Celebrity Big Brother US Spoilers: What is the Big, Surprise Twist in CBBUS?

Celebrity Big Brother US Spoilers: What is the Big, Surprise Twist in CBBUS?

Celebrity Big Brother US spoilers confirm that there will be a big, surprise twist. The tidbit was revealed during the announcement of the upcoming season. What could this twist be and how will it affect the houseguests?

CBBUS fans know that twist could refer to just about anything. It is capable of altering every part of the game. It will be interesting to find out what it is when the premiere arrives. In the meantime, we have a good idea of what it could be.

In the British spinoff of the reality TV show, celebrities competed for a chance to win big. During one season, it was announced the twist would affect the recipient of the cash. Instead of the famous players pocketing the money, it was donated to charity.

Celebrity Big Brother US spoilers hint that they might go in this same direction. Not really a huge twist by itself, unless there are some additional elements added to it.

So far, the seasons in the US have featured regular people. Not being famous or rich, they were determined to win the money. Fierce competitions and brutal battles got more intense each week. Alliances were formed, betrayal was rampant and new strategies were brainstormed. They needed to win and did everything in their power to make it to the end.

If the houseguests know that they aren’t receiving any money and it will all go to charity, the game won’t be the same. The mindset of “it’s all for a good cause no matter who wins” will fill the house. The game will be lame and that is not what CBBUS fans tune in for. One of the reasons people love this franchise is how competitive the players can get.

If a charitable donation is the goal in Celebrity Big Brother US, spoilers suggest something else needs to be added. Something that will require the houseguests to fight to win. What if it’s not really about who wins that is the twist, but what price being evicted will cost?

CBBUS spoilers indicate that this is a possibility. What better way to force them to play ruthlessly? Details on how this will work are still vague. However, it would make for an interesting twist with a good cause.

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