Tori Spelling’s Mother Candy Spelling Refuses To Pay Off Tori & Dean McDermott’s Crazy Debt – Must Limit Their Extravagances!

Tori Spelling's Mother Candy Spelling Refuses To Pay Off Tori & Dean McDermott's Crazy Debt - Must Limit Their Extravagances!

Tori Spelling owes $38K in credit card debt and the company is suing the actress. Tori cries broke! Did you know Candy Spelling is footing the bill for Tori’s kids’ tuition? Not only that, Candy buys food for the grandkids and Tori – and Dean McDermott.

TMZ was able to get an exclusive with Candy about Tori’s nearly $38K – and mounting – debt. Mrs. Spelling is setting the record straight: she’s not paying this bill for Tori and Dean. And it’s not because Candy is cheap, it’s because Tori’s mom does more than enough for Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling.

Is it is too much to ask that Tori and Dean live within their means? Why should Candy be responsible for any of Tori and Dean’s debts? Spelling told a TMZ reporter that grandma pays tuition for the children’s school, makes the house payments, and handles all the necessities of life. But Candy isn’t paying for Tori and Dean’s “extravagances.”

While Tori is allegedly contemplating pushing her daughters’ Stella and Hattie into showbiz, Mama Spelling is picking up the tab to keep the kiddos in school, keep a roof over their heads, and food in the grandbabies’ tummies. What’s Tori going to expect Candy to pay for next? Head shots, acting classes, dance classes, etc. for Stella and Hattie?

Candy Spelling isn’t coughing up cash for the back payments Tori and Dean owe to the credit card company. In the TMZ clip posted on Wednesday, January 20 the reporter asked Candy why she thinks Tori missed a year of payments, Candy replied, “I don’t know, extravagance I guess.”

Yes, we know Candy Spelling’s mega wealthy husband Aaron Spelling died and left the widow Spelling millions upon millions of dollars. Yes, we know Tori Spelling only received about $800,000 from dear old dad’s estate. Just because mom was the beneficiary of nearly everything doesn’t mean mom is obligated to pay your ridiculous credit card debt – or any debts for that matter.

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