Camilla Parker-Bowles In Hiding As Princess Diana’s 20th Death Anniversary Looms

Camilla Parker-Bowles In Hiding As Princess Diana's 20th Death Anniversary Looms

Camilla Parker-Bowles is in hiding as Princes Diana’s 20th death anniversary looms. New reports indicate that Prince Charles was forced to carry on without his wife as he drove himself to Crathie Church for Sunday service near Balmoral over the weekend.

For many critics, they believe that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles will never live down the treatment that Princess Diana received while she was still married to Charles. And even though it’s been 20 years since Diana’s death, Camilla is still being called a smug, manipulative woman who destroyed Diana’s life by being the third person in her marriage.

It’s no wonder that Camilla can’t even show her face in public right now. And while Prince Charles thinks he is doing the right thing by going to church by himself, it still might not be enough to erase all of the mistakes he made in the past.

For a lot of royal observers, it’s not surprising that Camilla Parker-Bowles is in hiding right now. She knows that the last thing she needs to do is show her face in public, especially since everyone is talking non-stop about the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Both Charles and Camilla are dealing with a PR crisis as it is. With the media constantly talking about the past and bringing up their affair along with embarrassing tapes detailing all of the pain that Diana had to go through, Camilla once again looks like the villain.

Camilla Parker-Bowles In Hiding As Princess Diana's 20th Death Anniversary Looms

For Camilla, this is frustrating. She’s worked so hard to repair her reputation as the British royal family’s most hated member. After all, she is going to be the next Queen of England. Many royal fans know that Camilla wants to be loved and adored the same way Princess Diana was during her prime. But that’s never going to happen.

Camilla might become Queen Consort, but she’ll never be the People’s Princess the same way Diana was. And that’s what bothers Camilla the most. She can be the best wife in the world for Prince Charles but for the public that doesn’t matter. Camilla can’t shake off her villainess reputation no matter how hard she tries and that’s why she’s been forced into hiding now.

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about Camilla’s whereabouts. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles along with the entire royal family right here.

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12 responses to “Camilla Parker-Bowles In Hiding As Princess Diana’s 20th Death Anniversary Looms”

  1. HotMess88 says:

    Hopefully, she’ll remain in hiding for the term of her natural life. With Camilla scoring only a 19% public approval rating, the odds aren’t looking too flush for her and Chuck.
    For those who can remember the four days after Diana’s death when: the royals remained ensconced at Balmoral; no prayers were said for Diana at the regular Crathie Church service attended by the royals and; the flag continued to flutter at full-mast above Buckingham Palace. The mood of the public became very ugly (and was reflected in the press), to the point where the position of the Monarchy was under threat (not my words, but those of historians and social commentators). The crisis of confidence in the Monarch was deemed comparable to the crisis that engulfed the royals with the abdication of Edward VIII. It was only after Tony Blair communicated the mood of her subjects to the Queen, that the royals returned to London.
    Such was the concern for the security of the Queen, Philip and Charles that the official cars were parked to the point of entry to the Palace. It was considered a massive reality check for the Queen & Co.
    The royals continue in situ largely based on the goodwill of the people, however, twenty-years ago, the disastrous miscalculation by the RF
    that their subjects would simply accept the unacceptable without rattling the barricades for change almost brought the Monarchy to its knees. It would be extremely naive to believe that history cannot be repeated.

    • Elizabeth Connell says:

      You mean they could assassinate Camilla next?

      • HotMess88 says:

        No, I wasn’t thinking about actions by the RF, I meant if there is obvious overwhelming loathing of Camilla (and by association, Charles) by a substantial section of the public to the extent where the British government is required to intervene, it would provoke a constitutional crisis which may result in doubts about the continued requirement for a constitutional monarchy. Anyone who sees the royals as having a job for life and starts quoting the Law of Succession as though it were written in stone is naive. Granted, the public mood would need to be highly volatile to the point of crisis, but all laws can be changed by Acts of Parliament – even those relating to the Monarchy.

  2. Elizabeth Connell says:


  3. Elizabeth Connell says:

    Old lady witch, dead in her ditch, can’t scratch that itch, never will be rich!

    • HotMess88 says:

      Hey – I read that wedding jewellery given to Diana by the Queen Mother is now worn by The Rottweiler. To me, that really sucks!

  4. HotMess88 says:


  5. MissK says:

    Karma’s a biXch isn’t it Camilla? She’s still considered the Rottweiler. Ugly as one too. Truly hope Chuck does not become King with his “mistress” by his side. She will never be Queen Consort in the eyes of the people. I can’t imagine that Queen Elizabeth would do that to her
    country. I was watching the special about the Queen and they had that dog giving comments as if she was a long-time royal and knew the Queen so well. Had to turn the special off. Couldn’t stare at her mug even to watch a special about Queen Elizabeth.

  6. HotMess88 says:

    Y A W N…then tell whoever is holding a gun to your head that you’re SO BUSY you don’t have time to read it. Simple, simpleton?

  7. HotMess88 says:

    Not much meat on The Rottie – mostly sinew and gristle from the looks of it.

  8. Luisa says:

    Yes, go hide your ugliness!