Casey Affleck Suggests Ben Affleck Dropping Out Of Batman Movie – Ben Given Ultimatum?

Casey Affleck Suggests Ben Affleck Dropping Out Of Batman Movie - Ben Given Ultimatum?

Casey Affleck suggested in a recent interview that his brother, Ben Affleck, might be dropping out starring in the Batman movie, giving credence to the rumors that Ben was given an ultimatum from the producers and the studio.

For those who haven’t been following the long trajectory of ‘Batfleck’, it began with the critically planned ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, continued with Ben Affleck stepping down the as the director for the standalone Batman feature, and then culminated in rumors of Ben getting fired from starring in the film.

To his credit, Ben Affleck did address rumors that he was getting fired from the franchise at Comic-Con, but never outright contradicted them. Given that the rumors first originated from a long report in the Hollywood Reporter, which is as credible as sources in the industry get, there’s probably more than a semblance of truth to it – and that means that the studio is already figuring out how to replace Ben Affleck’s Batman. Since Warner Brothers has built a strong relationship with Ben Affleck over the years, they are likely working out the most amicable (and least humiliating) way for Ben Affleck to ‘leave’ the project, which falls in line with what Casey Affleck has been saying.

Casey Affleck Suggests Ben Affleck Dropping Out Of Batman Movie - Ben Given Ultimatum?

In a radio interview with Boston-based Dale & Holley with Keefe on the WEEI Sports Radio Network, Casey Affleck – when asked about Ben’s gig as Batman – stated, “I thought he was an OK Batman. No, he was great. He was great. He’s a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he’s not gonna do that movie, I don’t think.”

There you have it, folks – straight from Ben Affleck’s brother himself. Casey was clearly joking at the beginning when asked about Ben’s performance as Batman, but he states it as clearly as he could in the end: “He’s not going to do that movie, I don’t think.” Again, the initial report originated from the Hollywood Reporter, and it suggested as much. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that the studio, in the film’s best interests – and watching Ben’s downward spiral in both his private life and his public image – is trying to offer said ultimatum to Ben in a way that still keeps their relationship with him intact.

What do you guys think about Ben Affleck being given the choice of quitting or getting fired from playing Batman? Do you think he cares anymore, or do you think he’s genuinely trying to avoid the humiliation of being taken off such a high-profile project, especially when his reputation is at an all-time low? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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