t any god. He says the Mikaelsons must answer from this and he will make them.

He touches her headstone and makes that promise then storms off. Hayley is at the wake panicking about low whiskey supplies. Elijah joins her and says Cami would appreciate all this. She sees Klaus and asks Elijah how his brother is doing.

Detective Kinney approaches and says he recognizes Klaus and says he knew her then asks if he did. Klaus compelled him to forget him, remember? Kinney asks how she died and Klaus says an accident. Kinney says he’s not there as a cop, but to pay his respects.

Marcel shows up and lays a flower with the others. He walks past Klaus without speaking and Elijah advises his brother to give him time. Klaus says they ruined Davina to save themselves and Marcel’s anger is justified. Klaus says he has to reach out before Marcel’s anger becomes something worse.

Kol shows up and finds Freya spilling her blood into a bowl. Kol asks if she recalls that Davina’s funeral was today. He asks if she skipped the wake for Cami because of her guilt or is desecrating more dead right now and looks at the skull.

She says Lucien said the prophecy would still unfold and she has the remains of his oracle and needs to channel her and find out if the nightmare is open. Kol says he hopes it’s true and they can all rot in hell and he’s sorry he won’t be around to see it.

Kol says he’s leaving and there is nothing for him there. He yells at her to not lecture him on family. Kol says he never wanted her no matter that she spent her life looking for them. He walks away. Kinney talks to Vincent and says something is going on in this city.

Vincent says the truth is a curse and be careful what you wish for. Kinney asks what happened to Cami. Kinney says people don’t just die – they are sick, are in an accident or someone kills them. He says she’s dead with no coroner’s report or death certificate.

Vincent says he doesn’t want to know and Kinney says he has to know and do something about it. He says he won’t let it go. Vincent says come on and he follows. Josh is boozing and Marcel says slow down. Josh asks about his declaration of war against the Mikaelsons.

Marcel says he doesn’t care and they should worry about him. He has the serum and Josh says oh good, you’ll die soon too and says he needs to get his suit dry cleaned for his funeral. Josh reminds him that did not work out well for Lucien.

He asks if Marcel thinks that’s what Davina would have wanted. Marcel sets the bottle down. Freya tells Elijah it fades before she can see it. Then she gets a glimpse of something with teeth and muscles and dripping blood and gasps.

Elijah offers his hand for her to channel. She sees Marcel and then sees him hurting them. They are both horrified. Elijah saw it too – Marcel killing them and Hayley holding Hope and there’s blood on Hayley’s head. They see Marcel stake Klaus and a line of coffins.

They see Elijah toasting with Marcel then he attacks and Hayley is looking at Elijah dead from an infected bite. Freya says Vincent took the venom from Aurora and may have given it to Marcel. Elijah agrees they’re in trouble.

Klaus finds Marcel drinking and he says he missed him at Davina’s memorial. Marcel says they threw her to the wolves and Klaus expresses condolences. Marcel says he had a chance to bring her back but it wasn’t convenient for his family.

Klaus says Lucien had to die. Klaus says if Freya could have killed Lucien and saved Davina she would have. Marcel says there was another choice. Marcel asks what he is to him – friend, sidekick, ally? Then he says he doesn’t treat him like one.

Klaus says they are blood and they fight but they are family. So is Marcel all parts of the prophecy? Is he fiend, foe and family? Marcel scoffs then says once upon a time, Klaus was his mentor and savior and sire and has never been his brother and now he’s nothing to him.

Klaus begs for a chance to prove him wrong and asks Marcel to come with him. Marcel sighs and has tears on his face. He pulls out the vial of serum and follows Klaus out the door. Freya stands with Cami’s body and tells Elijah it’s all gone from Cami’s body.

She says they have to warn Klaus. She says the ancestor power is faded and she can’t fight off Marcel if he becomes the beast from the prophecy. Elijah says he’ll find Marcel. Kol hears a music box that pops open and starts playing. He clicks it shut then asks who’s there.

A matchbook catches on fire and he asks who’s doing this. The door closes and then he looks in the mirror. Davina is there and chokes him. He says he loves her and didn’t mean to hurt her. She’s gone. Kinney and Vincent go to a house where his crazy ex-wife lived with him.

He says she used to perform ritual sacrifice there. Kinney asks if voodoo and all that is real. Vincent says witchcraft is supposed to keep things in balance. He says this place creeps people out and they’re right to be afraid. He pulls out a box after knocking some bugs away.

He tells him his crazy ex Eva tried to siphon the power of the ancestors and made a mystical battery that can store negative mojo. He says witches are supposed to protect New Orleans then the ancestors made a deal with Lucien and that’s why Cami died.

He says the ancestors wants the Mikaelsons gone and they will stop at nothing. He says they have to use the dark object to sever the ancestors tie to the city and stop them. Klaus takes Marcel to the bridge where he had him spread his ashes.

He says this is the threshold between Marcel’s past and future. He says they loved him as their family’s newest member. Marcel scoffs. Klaus says his hatred marks him as kin. Klaus says when he brought him there to scatter his father’s ashes, he released his hate to the wind.

Klaus says that’s when he knew Marcel was his son. Marcel says are you hoping that I would feel I owe you something. Marcel says being part of his life has not been a gift and he paid back any debts he owed already. He says Klaus is the one in the red.

Klaus says he raised Marcel in his image but then he began to distrust him and thought he would become his better. Marcel says that never happened until you tried to hold me down. Klaus says he has not done enough when it comes to Marcel.

Klaus says he will always be family. Elijah shows up and asks what he’s interrupting. SWAT comes into a shop where witches are chanting. Kinney leads the charge and arrests the witches. Vincent is with him. Vincent grabs up some things from the room and asks if Kinney is okay.

Vincent says the cemeteries house the spirits of our ancestors and sacred places help them focus their energy. He says it’s where the world’s touch.

He says he’s going to go into their world and crack the foundation to cut off their tie. Vincent says he needs Kinney to handle things on this end. Vincent tells him to clear the area. Kinney asks how he’ll do it. Kol is there and says Vincent has to die.

Kinney asks who this is. Elijah says they need to talk and Marcel says why are you eyeing me like I’m a rabid dog. He says it’s not his job to prove himself to Elijah who says tell me where it is. Marcel holds out the vial and says this.

Klaus looks at him with interest. Kol says he won’t blow up the ancestral world alone. He says he’s coming along. Kol says Davina reached out to him and parts of her soul are left. He says he has to see her. Vincent says come on Kol and they head out.

Klaus asks what is it and Elijah says it’s a wicked little gift from Vincent. Marcel says why not take it since loyalty didn’t get me anywhere. Klaus asks him to end this and Marcel asks why this would change anything but would make him his equal.

Marcel reminds him he just said they’re family. Klaus says hand it over and I will forgive you. Marcel mocks him and says he thought Klaus came to apologize. Marcel says Klaus always has to be the king and says they eventually all fall.

The lights flicker on the bridge. Marcel is in the same light Elijah saw in the prophecy and he looks a little scared now.

Josh meets Vincent and Kol and says there ain’t no party like a cemetery party. He brings Davina’s favorite record as they asked. Vincent tells Kol they will have to move fast to conjure Davina and take out the ancestors with the bomb.

Vincent drinks some hemlock and Josh calls it old school and says respect. He holds their hands to anchor them and Vincent chants. They are on the other side in the same crypt. Kol and Vincent look around and get out of their bodies.

Elijah tells Marcel give it to me now and he says no. Klaus says he can’t give him the means to destroy “my family.” Marcel calls him out on the word “my.” Marcel says Klaus made Lucien what he was and says they are the villains in Lucien’s story.

He says the Mikaelsons kill, maim, torture in the name of family. He says for a while it gave him faith in those you love but he was a fool. He says always and forever was an excuse to do what you want. Elijah threatens him and says choose wisely.

Marcel says fair enough. Then he says don’t you get it – he will hurt him and says he will never be safe as long as I am alive. Marcel says he is his worst… then he trails off as Elijah rips out his heart from behind and throws Marcel’s body in the river. Klaus screams no.

In the spirit world, Kol is at Davina’s headstone. Vincent chants. Davina is there and says it hurts and Kol grabs onto her. Elijah and Marcel stand by the river and he asks Elijah what he did and Klaus says he could have talked him down.

Elijah says he couldn’t watch Marcel kill the family. Elijah says he was their foe, friend and family once Davina died. Elijah says he had no choice. Klaus asks if he believes that truly. Klaus walks away. Davina says it will be a new start from the witches so Vincent has to survive.

She throws him out of the afterlife and he wakes. Elijah comes home to Hayley looking shell-shocked. He falls to his knees and cries and says forgive me. She asks what happened. He says he killed Marcel. Hayley is stunned. She goes to him and holds him tight while he cries.

Davina tells Kol to tell Josh not to be sad and that one good friend is enough. She says tell Marcel thanks for being my family. He says he will but then she says she doesn’t know who to say goodbye to him. Kol says he was dead for ages and woke angry and then he saw her leaving the church.

He says she looked like the world was on her shoulders then she brushed against some dead flowers and brought them back to life then smiled. He says that cracked him open and that was the first time he felt alive in ages. He holds her tight.

Kol says I love you. She smiles and kisses him. Davina says she loves him too. Then he wakes in the tomb and starts crying. Davina activates the bomb Vincent brought and Josh, Vincent and Kol run out of the crypt. Kol says give them hell Davina Claire.

She chants as things begin to break apart. There’s a glow and then she explodes into light as many crypts in the cemetery erupt into flame. Klaus stares down at the street and Hayley comes up to him. He says he prefers to be alone and mocks her defending him.

Hayley says Freya showed him what she saw and says the prophecies have not been wrong yet. She says he must forgive Elijah since he has always forgiven Klaus no matter what he did. Klaus says she sounds like Cami.

Klaus walks away. At Cami’s grave, smoke blows across the headstone. Kinney asks Vincent if his plan worked and he says the ancestors are cut off and they’re free. Vincent thanks him. Kinney says it’s been months and he felt like he lost his mind.

He says he felt something in the darkness waiting for him and he thought it was in his head. Vincent says no. Kinney thanks him for trusting him with the truth. Hayley comes to Elijah and says he had to do it to be sure. She says Klaus knows that.

She says he has to forgive himself and he just stares upset. Elijah turns to her and he’s got tears in his eyes. He walks past her then turns back and grabs her into a kiss. They kiss passionately. Klaus is at Marcel’s place when Josh and Vincent come in.

He tells them Marcel is dead. Josh says he didn’t take the serum because of him. Vincent says Marcel wanted them to think that. He says Marcel took it the moment he gave it to them and didn’t hesitate. He says the Mikaelsons are in for a hell of a surprise.

We see Marcel in the muddy river water smiling – he’s alive!