Chicago Med Recap 11/28/17: Season 3 Episode 2 “Nothing to Fear”

Chicago Med Recap 11/28/17: Season 3 Episode 2 "Nothing to Fear"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 28, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 3 episode 2 as per the NBC synopsis, “Manning goes to extreme measures to help a fearful pregnant woman whose baby is severely underdeveloped; April is angered by Choi when he uses their personal relationship as leverage to convince a patient of a risky procedure; Rhodes attempts to balance his personal and professional life, but the stress of his current situation may have caused him to make a huge mistake; and Charles and Reese continue to disagree about their psych patients.”

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Chicago MED begins with Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) waking up alone, in the middle of the night. He finds Dr. Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) in the kitchen, frantically rubbing the salt off the meat; he thinks it is an anxiety attack but when she gets defensive he offers to help her start another rub.

At Chicago MED, Dr. Rhodes arrives at work late, which Dr. Isidore Latham (Ato Essandoh) understands but warns him about. Nurse Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) informs him that his CT patient, Jerry Willis (John Lister) has arrived. After doing a quick ultrasound it looks like Dr. Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling) is right and the valve, Connor replaced two weeks ago is leaking; Bekker leaves the room whispering to Latham that Dr. Rhodes might have made a mistake.

Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) comes into work, where she is greeted by Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) who talks about their first date quoting numbers from GQ magazine on first dates; she laughs. Dr. Latham informs Rhodes their best option is not to do surgery again but put him on medication.

April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) and Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) are kissing in a supply closet), when his pager goes off. Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) sees that Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) is more rested and shares that she is leaning towards “yes” when it comes to metal detectors at all hospital entrances; he feels that doesn’t make them look like a trusted institution and will be a barrier between them and the people they are trying to help. As he passes Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) in the hallway, it is clear, they are not on speaking terms.

Dr. Choi comes to see their monthly patient, Henry who is there for his heart valve meds. He wants to send him for an x-ray but he’d rather just get his medications. Outside the room, Choi tells April he feels Henry will listen to her, and asks her to convince Henry; she agrees to try.

Dr. Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III) is walking with Sarah, talking about a patient who somehow got her hands on insulin and injected herself; he is hoping Sarah can find out the reason. Noah again asks her to go out for drinks with her, but she continues to brush him off. Dr. Reese comes to Ms. Lake’s room, talking about the insulin; she reveals today is the court hearing for her divorce. She said she didn’t want to die, but she panicked but simply didn’t want to face the day. After she refuses to write a note that she had a medical emergency, Ms Lake demands to see her supervisor, saying she is seeing a doctor and needs a doctor’s note and if she won’t give her one, she wants to go above her head.

Dr. Bekker gives Dr. Rhodes a coffee in the cafeteria, telling him it wasn’t his fault but was bound to happen as he is working lots of hours then going home and dealing with his patient at home. Meanwhile, a pregnant patient, Julie (Rachel Melvin) is brought in the ED and Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead attend to her after fainting. Her husband, Scott arrives saying she’d rather be home with their mid-wife but Halstead says she needs the medication to control her arrythmia, and they are not harmful for the baby. Suddenly she gets upset, looking at Scott, when they say the baby looks totally normal for 5 months of pregnancy; she makes them check again, saying she is 8 months pregnant, not 5.

Natalie and Will look over Julie’s chart for anything that could explain what she is saying. She is told the complications to her pregnancy is from her diet, saying she isn’t getting enough protein nor iron. She refuses IV food even though she is told her baby is severely malnourished; when she remains adamant, Will suggests since her arrythmia hasn’t settled yet, they will be back in a few minutes to check on her. Once they leave the room, they agree they need to speak to Goodwin.

April and Choi return to Henry’s room, revealing his xrays show he has bilateral plural effusions. He wants to just leave but Choi says if they do the needle into his lung now, he will be able to wait longer between treatments. April doesn’t necessarily agree, as the fusions are pretty small; when he asks. She agrees and Henry gives him the go ahead.

Outside of his room, April asks Choi if he really wants to be this aggressive, since Henry doesn’t do so well with procedures and disagrees that this is the best course of action; Maggie watches their interaction. She tells him, he should be sorry for thinking she would agree with him just because they are sleeping together and suggests the next time he wants to put her on the spot with a patient, he should think twice.

Manning and Halstead present Julie’s case of orthorexia to Sharon. Sharon says she cannot force a feeding tube on a sound minded patient; but they plead the case about the baby being their second patient. Sharon goes to get an emergency meeting to intervene but in the mean time wants them to try to get Julie to trust them.

When Rhodes presents his case to Latham, saying Jerry is healthy enough to do the procedure; Latham says he has a lot on his plate and him and Dr. Bekker will take the case from there. They are interrupted by a phone call from Dr. Rhodes’ landlord, who says it is an emergency; proving Dr. Latham’s point. Rhodes rushes home as Robin apologizes saying she forgot the brisket was in the oven; he hugs her, saying it could have happened to anybody.

Dr. Charles isn’t so sure they are done with Ms. Lake, informing Sarah that she may be a psych case and until they find out what is behind the extreme behavior she exhibited then they haven’t done their job. He asks Sarah to keep him in the loop.

Manning and Halstead return to Julie’s room, explaining that her body isn’t responding to the medications and if it continues down that road, they will have to give her a c-section. Manning says they need to do what is best for her and the baby. Sharon informs them that the committee ruled against them, saying they cannot intervene even for the sake of the baby; apologizing that their hands are tied.

Rhodes rushes in as Jerry’s stats are dropping, Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker argue in front of the patient and his wife as Bekker takes the case over. The medications begins to work, so the surgery is on hold for now.

Dr. Manning approaches Scott, saying they need him to speak to his wife. He is so scared his wife and baby are going to die and pleads with her to do something. Sarah meets with Ms. Lake, who hugs her, saying she can’t believe she didn’t see the destructive pattern she uses to get herself out of awful situations. Sarah tells her, she will get her discharge paperwork started. Dr. Charles is at the nurses’ station and Sarah apologizes and thanks him for making her stick with Ms. Lake.

Henry’s pulse drops, and April calls in Dr. Choi, who can’t hear any breath sounds. He feels they might have nicked his lung and need to inflate it again. April apologizes as Henry says all he wanted was his medicine, asking April why she let him do that to him. Dr. Choi apologizes saying at this point they will have to admit him, probably for several days; he looks up at April and walks out.

Julie is furious with Natalie, when she wakes up and finds she hooked her up to IV while she was sleeping. Halstead is shocked. Maggie calls Dr. Reese over, saying her patient in room 1 is waiting for his prescription. She is puzzled when she can’t find her prescription pad, until she sees Ms. Lake leaving the ED. She demands to see her purse but when she refuses, Sarah snatches it and finds her pad; Ms. Lake attacks her then claims Sarah attacked her.

Dr. Charles comes outside to see Sarah, confronting her on always wanting to punish people; saying people like him, always let people get away with their actions, making excuses for them; just like the guy who shot him.

Dr. Rhodes comes to see Jerry and his wife, He says Dr. Latham and Dr. Bekker will be taking care of him here on out and things will get better once they stabilize his meds. He asks if it could work to do the valve surgery again, he says Latham is the best Chicago Med has and he will take care of him.

April watches over Henry for a moment, then angrily finds Ethan, saying this is why she didn’t want to do it. Maggie listens in as April reminds him, she has been treating Henry for years and just because she doesn’t have MD behind her name doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her patient and when he begins to respond, Maggie orders them both into another private room. She demands them to stop this. She asks Dr. Choi if he wants another nurse on his case; but before he can answer April asks why she didn’t ask HER first, as he is just as much her patient as he is Dr. Choi’s. Maggie warns them if it doesn’t stop, she will separate them for good and tells them to carry on!

Sharon tells Natalie she is very lucky Scott convinced his wife, Julie to not pursue action against them or the hospital. Natalie returns to the room and apologizes, talking about fearing for the safety of your baby is the most natural thing in the world and begins to talk about her own experience; including a total irrational fear of heights she got, after having her baby. She tells Julie that if she lets her fear win, this is going to end badly.

Dr. Choi approaches April with the analysis of Henry’s lung tap. She looks at him, that he was right to do that tap, that Henry has lung cancer; Choi feels it would be best if Henry heard it from her, since she has treated him longer than anyone there and knows him better than anyone there. She bravely goes to his room, closes the door and shares him the bad news.

Dr. Latham confronts Rhodes, about Jerry still wanting the surgery. After hearing that Rhodes told Jerry he had options, Latham tells him he has showed poor decisions all day and he is not allowed to step foot in the OR until he has deemed him ready to return. Rhodes is shocked that he is being benched.

Julie’s alarms are going off, Natalie says they need to do a c-section but Julie continues to refuse. Scott begs them to do it but Natalie says if she doesn’t let them do this, the baby is going to die. She finally agrees and Natalie says to call OB as they are coming in for an emergency c-section now!

In the OR, Dr. Latham and Dr. Bekker are performing surgery on Jerry, there is no leak but Dr. Rhodes from the gallery says it IS the valve. Bekker tells him no one asked for his opinion. He comes into the OR against Latham’s orders, as Bekker says that is ridiculous as it is a brand new valve. When Latham is able to prove that he is right, he tells Rhodes to scrub in for the remainder of the surgery, much to Bekker’s disapproval. Julie looks at her tiny son in the incubator as Natalie explains what they are putting into him to help him grow.

Dr. Sarah Reese comes to see Dr. Daniel Charles who had paged her for a consult. He says its a 50-something guy who has been shot by a patient. She thinks its a joke, but he wants a clinical evaluation of his recovery. She says it seems like he has moved on and he suggests she does the same. He wonders if today was less about her patient and more about her? He reminds her that very few of their patients are harmless and most are very grateful for their help, but they can’t get that help if she is coming to work scared. She denies it. He says every psychiatrist goes through this at some point or another and then it passes and it will for her too.

Dr. Latham joins Dr. Rhodes outside Jerry’s room, revealing the company they used didn’t bother doing any human testing on their valves; Connor is shocked. He says “Good night” to Dr. Latham who reminds him that when surgeons burn out, it always starts with stress, then a call goes the wrong way, an unlucky result and then they get into their own heads. The hesitation starts and unsteady hands and once they are there, it is a very hard road back. He asks Connor if he is okay, who assures him he is. Latham says then he continues to have full confidence in him and they go their separate ways.

April apologizes to Ethan, he says it too. They both know it isn’t going to be easy but agree to see each other later. Sharon informs Daniel she changed her mind about the metal detector after seeing a woman who almost killed her baby because she didn’t trust them and thought how can they encourage people to trust them more if they don’t trust first.

Sarah is frantic on the phone, with Noah standing next to her. Dr. Charles approaches them and Noah shows him that someone slashed her tires. Sarah looks at him, asking him if he still thinks patients are harmless and says Ms. Lake did this.

At home, Robin is sorry Connor doesn’t get a real meal after the day he had. She promises it will be better soon, he looks lovingly at her, kisses her and reminds her that he knows. He continues to cut the vegetables and absentmindedly cuts his finger. Meanwhile, Natalie and will arrive for their first official date; it is a ferris wheel; he asks if she is going to let fear win? He promises to be next to her the whole time and asks her to trust him.


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