Chicago Med Winter Premiere Recap 1/5/17: Season 2 Episode 9 “Uncharted Territory”

Chicago Med Winter Premiere Recap 1/5/17: Season 2 Episode 9 "Uncharted Territory"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all new Thursday, January 5, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 9 winter premiere as per the NBC synopsis, “Two MMA fighters arrive at Chicago Med in poor shape. Meanwhile, Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) must evaluate a patient as a possible heart recipient; Jeff makes a confession; Dr. Stohl returns from his sabbatical leave; and April faces a setback.”

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Chicago Med begins with Tate Jenkins (Deron J. Powell) asking his fiance, nurse April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) where the cutting board is. She tells him and asks him to make a decision on the paint so she can finish the remodel for their den. Tate says he loves that she is making his house their home and loves that they set a date for their wedding but she is driving him nuts. They are excited for her first ultrasound for their baby but she is nervous. Tate tells her it’s going to be perfect.

Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) is standing outside shivering with her winter coat on and Jeff Clarke (Jeff Hephner) joins her outside in his scrubs, she thinks he is crazy for being out there without a jacket. He begins to reminisce about old times, and she says it seems like a lifetime ago, two ambulances arrive and he has to run.

Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) has the first patient, Ricky Wade comes in and is acting super tough since he is an MMA fighter and said he could have walked himself. His opponent Cyrus comes in next and he yells at him but Choi tells him they are not in the cage anymore and to give it a rest. The managers of both fighters arrive and begin to argue, nurse Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) calls for security when they start fighting. Choi and Jeff are able to separate them.

Choi attends to Ricky telling him he needs to drain fluid from his ear, and Ricky tells him he doesn’t need a mile long hospital bill to skip the anesthetic. Choi tells him he will feel it and as he begins his manager keeps telling that he should have taken out his opponent. Choi gives him a disgusted look and walks out to see his other patient.

Jeff tells Choi that he probably has a head fracture but as Choi orders chest xrays thinking his ribs might be broken too, his manager is at his side telling him to beat those inbreds in the parking lot. Cyrus tells him to let it go, and he cannot fight ignorance except by the way you react. After he recites some of the qu’ran Choi offers him some morphine for the pain.

Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachell DiPillo) is talking to Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) about psychology when they run into his daughter, Dr. Robyn Charles (Mekia Cox) and Dr. Conor Rhodes (Colin Donnell). Dr. Charles greets them and she asks Rhodes if he is going to meet her in their usual spot for dinner. He smiles and they kiss before she leaves. Dr. Charles smiles at him and Reese tells him to uncross his arms.

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) approaches Dr. Charles asking him to evaluate a potential organ recipient and to try to give the evaluation to her by the end of the days. Meanwhile at the nurses’ station Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) is on the phone making final arrangements for his surprise date with Dr. Nina Shore (Patti Munn).

Dr. Stanley Stohl (Eddie Jemison) arrives and corrects Will on his pronunciation of French words. Jeff is in the background smirking as he encourages Will to sit down with him to discuss everything he did while on sabbatical. When he walks away, Jeff asks who that was. Will tells him “a troll” and Maggie says he is the chief of emergency medicine.

Drs Charles and Reese meet with Goodwin’s patient who admits that she has been sober for over 3 years but has never been to a meeting, she relies on her young daughter to keep her straight. Her daughter says she helped her get rid of all the bad influences in her life and is taking a year off between school and college to take care of her mom. Dr. Charles says it is important if she has this transplant to have a plan in place.

Dr. Choi asks Maggie how soon they can move the fighters because he can’t have them side by side. Cyrus’ manager leaves his room and when Ricky’s attempts to follow, Choi stops him and the guy sarcastically bows down to Choi saying it’s whatever. Jeff tells him to not let the asswipes get to him and Choi says the hatred runs deep.

Dr. Manning takes in the next ER patient named Ted whose friends found him unconscious and his blood sugar is 800. April arrives happy to be at work after her TB leave. Ted wakes up and Jeff confirms he can speak and his airway is clear. Manning asks him what test should they do, when he names them all, Manning tells him nice job.

Cyrus’ alarms go off and Choi runs in to see him unconscious. They detect a pulse but his no breathing. Choi bags him and Jeff tells him his pupils are blown. Choi says they have a head bleed and they need to go to surgery and get a head CT, Ricky watches from his bed.

Dr. Manning talks to her patient Ted, who is joking but feeling better. He is told his body is not producing enough insulin, it spiked and knocked him out. She tells him he has diabetes but when he complains about pain she checks him out. She does an ultrasound and says he has gallstones and she needs to do a CT and MRI. His father is on the way and confirms that obesity has a lot to do with them.

Dr. Choi observes while they perform surgery on Cyrus’ brain, trying to relieve the pressure. Jeff tells him to hang in there.

In the cafeteria, Dr. Charles sees his daughter but when he goes to join her, she leaves. Dr. Reese meets him and says that the patient is good for the transplant but Charles worries that her daughter is not a healthy support system but more of a dependency. He doesn’t want to give her the organ if there is another patient who will have a greater chance of success.

Chicago Med’s Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning are reviewing Ted’s test results, and even though all the stones are still in the gall bladder they are thinking of removing it to be safe, but Manning tells him his white blood cells are through the roof, meaning he has pancreatitis.

Cyrus’ parents arrive and Dr. Choi is explaining that his pupils are non-reactive meaning despite the surgeon’s best efforts Cyrus has slipped into a non-responsive vegetative state. His mother asks if it is a coma, Choi nods but when the father asks if it is possible he will wake up. Choi tells him it is most likely he will stay like this or devolves to braindead.

His manager/brother tells his dad that had to referee stopped the fight sooner he would have survived. His father tells Choi that the crowd cheered it on, wanting to see the Muslim boy get killed. Choi tears up and leaves the room.

Outside, Manning runs into Jeff again. Manning tells Jeff she thinks couples make great traveling partners and asks him to go with her to New Orleans. Jeff confesses the reason they lost touch was because he told her husband, Jeff that he sometimes wishes she was his wife and Lisa was Jeff’s. Manning is upset that he didn’t tell her sooner and stomps off saying he should have told her before she let him into her life and bed.

Ted tells Manning about ordering groceries, she says it is great and offers to page the dietician. Ted is having a hard time breathing and she orders a chest xray and find there is a mass in his lung. He can’t breath and she switches him to a full face mask, after the echo they find out there is fluid built up around his heart. Manning is concerned that 5 minutes ago he was getting better and now he is sicker than when he came in.

Dr. Rhodes puts in a drain, saying it is only a temporary fix but his heart is really struggling. Manning tells him that there was no indication there was a heart problem, he tells her they can strike without warning. Jeff tries to talk to Manning about their conversation but she leaves to meet with Ted’s father.

Dr. Choi returns to Ricky’s room and cuts into his knee to relieve the muscle bleed. He asks about the Arab (Cyrus) and Choi tells him he took a turn for the worse. With no emotion, Ricky says he knew the risk when he entered the cage and its the cost of doing business. Choi jumps off his stool knocking it over, telling him to change the dressing on his wound and it will take a couple weeks to heal.

Dr. Rhodes is waiting for the final results but tells Manning that he believes it is lung cancer. Manning shakes her head. Rhodes tells her he will talk to Dr. Latham (Ato Essandoh) and she says she will talk to oncology. Rhodes asks about his patient to Dr. Charles who tells him she is high risk for the heart transplant; Dr. Rhodes is upset asking him if he is looking at his patient as a check list. He says someone has to make the hard decisions here and to let him do his job.

April’s ultrasound is going great but is told they need to keep an eye on the fetus because she is a little on the low side indicating she may have abnormal brain development; Aprils asks if it is from her TB medications, she tells her it is possible but they cannot be sure.

April and Tate discuss what this means for them. Tate says she cannot stop taking the medications but she is 12 weeks and they need to understand this becomes riskier after 14 weeks. She refuses to terminate the pregnancy and he says it is his baby too. She turns and leaves.

Ted asks Dr. Manning how long she needs to do chemo and they ask about the side effects. She admits because of the gall stones and pancreatitis the side effects could be a lot worse. Ted then asks Dr. Rhodes about the surgery option, but he is confused that they can do this surgery but his body was too risky for surgery earlier because of the pancreatitis. He cries to his father saying he doesn’t know what to do. Rhodes tells him he is very sick and doesn’t have time to wait.

Manning tells Ted they can do an emergency dose of radiation, giving his pancreas a chance to rest and give him and his dad more time to decide. Ted asks when he can do the radiation and Rhodes tell him it could work.

Dr. Reese comes to Dr. Charles office frustrated that he won’t budge on signing off the patient for the heart transplant. He says he has been treating addiction for many years and knows what he is talking about. He wants her to succeed but he sees his little brother who also tried to do it solo and it doesn’t work. He can’t in good conscience recommend her to the transplant committee. Reese says okay and leaves.

Dr. Choi is staring at Cyrus and his family. April comes to ask if she can release the asthmatic in one of the rooms, he says yes. After Choi says they have been trading places all day, April tells him Cyrus’ family believes prayer can bring Cyrus out of the coma. As Ricky walks towards Cyrus’ room, he tells Choi he isn’t sure why he is there.

Cyrus’ brother, Amir comes out and starts yelling at Ricky who tells him it isn’t his fault, that both him and Cyrus wanted to win. Choi orders Ricky to go home as he holds Cyrus’ brother back. His father comes out after Amir who is yelling that Ricky is going to burn in hell, and tells him to stop and invites Ricky to pray with them. Ricky begins to cry, taking his hand saying he is sorry.

Dr. Stohl asks Dr. Halstead about Manning’s patient, explaining that radiation only stalls the growth of the tumor, not shrink it. Halstead says both him and Dr. Manning decided this was the safer option right now. He tells Halstead to keep him posted. Sharon asks Dr. Charles about the evaluation, he doesn’t share much with her telling her he will have it for her by the end of the day.

Ted goes in for his radiation and Jeff finds Manning telling her he wishes he told her sooner. She says she was afraid of moving on after the death of her husband Jeff, even more so with his best friend; but felt there is no one Jeff would approve of more than him. Their conversation is interrupted when Ted codes. After a few attempts to revive him, Dr. Manning declares him dead.

Dr. Halstead joins Dr. Manning who tells him Ted was dead as soon as the alarm went off, that the radiation made the tumor burst. She blames herself and Will tells her she couldn’t have done anything and didn’t miss anything. Jeff watches the two of them when Will grabs her shoulder and tells her his death was not her fault.

Dr. Reese comes to see Dr. Choi who is reading the qu’ran verse Cyrus read before he fell into a coma. He says an hour ago, Cyrus and Ricky hated each other and now his father extended a hand to him. Choi admits he doesn’t think he could do that. Reese says not many people can.

Robyn sees her father walking by, and when he completely ignores her, he tells her he is stumped. She comes back and tells him, “if you are going through hell, keep going!” He recommends the patient for a heart transplant. He tells Reese that she has grit and her future has challenges but her will to stay clean will help her go the distance. He says fatherhood helped him decide.

Goodwin tells Manning that her case is up for review to be used as a learning tool for medical staff. Dr. Choi meets with Ricky’s brother/manager and tells him they got off to a rough start and let him make it up to him.

April and Tate are eating in silence at home and Dr. Choi is at Molly’s with Ricky’s brother buying him a beer.