The Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) Recap 6/29/16: Season 8 Episode 13 “Steel Calzones”

The Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) Recap 6/29/16: Season 8 Episode 13 "Steel Calzones"

The Real Housewives of New York returns to Bravo tonight with all new Wednesday, June 29, season 8 episode 13 called, “Steel Calzones,” and we have your weekly The Real Housewives of New York recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carole Radziwill meets up with old friend Heather Thomson for a winter ice skate in the park.

On the last episode, it felt like old times for Ramonja as Ramona and Sonja get their friendship back on track and plot how Sonja could get back in good graces with Bethenny. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed The Real Housewives of New York recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “Carole meets up with old friend Heather Thomson for a winter ice skate in the park. Sonja takes a sentimental trip down memory lane with Dorinda when she attempts to clean out her basement.

Bethenny gets news about her health from her doctor that she’s not prepared to hear. At Luann’s cocktail party, Ramona tries to convince Luann she still needs to mend fences with Carole, but Luann’s not having it this time.”

Tonight’s The Real Housewives of New York recap is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our The Real Housewives of New York recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of New York!”

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This week on Real Housewives of New York the ladies meet up at a pizza place to hang out and talk. Ramona comes in and everyone comments on how beautiful Ramona looks.She tells them “Thank you. I am heading out after this.” Once everyone is there they all sit dorinda Ramona asks Bethenny what happened to her recently. Bethenny recounts the incident in the store with Dorinda. Then she tells them “The Dr. asked me who I would have to take care of me. I told him that I had friends and I have associates, but I don’t have any family.” She starts to cry and Ramona tells her “We’re your family. ” Everyone starts making their pizza and Jules is making jokes and asking if she can put drugs in her calzone, Carole says “I wonder why Jules is carrying around al of these drugs. She is crazier than I thought.” As the first pizza comes out of the oven Ramona says “i am going to leave before the pizza comes out of the overn because I will want to eat it.”

Dorinda and Jules step outside to have a cigarette and Carole pulls Bethenny aside. She tells her “Jules is going to smoke and the food is coming.” Carole then tells her “Jules says she weighs about 115 pounds.” Bethenny is shocked. She says “No way! She wieghs aboutu 95 pounds if that.” Bethenny then says “I think Jules presents her eating disorder as something she has dealt with and gotten over, but I think she is still in the midst of it.” When the food arrives Bethenny bwants to try Jule’s calzone. Carole cuts into the middle of it and looks a bit appalled.

Bethenny wonders what’s going on. She looks down and sees that there was a fork, knife and measuring cup. Bethenny says “I was just eating that.” Carole comments that “Maybe jules should take less of her pain medicine.” This does not make jules happy and she tells Carole “I’m ok.”

The next day Carole and Adam go skating with her friend Liz. Carole says the last time I skated was in junior high so I need to do some tricks.” After awhile Liz and Carole decide to take a break. Carole talks to Liz about the issues that she is having working on the proposal for the book with Adam. Liz tells her “Maybe you should put the proposal on the side and get back to enjoying cooking.” Carole tells Liz about the incident at the pizza place. Liz asks her “Why would she do that?” Carole says “I don’t know, Maybe she was trying to avoid eating.”

Dorinda goes to visit Jules and they talk about what happened at the Pizza place. Jules tels Dorinda “Bethenny and Csrole was annoying.” Jules says “I was really insulted that Bethenny and Carole disrespected me.” Dorinda tells her “Don’t say it to me, say it to her.” Jules tells her “I am overwhelmed with everything going on. My brother and his wife had to come and get me because I needed someone to take me to the emergency room.” She goes on to say “I came home, cleaned up and fed the kids. I just wish I had a partner who wouuld step up.”

Bethenny heads to the Dr. for her pre op check up. She tells her driver Kevin. “I’m going to ask the Dr. if I should exercise, but I hope he says no.” Kevin says “I would say no and I’m not even your doctor.” Bethenny says “What would you recommend for me?” Kevin tells her “Bed rest.” S he laughs and asks him “Do you think I go to hard?” Kevin tels her yes.

Sonja is cleaning out her basement. She calls Dorinda to help her. Dorinda says “It is much easier to help other people get rid of their stuff because I am not emotionally attatched to it.” While Sonja is cleaning out the basement she becomes emotional. She says “I’m over him, but I miss that famiily situation.” Dorinda asks her if she has talked to Bethenny. Sonja tells her
that she reached out and sent flowers. Bethenny tells her ir wasn’t necessary. At least she is being nice whereas before she was really mean about the whole business thing.”
When Bethenny comes out she calls her friend Terry. She is crying as she talks to her and tells her that the Dr. told her she had to have a living will. asks her if she wants her to come there and Bethenny says “No. I don’t want you to come here.” Kevin tries to comfort her and tells her “It will be all right.”

LuAnn decides to throw a party to get the ladies together. While at the party Ramona confronts her about the rift between her and Carole. She tells her “I gave you the ball to try and help you mend fences with Carole and you dropped it. LuAnn is ambivelent about the whoe situation. She tells Ramona “Why do I have to be the one to reach out? I have already apologized to both her and Bethenny. Why do i have to keep doing this?” Ramona tells her “Carole feels like you never gave her a proer apology for calling her a Nazi. Maybe you should call her for coffee or a drink or something.” LuAnn says “I could care less what Carole has to say. I am focused on getting married.” LuAnn is angry that neither Bethenny nor Carole bothered to respond to her invitation to her party. She tells Ramona “I’m tired of being the nice one all the time.”