Big Brother 19 Recap 8/2/17: Season 19 Episode 17 “PoV and Ceremony”

Big Brother 19 Recap 8/2/17: Season 19 Episode 17 "PoV and Ceremony"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 19 returns with an all-new Wednesday, August 2, 2017, episode and we have your Big Brother 19 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 19 episode 17 “The Power of Veto competition is held and the ceremony

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Big Brother Season 19 (BB19) continues on Day 38 and Paul has adjourned the Nomination ceremony. Jessica is frustrated with Paul’s game play, especially when Paul knew they were supposedly safe. Jason feels if there is any time for him to be on the block and be safe this was the week. Paul asks Cody to come up to the Head of Household (HoH) room so they can talk, but Cody is rather rude asking him what is the point.

Jessica covers Cody’s mouth and tells him to be quiet. Paul says this wasn’t his plan but Jessica says that nominating both her and Cody was wrong. Cody mocks Paul, saying he doesn’t know this game better than anyone else. Paul tells him to not get emotional and when he tells Jessica to lower her voice Cody gets in Paul’s face. Paul tells him to leave the room and tells him to be the kid outside, offering to talk to Jessica later. Cody calls Paul just a character in the show when Paul tells him to grow up.

Jessica understands what Cody is saying and appreciates defending her but at the end of the day this is just a game. Cody is furious and says he doesn’t care when Jessica is being pulled into this game again. He wants to know why he is the villain and she refuses to go through it. She wonders if she will have to deal with this hothead. She rushes out of the room saying she needs space and he says this is why he’s single.

Paul and Josh are bashing Cody, when Mark tells them to shut up, Josh jumps down his throat, telling him he had the chance to stand up but cowered behind Cody instead. He tells Mark he is a joke since Paul had the chance to stand up for Dominique but didn’t; yet he defends Cody all day long.

Josh eggs on Mark calling him a big fat bully. Mark says he is enjoying this and Josh says his personality sucks and pulls out the frying pans and claps them towards Mark, Mark jumps up and runs to Josh putting his hands on him. The producers tell them to go to the opposites of the house; Kevin brings Mark away as Josh taunts him not to touch him.

Cody sits with Mark, both confused as to why the house kept Josh. Mark says when he was a kid he was badly bullied so what Josh is doing to him is hurting and hurts even more as people sit back and just let it happen; calling the house “pathetic!” Cody thinks him and Jess are over with and when he asks Mark about Elena, he says after what just happened he thinks they are done too.

Paul learns that if Jessica uses the Hex, her, Cody and Jason come off the block and the eviction is canceled altogether but now Paul cannot compete and she didn’t want to do that to him. Paul hopes to convince Jessica that Cody is not good for her game and Cody goes home; he says everyone is against her because of her connection with Cody and she needs to make a decision.

Paul calls Elena into his room, where Matt, Raven, Alex and Christmas are waiting. He tells them about his private conversation with Jessica and how Cody is public enemy #1 and if she doesn’t know that, she will continue to be targeted by everyone in the house; they all agreed to work this and play with Jessica’s emotions.

Christmas goes to lay down with Jessica and they talk about Cody turning against her. Cody comes in and grabs his stuff so he can stay in the Have Nots room, giving her some space.

Jessica says if this is how Cody is in real life, she isn’t interested. Jessica confides in Christmas about the Hex, and slyly tries to convince her not to use the Hex but she says she can only trust Cody and Christmas tells her that keeping Cody by her side ensures that no one will trust her. Christmas tells her if she doesn’t use the Hex, Cody goes home this week unless he wins Power of Veto (PoV) but if she uses it, more people will see her as a higher threat.

Jessica goes to talk to Cody, expects an apology. She berates him saying how she needs to act a specific way to represent her family and she will not be dating a hothead that she has to worry about getting into fist fights all the time. Cody says he can’t balance her out the way she wants him to; she says after what she did for him that this is okay to treat her that their time is meaningless.

Cody feels whatever he says won’t be the right thing and right now he feels like he is failing her and she says she never saw him as quitter, and says he is not capable of giving her what she wants. She snaps that she doesn’t want anything from him and he says he just wants her to be happy. He admits that in real life, he can act like that too and she says that cannot happen and leaves the room.

Elena talks to Jessica about how hard the game is, and says the money she makes from the show will be for a Xanax prescription and a straight jacket; Elena cares about Jessica but feels the best thing for Jessica is for Cody to go home and hopes since they are close she will take her advice and not use the Hex temptation.

Jessica says she is torn because the way he acted was absolutely not okay. Cody feels its not in him to be in the social scene; Elena talks about Mark and Josh’s encounter and how does she cope with being in the same house as him and who does she turn to? Cody says he is willing to jump on the grenade and call Jessica’s name to save her. Elena says Jessica needs to do the same thing as her but Jessica says if she doesn’t save him she will have a hand in his eviction.

Jessica talks to Cody about how his actions are hurting him. Cody says he doesn’t need to change and if a situation arises he would act the same but she says you cannot act like that around people. He talks about being alone, with no family; Jessica holds him and says the only thing he can do is disassociate himself from her so she can stay in the game. Jessica says she doesn’t need someone to jump on a grenade for her, but Cody promises he will do everything to stay, if he can.

The Big Brother TV turns on with a BB Storm Watch Update; Paul runs and tells Kevin to remember every single thing right now. All the house guests gather as they are shown BB Storm Cameron, BB Storm Jillian; Paul calls everyone upstairs and they recite what they just heard. Another Storm Watch appears talking about BB Storm Dominique; Josh complains that he needs his beauty sleep as all the showmances are ending and maybe he will be lucky. Some of the houseguests manage to wake up to the newest newsflash while they talk about BB Storm Ramses.

The following morning, Paul calls all the Houseguests together for the Power of Veto competition. Only 6 people will participate in the Veto competition. Paul, Jason, Cody and Jessica stand next to Paul who will be the one to draw the 2 names for the Veto competition. He pulls out his own name which gives him his choice and he picks Kevin. And then he picks Raven’s name; BB19 will inform them when the competition is to begin.

Jason hosts the game ‘Under the Weather’ and reads the BB Weather report; each player is to see the tv report of the weather and whenever there is a blank on the screen they are to fill it in, once it clears the screen they can no longer answer and the player with the most points wins the golden power of veto. Each player attempts to read the report with the correct answers while being soaked with rain and wind blowing at them.

Raven (16), Cody (15), Paul (22), Jason (15), Kevin (16) and Jessica (12); Paul wins the Power of Veto competition with 22 points, accepting the golden veto saying somehow he needs to concentrate this week and somehow use the power to convince Jessica to not use her power nor save Cody again.

Paul tells Jessica that Cody has been talking behind her back and its making her question what Cody is doing and what is going on with her and him. Jessica wants a couple things from Paul in order to not use her temptation; she wants for the next two evictions to not go on the block nor be used as a pawn and the second thing is whoever wins Head of Household (HoH) has to take out Alex.

Paul guarantees the first one but Jessica wants to next thing for sure. She says if they want to take Cody out that bad she wants Alex’s head on a stick in exchange for that. Paul says he doesn’t have everyone’s ear but Jessica says if there is a BUT coming, she is going to use the Hex. Paul is thrilled to make the deal, with his fingers crosses and now says he will do whatever she wants to hear in order to get this deal. Jessica looks at the camera and she guesses Cody will be going home on Thursday.