Chicago Justice Recap 3/12/17: Season 1 Episode 4 “Judge Not”

Chicago Justice Recap 3/12/17: Season 1 Episode 4 "Judge Not"

Tonight on NBC their new drama Chicago Justice airs with an all new Wednesday, March 12, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Justice recap below.  On tonight’s Chicago Justice season 1 episode 4 as per the NBC synopsis, “A prominent judge is shot and killed after having drinks with Valdez, whose integrity is then scrutinized. Before long, the team discovers the judge’s death has ties to a trial involving a college rapist.”

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Anna Valdez (Monica Barbaro) is just finished a case when the Judge (Douglas Sills) tells her to approach the bench, where he tells her 8 pm. Later, that night, as they are leaving the restaurant they are discussing how he is going to talk to his wife to end their marriage. They part ways, as she gets to her car, shots ring out and she hides behind her car as she watches someone on a motorcycle ride off. She realizes it was Ray, (the judge) and calls for help.

Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) sits with her, asking her to recount what happened. She says she didn’t see anything, but definitely heard 4 gunshots. He tells her to sit tight as he goes to speak with Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Laura Nagel (Joelle Carter).

Laura says it sounds like a hit; Stone says he has been on the bench for 15 years and probably put away at least 500 bad guys. Stone will see if any have been paroled lately and he asks them to canvas the area, hoping someone saw something. Stone comes back to Anna to take her home and let’s her know the judge didn’t make it.

Back at the ASA office, Anna recounts again for Stone what had happened. When she stands to help with the investigation, Stone tells her “No” and he wants to know what she was doing at Sheridan’s that night.

She says she was there having a drink alone because she just lost a deposition; the judge came in. Stone asks if that was the case, why did they leave the bar together? She says she left, got to her car and heard 4 gun shots. Stone tells her to take a few days off, she is furious, begging him not to exclude her from the investigation. He gives her the option of taking a few days off, or working on the plenty of cases sitting on her desk.

Stone meets with Mark Jefferies (Carl Weather) telling him the mayor says this rocks the foundation. Jefferies says he has known Ray since he was a rookie on the force; and questions Anna’s story about her version of events. Stone gets a call that CPD arrested a guy who was robbing a liquor store with the same gun that killed Ray; ballistics are the same but the guy they have is seen on video at a soup kitchen at the time of the shooting.

Antonio and Laura question Ray’s wife, who quickly changes her story when they ask why her husband would be at the bar that night. They learn they have a foster daughter, and when Laura asks to speak to her, she says she is out; but Antonio confirms the Mercedes is in the garage and she may have come home without her even knowing.

She admits that her daughter runs away but always comes back in a day or two, but she hasn’t seen her recently. It is revealed Caitlyn has been fighting a lot with Ray recently but she doesn’t know why. When they search her room, there is no cell phone nor laptop but lots of metal music. Laura finds a book with drawings and in Latin is written “Eye for an Eye!”

Stone visits the Sheridan where the bartender says she thinks she has seen Anna but can’t be sure; but once she sees the photo of Ray, she knows them as a couple and they have been there a few times. Stone asks what she knows about them. She confirms that Anna came in alone but about 10 minutes later he arrived and ate the calamari she ordered and asked him if he told her yet.

Antonio and Laura find Caitlyn at the cafe she hangs out at; after a quick chase, Laura gets cuffs on her, but not before she bites her. Antonio finds a gang tattoo on her arm and tells Laura she should have bitten her back.

Caitlyn is very rude with Laura and claims she knows her rights; but when she becomes belligerent he tells her it was no wonder she was never adopted. Her chin begins to quiver and Laura sits down. She tells them Ray was a douche and the only reason he had her was to ease his rich suburban lifestyle.

As soon as she says that Ray never hurt her and that was gross, Anna bursts into the room; asking to speak alone with Caitlyn. Laura tells her to watch out because she bites.

Anna tells Caitlyn she knows about her mother, and the things Caitlyn has done to Ray, like smashing out his car windows. She believes Caitlyn didn’t kill him but it isn’t looking good for her. Caitlyn realizes she is Anna Valdez and shares that Ray told her she could be just like her.

Anna asks about her boyfriend, Orlando’s death and Caitlyn realizes that Anna was screwing Ray. Anna asks if she killed Ray as Stone bursts in the room and orders to speak with Anna now. Anna leaves and Caitlyn begins to slam walls and doors. Stone tells her to go home and Anna says they are wasting their time on Caitlyn.

He orders Laura and Antonio to look through Caitlyn’s files because if Anna was having an affair with Ray, everything they learn through her is tainted. In the files they find a letter about how Ray would be a horrible father because he hates women and protects rapists; not only should he be off the bench, he should be off the planet and if they don’t stop it; the person would. Laura discovers he tried 47 rape cases, Antonio hopes they can narrow it down with the letter.

Stone and Anna go out to dinner, she tells him to ask her or she is leaving. He asks if they were sleeping together, and she said its none of his business and is appalled that he would think she would do anything unethical. He asks about what the bartender told him; she tells him he is probably the smartest person she knows but he is way off base with this one.

Antonio and Laura find out the paper the letter was written on was sold in only one store in Chicago by the university; and only 3 of his cases had involved CCU. The first got 20-years in prison, the second was dismisses after victim recanted and the third was 7 years ago where the perpetrator only got 5 months.

They find Zoe Butler (Holly Curran) at a rape survivor meeting; she doesn’t seem to be their suspect until Laura gets a message saying the prints from her rape file match the ones on the bullet. She has an alibi with 30 witnesses, proving where she was at the time of the murder, but feels that rape is the gift that keeps on giving and tells them to screw themselves. She has spent the past 7 years trying to move on.

Laura meets Anna at the bar, telling her they have arrested Zoe. Anna knows the name and shares that the case was something Ray had to bear. He couldn’t shake the case, and there were vicious articles about him; Anna shows her the articles, where they find the exact same handwriting on a sign at a rally.

Antonio and Laura learn the woman holding the sign is a rape victim advocate named Wendy. Wendy reveals that she knows a lot about the child and family services, and how she feels the judicial system is rigged. They learn she has been gone for a week at a conference and just got home that morning; she learns that the judge was murdered.

She tells them she didn’t think that Jon Hoffman (Dennis Flanagan) meant it. He was Zoe’s ex-husband who stopped by last week and it was all Judge Kenzie’s fault and he will pay for what he did.

They find Jon, saying they are there about his ex, Zoe. He said there is no way she did it, she hated guns; he had bought her one, they went to the shooting range once and she said never again. He says the gun is gone because he had a break in, and he did report it. Antonio notices the nice goggles and asks to see his bike, he claims its his brother’s but he needs to get back to his security guard job.

Laura tells him it wasn’t a request, they go into the garage where they see the motorcycle, Antonio does a walk around and the orange sticker Anna saw is on the shield; they place Jon under arrest.

Stone meets with Chicago Med’s psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt), asking why a man would kill the judge who ruled on a case 7 years earlier. Charles tells him it could simply be about revenge.

Jon may have heard about the rape and feel helpless and one of those reactions would be vengeance. He couldn’t get the rapist, so he got the judge who set him free. When Stone asks why now? Charles says anything could have set him off, even seeing a pair of her socks.

Zoe says in court she divorced Jon because he only saw her as a victim but never as a survivor. She admits that she didn’t tell anyone she had been married because talking about Jon was painful since he would make her feel like she had to relive the rape everyday.

Anna is on the stand answering Stone’s questions. She is then asked by the defense about the evening spent with Ray. She admits it wasn’t the first time and the attorney requests to approach the Judge. She says in light of the romantic relationship with the witness and the victim, they want to remove her testimony. They both know that her words to the Judge was if he has told her yet. Judge says her testimony can stay and the jury can decide.

Later that night, Anna is in her office writing, visibly upset when she gets a call that Zoe is there to see her. Zoe says she didn’t hate Judge Kenzie, and the short sentencing was her own fault. She felt sorry for Stan, the rapist because she was going to ruin his whole life for one stupid mistake and Kenzie only did what she asked.

Anna says she is not to blame and she says she just wants it over because she doesn’t want her fiance Blake to be drawn into this mess too. Anna comes to see Stone in his office, off the record. He offers his condolences, and Anna says if there is anything she has learned from this, is to look forward to the future; like Zoe, who is getting married; Stone immediately opens his computer and says something came up because of what Dr. Charles told him.

Jon stands up and is furious that Zoe is at the courthouse with her fiance Blake and in the middle of the courtroom Jon shouts out that everyone moved on but him and that is why he killed the judge. Stone agrees to 30 years for the judge’s murder.

Anna asks him if he would have believed if she was sleeping with Ray would he have believed her. She felt if whatever their relationship was, was relevant to the case, she would have told him; but she chose her right to privacy since it had nothing to do with the end result.