Eddie Cibrian Destroyed by LeAnn Rimes Scandal: What Happened To The Hollywood Hunk?

Eddie Cibrian Destroyed by LeAnn Rimes Scandal: What Happened To The Hollywood Hunk?

Eddie Cibrian used to be a Hollywood hunk. He got his break on the small screen when he appeared in the soap opera The Young and the Restless. He then joined the cast of Baywatch Nights. He also made appearances on Sunset Beach, Third Watch, Ugly Betty, CSI: Miami, and Rosewood.

While he’s never really had a big movie career,  he has made appearances in several movies, as well. Cibrian has since disappeared from the spotlight after ending his marriage with Brandi Glanville and marrying LeAnn Rimes.

He once was an in-demand actor. Eddie Cibrian appeared on the FOX series Rosewood, but he was only granted the role after the original actor quit. Unfortunately, that show just got cancelled, reports TV Line. On May 9, 2017, TV Line confirmed that FOX cancelled the series due to low viewership. According to Cibrian’s IMDB profile, there are no upcoming acting gigs or movie projects for the actor.

Eddie Cibrian Destroyed by LeAnn Rimes Scandal: What Happened To The Hollywood Hunk?

It doesn’t help that he has many flops on his resume. Most of Cibrian’s acting career includes small parts or recurring roles on television shows and movies. Cibrian was the face of The Playboy Club, which premiered with lots of buzz but still had low ratings in the fall of 2011. After just three episodes, NBC pulled the plug on the series. It went on to become the first show to get cancelled that early in the season.

His affair with LeAnn Rimes made him more of a tabloid target than a Hollywood actor. Eddie Cibrian’s name became notorious with scandals rather than acting. Brandi Glanville accused him of cheating on her with country music star LeAnn Rimes while they were married at the time. The two met on the set of their Lifetime original movie Northern Lights in March 2009. Photos and video footage of the two hanging out at a hotel made the rumors of an affair circulate.

Just a few months later in July 2009, Cibrian’s manager confirmed that the actor separated from his wife. It was also announced that LeAnn Rimes and her husband just separated around the same time. Both Cibrian and Rimes vehemently denied the affair.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in August 2009, Cibrian continued to deny the allegations. He says that people don’t know who Eddie Cibrian the person is. He then added that he hated that his life is played out in the tabloids.

Eddie Cibrian Destroyed by LeAnn Rimes Scandal: What Happened To The Hollywood Hunk?

Brand Glanville will never let it go. She has been feuding with both Cibrian and Rimes on social media over the years. Last year, Cibrian made headlines when Glanville remarked about Rimes posting pictures of Glanville’s kids on social media over the holidays. Glanville remarked that her holidays were depressing, as she drank wine and cried herself to sleep.

It also doesn’t help that no one cares about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. The couple sure thought everyone cared about them when they signed up to air their reality show LeAnn & Eddie back in 2014. Sadly, it didn’t work out in their favor. The show opened to low ratings, and eight episodes later, VH1 pulled the show from its lineup. Nowadays, Cibrian wants to focus on fatherhood rather than Hollywood.

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