Did Fergie Release A Visual Album To Profit Off Her Split From Josh Duhamel?

Did Fergie Release A Visual Album To Profit Off Her Split From Josh Duhamel?

Fergie thinks she’s the new Beyoncé. She dropped her new visual album Double Dutchess. The Black Eyed Peas vet is dropping a new music for each track on her album. She’s addressing everything on her “autobiographical” new album. Unfortunately, the public isn’t buying it. The album has 13 tracks and includes features from Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and YG. Throughout the album, Fergie addresses her split from Josh Duhamel, motherhood, and other struggles.

The 42-year-old sat down for a new interview with Marie Claire. She said that she wanted to a make “honest songs” instead of the bops she had on her debut, Dutchess. Fergie wanted to open up about the things she’s been going through. She claims that songwriting and journaling are her forms of “therapy.” She didn’t want to express herself just lyrically, but also “melodically and visually,” she told the publication. Some of Fergie’s fans think she’s trying to profit off her split, which is why she announced it before her album dropped on Friday, Sept. 22.

Fergie wants to give her fans visual experience this time around. The videos include a variation of looks that the pop star has copied from other artists over the years. Nearly a dozen celebrities make an appearance in her music videos. Some of them include Chrissy Teigen, Chelsea Handler, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kelly Osbourne. She’s hoping that her star-studded music videos and artistic videos will help her top the charts.

Did Fergie Release A Visual Album To Profit Off Her Split From Josh Duhamel?

Fergie dished more about her new album on Wednesday, Sept. 20 during an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. She said there are “a few emotional songs on this album.” Two of those ballads include “Love is Pain” and “Save it Till the Morning.” Fergie was really crying when she sang those songs in the videos. She revealed the tracks came from “autobiographical experiences,” so she wanted to evoke that in her visuals and videos. She admits that creating a visual album was “a lot of hard work.”

In addition to releasing new music, Fergie announced her divorce from actor Josh Duahamel. The couple ended their marriage of eight years. The two married in January 2009 and share a four-year-old son, Axl. They amicably split earlier this year. She just told Entertainment Tonight she still has “so much love” for her ex-husband, adding that “we’re not just a romantic couple anymore.” Fergie and Duhamel have grown apart over the years. But, she’s excited to venture into this new chapter of her personal life and career. She wants to focus on “touring, bringing the family, and enjoying Axl ever year,” and having a “balanced” life.

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