The Walking Dead Recap 3/27/16: Season 6 Episode 15 “East”

The Walking Dead Recap 3/27/16: Season 6 Episode 15 "East"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday March 27, Season 6 episode 15 called “East” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Alexandria is alerted after realizing someone is missing.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, two different groups left Alexandria on supply runs. While both were concerned with the future of the community, immediate danger derailed them. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Alexandria is alerted after realizing someone is missing. Several search parties will venture out, but what they find isn’t what they’re hoping for.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight and neither do I. We’ll be recapping the season 6 episode 15 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the season 6 episode 15. Who do you think is going to die tonight, any major characters or just the regular walkers.

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#WalkingDead starts with Carol telling someone to come out slowly. A guy says no. We see a spike dripping blood and a bullet hole in a car window. We hear a man grunt and then a gunshot. It sounded like he was attacking and was put down.

We see Carol packing her bag and writing the letter she left for Tobin. She sews a rip in her jacket then tucks things into her bag including food and other things. Tobin calls out to her and she hides her bag before he comes into the room.

He hurt his hand building a new guard tower and says it’s nothing major. He says he knew Denise since the beginning. He says she used to just stay inside before Pete died and was always reading. Carol tunes out completely as he talks.

She says she’s thinking about what happens when Tara finds out. Tobin says it will be okay. She kisses him. Later, Tobin sleeps and Carol grabs her bag and leaves in the dark. She creeps out of the bedroom and is out of Alexandria by the time the sun is up.

Rosita and Sasha are on guard duty in the morning. Carl is in the armory and looks at handgun then pockets it. Maggie and Glenn take a shower together and laugh. Daryl gets on his bike and has the Dennis keychain in his hand. Sasha comes down off the guard post.

Abraham is there to see her. She gives him a cigar and he smiles. He takes over the guard shift. She watches him climb the ladder. Rosita watches them together. Rick spoons Michonne as they start to wake in the morning.

She reaches onto the nightstand and picks up an apple and bites it then offers Rick a bite. He takes the fruit and nibbles it. He kisses her should and says this is good. She agrees. She says Jesus came through and he says they all did and will keep on.

She says she and Glenn are going to put up more bins and watch points and says it was Maggie’s idea. He wants to get frisky and she says no. She says Maggie has them on a schedule and she’s not pissing off a pregnant lady. He says not that one.

She gets up and he keeps eating the apple. Michonne says Maggie is worried about an attack. Rick says when they come, we’ll end it and it won’t be like before. He says these people know what do now. He says the world is ours and we knows how to take it.

He says everything they need is right there inside the walls. He says they won’t lose any of it again. She agrees. Michonne meets Glenn and Maggie who says she wants to hide the guns where strangers can’t find them. They see Daryl leaving Alexandria.

Rosita asks where he’s going and he says out. They run to stop him but it’s too late – he’s gone. Glenn gets into a car and goes after him but Abraham wants to with Michonne and Glenn. Rosita tells him to stay and says she knows where he’s going. The three of them leave.

Abraham shuts the gate and he and Maggie are there watching them leave. Tobin comes to see Rick and shows him the note Carol left. He says he doesn’t know when she left and took a bunch of food. He doesn’t know if she took a car. Sasha she was 12 to 6 and didn’t see her go.

They tell him Glenn, Michonne and Rosita went after Glenn. They spot a car missing and Morgan says he’s going to go find Carol. Rick goes with him and says tell Carl he’ll be back – he says no one else leaves. They take off.

Carol is in a car with spikes stuck in it. She drives down the road. A truck appears coming her way. She looks at it as it nears. The shoot out her tires as the pass and her car squeals to a stop. There are three guys in the back with guns plus a driver and passenger.

Carol looks at them and has her rosary in hand. One stands and says hands up. She puts her hands up and says please don’t hurt me. He asks why everyone assumes the worst and tells her to come out. She opens the door and gets out.

She says the car is all she has. She says she has a knife for the dead ones and nothing else. They tell her she has information about where she’s from and where she’s going. He says his name is Jiro and asks her name. She says Nancy from Montclair.

She says she bounced around a lot and keeps moving. She says she’s not really going anywhere. Jiro says they agree on that – she’s not going anywhere. He says she seems like she is from somewhere. He asks Miles the name of that place with the gates.

Miles, the driver, says Alexandria. He says they have spiked cars out front like she’s driving. Jiro says she shouldn’t be out here alone. He says they were on the way to her place and can give her a ride back. He says maybe they’ll let us in if you’re with us.

She breathes heavy and stares at her rosary. Carol says it doesn’t have to be this way – no one has to get hurt. Jiro says someone has to get hurt. She says don’t please. And is near tears. They are gunned down. Carol had a gun up her sleeve. Miles, the driver, survived and comes out shooting at her.

She runs and ducks behind a tire. She puts a spike through the window and through him. She takes his gun and searches him. She creeps closer to the truck and says come out. It’s Jiro – he’s hiding behind a tire. She hears the knife and he comes at her with a battle cry. She shoots him down.

Maggie comes into the pantry and finds Enid in the pantry. Maggie says she needs to get some lunch before doing more guard duty but Enid insists on taking her second shift so she can rest. Morgan tells Rick he didn’t have to come but he says they have to try.

Rick says the tracks head East but the Saviors head West. Rick says Morgan doesn’t even now Carol but he says he got to know her a little. Rick asks why Morgan is doing this and Morgan says there is not right in this world, just the wrong that doesn’t pull you down.

Rick says it hasn’t pulled him down. Morgan says it will. He says he knows Rick. The passenger in the truck wakes and sees everyone dead around him. He’s the sole survivor. Jiro is on the ground and it’s hard to tell if he’s in death throes or is turning.

Jiro groans and the guy says let go. He staggers away from the wreckage and we see Morgan and Rick in the distance. They pull up to the scene and see the truck first. They agree that’s the car Carol took but they don’t see her.

Jiro is groaning on the ground. Rick goes closer to him and asks where is she? Jiro gurgles. Rick stabs him in the head. They look around. Rick says these men were Saviors and got weapons from Hilltop’s blacksmith. They find one turned eating another.

Morgan takes that one out. Morgan spots blood and wonders if Carol was hit. Rick says he’s proud of her for taking down four of them. Rick says Carol is a force of nature. Morgan says she can’t do this anymore but Rick says sometimes you have to.

Morgan spots more blood going into the field. He wonders if it’s Carol and she’s still alive. Rick says the guns are gone and thinks she might have taken them. He says she could have died there even if she isn’t there. Morgan wants to follow the blood trail. They set off.

Rick tells Morgan he started something with his talk. After they leave, the surviving Savior comes out of the bushes on the side of the road. He picks up the rosary Carol dropped. He heads off after them. At the scene of Denise’s death, there are walkers feasting on bodies.  Rosita and Glenn get out with Michonne.

Michonne finds Daryl’s bike hidden in shrubs. Glenn asks Rosita which way Dwight ran. Rosita says they should just let Daryl do this. Glenn says Daryl can get himself killed. He asks again which way Dwight went. She points. They head off.

Daryl tracks through the tall grass and hears a rustling sound. It’s Rosita. He almost killed her. She says watch out asshole. They tell him he should not have left. He says that guy tied him up and put a gun to his head after he tried to help him.

Daryl says he’s going to go do what he should have done before. Glenn says he’s doing this for himself not Denise. He says they need him at home and everyone at home needs them there. He says this will go wrong here.

Michonne promises Daryl they’ll square this if he’ll come back now. He says he can’t. Daryl walks off. Rosita agrees and goes after him. Glenn and Michonne walk off the other way to go back home. Glenn tells Michonne those men could be back in Alexandria now.

He says if they come they need them alive so they can find out more. Michonne agrees they need to know more. Glenn says they were lucky they got stuck with each other. He says they figured it out together and says after all they did, the world is not what they thought.

They hear a man whistle. One man after the other steps out with guns aimed at them. They are surrounded. It’s Dwight and his guys. Glenn has no choice but to lower his rifle.

Morgan and Rick find a bloody footprint and wonder if it’s Carol. Morgan asks if he’s out there because Carol is his friend. Rick says Carol is family. Morgan says he found out about the prison and how he exiled Carol for killing two people and burning their bodies.

Rick says she was right and now, he’d do it himself. Morgan says he didn’t kill her, he sent her away and then she came back and saved all of them. Morgan says people can come back. They press on. They run up as they hear a walker. It’s not Carol. Morgan takes it down. The woman looks be freshly dead.

They hear a noise on the farm nearby and there are more dead bodies – recent kills. There is a guy fighting a walker and Rick pulls a gun. The guy says he doesn’t want trouble. He says they’re coming, just go. A gaggle of walkers show up and they take the out.

The guy runs off into the winds and Rick tries to shoot him but Morgan nudged Rick so he missed the shot. Morgan says they don’t know who it is. Rick says it’s one of the Hilltop – Morgan reminds him the guy said he was looking for his horse like he said.

Rick says he doesn’t take chances anymore. Morgan says those people, the Wolves, he says he found one after they attacked. He says the guy attacked him on the road before when Morgan was looking for them. He says he let him live and found him in Alexandria and stopped him again.

He says all life is precious. Rick sighs. Morgan says he put him in the cell in the basement because he knew he could change. Rick is upset that he had the guy held there. Morgan says he and Carol fought over it, the guy escaped, and took Denise hostage.

He says Denise and the Wolf got swarmed and that killed saved Denise’s life and then she was there to save Carl. Morgan says it’s a circle and everything returns. Morgan says he did what he did and let him live. Morgan tells Rick to go home and take the car.

He says Rick is needed at home and should not take chances. Morgan promises to find Carol and bring her back. He tells Rick to go. Rick asks if he’s coming back and Morgan says yeah. He says but if I don’t, do not come looking for me. Rick hands him a gun but Morgan says no.

Rick insists and then tells Morgan Michonne did steal his protein bar. Morgan says he knows and smiles. Rick walks away and so does Morgan. Rick makes it back to Alexandria and Abraham shuts the gate after him. He tells them Morgan is still looking for her.

They tell him Michonne isn’t back yet. Abraham asks if he’s afraid to go back to it, to letting someone close. Rick says yeah. Abraham says he is too. He says now he’s more ready to tear the world a brand new asshole. Rick laughs. Abraham says any second now. Rick agrees.

Enid comes looking for Maggie and says Scott asked her to come see her. Maggie says she needs some more help. Enid comes inside. She has Enid cut her hair. Enid asks why and Maggie says she has to keep going and doesn’t want anything in her way.

Maggie gasps and then cramps and screams and goes down. She screams in agony. Glen and Michonne are tied up and gagged by the Saviors. Daryl and Rosita sneak close and Glenn tries to warn him. Dwight is there with a gun on him. Dwight shoots Daryl and says – you’ll be all right – blood splatters.