General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Saves Steve Burton’s Patient Six – Brings The Real Jason Morgan Home To PC

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Saves Steve Burton's Patient Six - Brings The Real Jason Morgan Home To PC

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Ava (Maura West) will continue to be a rebel at the clinic. She’s certainly interested in learning more about Patient Six and what makes him tick. The staff is discouraging Ava’s contact with this guy, but they’re only fanning the flames of Ava’s curiosity.

Of course, that might be the goal Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) has in mind. It’s tough to say what kind of ruse the sneaky Cassadine has cooked up. Whatever the case, Patient Six’s identity should affect Ava’s storyline in a big way. Steve Burton’s (ex-Jason) character could lead Ava down a very different path.

If Patient Six can somehow avoid being sedated for a while, he might be able to give Ava a message. Burton’s character could explain that Ava’s been lied to and this place isn’t what it seems. He may indicate that he’s been held there against his will for years.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Saves Steve Burton's Patient Six - Brings The Real Jason Morgan Home To PC

Will Ava be the one to help Burton’s character escape and get back to Port Charles? Griffin (Matt Cohen), Anna (Finola Hughes) and Finn (Michael Easton) will undoubtedly be involved in the clinic drama, but Ava may set everything in motion. She could try to get her phone back and send an SOS to Griffin.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Ava will face some tough choices in the weeks ahead. She might even give up her shot at facial reconstructive surgery if it means helping a man in need. This is Ava’s opportunity to show she can be selfless. Ava could definitely use a good dose of redemption after everything she’s done.

GH will fix Ava’s face sooner or later, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see a delay. Perhaps Ava has a little more work to do before she gets her life back. Ava’s connection to Burton’s return will spark some interesting fallout. Once someone with Jason’s old appearance arrives, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) are in for a real shock.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Saves Steve Burton's Patient Six - Brings The Real Jason Morgan Home To PC

It’ll take months to completely solve the mystery, but it seems likely that Burton will be revealed as the true Jason Morgan. If so, Sonny and Carly will have a lot to be grateful for. This won’t undo Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) death, but it might go a long way toward easing the tension with Ava.

Burton’s Jason may consider Ava a friend after receiving her help. He could push Carly and Sonny toward forgiveness. Ava is never going to be their favorite person, but this could still be a nice redemption arc for her.

It could also set up a potential pairing! Who knows? Steve Burton and Maura West might have some hot chemistry. We’ll give you updates as other General Hospital news comes in. Stay tuned to ABC’s GH and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.


24 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Saves Steve Burton’s Patient Six – Brings The Real Jason Morgan Home To PC”

  1. Elizabeth Healey says:

    Oh for God’s sake will you people quit trying to set Ava up with guys that could be her sons??? Either send her packing or set her up with an age appropriate man, like someone’s grandpa!

    • Christina Ortiz says:

      Someone’s grandpa lol Ava is not that old and Steve/Jason is not young enough to be her son.

    • Carol Kelly says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but Steve Burton is 47 and a couple of years older than Maura West and on the show they are suppose to be more or less the same age.

      • Elizabeth Healey says:

        Okay, but she sure looks older then those guys, with or without the burns

      • Carol Kelly says:

        We must be looking at someone different, she most certainly does not look older than those guys. More worldly maybe but not older. One of the reasons she was brought to GH along with her talent was her good looks. She is one of the most attractive actresses on the show and definitely the most charismatic.

    • GH Watcher says:

      You should google before writing Steve is older than Maura lmao. Steve is 47 Maura is 45

      • Carol Kelly says:

        That makes both of us. A lot of time has passed and like everyone else on the show Jason aged though you would never know with some of the posts.

      • IMissBrenda says:

        Sonny is in his 50s and people still think he’s in his 40s.

    • Kabba says:

      Steve Burton is age appropriate if you check Maura What’s real age.

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  3. Elizabeth Healey says:

    Enough already, I don’t need repeat comments, I get it but she still looks old enough to be their mothers!

  4. PNutButty says:

    Maura West is such a good actress.

  5. Mrs. Freeze says:

    Alright, I can get behind this particular story line.

  6. disqus_C5NTAcskq3 says:

    Well hurry up already. Hopefully this escape or however it’s going to go down isn’t going to take 2-3 months before he actually hits Port Charles!

  7. Kevin Pham says:

    “Burton’s Jason may consider Ava a friend after receiving her help. He could push Carly and Sonny toward forgiveness. Ava is never going to be their favorite person, but this could still be a nice redemption arc for her.”?? ?????

    well we do know that the real JASON MORGAN which is SB JASON doesn’t know who AVA is and the concept of SB JASON was that he never forgave people or gave his trust back to people who hurt his friends and family!!?????
    Just ask CLAUDIA she’s dead!!!?? ?????
    And SB JASON had no remorse for her death after the things CLAUDIA did to CARLY and how she messed with MICHAEL! But let’s not forget just how much worse AVA is than CLAUDIA! And anyone who messes with MICHAEL in the real SB JASON MORGAN eyes is always a threat that get’s bumped off by the real SB JASON MORGAN so AVA’s laundry is out she’ll be gone right after FRANCO! (((the TPTB should BRING BACK TODD MANNING and John McBain thanks in advance?? ?????))

    “It could also set up a potential pairing! Who knows? Steve Burton and Maura West might have some hot chemistry.”
    and thanks to AVA’s deceits she caused SONNY to kill AJ but i blame SONNY for choosing to deal with AJ with a GUN instead of communication, and let’s not forget AVA is the reason MORGAN is dead.
    THE REAL SB JASON MORGAN would never forgive AVA nor would the REAL SB JASON MORGAN would ever ever ever ever forgive FRANCO!!! ? ?????
    So i’m expecting SB JASON to avenge his children’s and nephew’s and SAM’s honor when SB JASON MORGAN is revealed as the real JASON finally delivering long awaited JUSTICE after all this time. BM JASON was never JASON because if he was he would have dealt with AVA and FRANCO a long time ago!!! BM JASON through SONNY’s eyes on today’s episode even was confused with the way BM JASON MORGAN behaves so logically enough this should prove the SB JASON is the real JASON!! As far as pushing AVA to leave GRIFFIN for SB JASON.. lmaoooo ??????????????????
    bon voyage

    • @HawaiianTater says:

      You know what would be fun? If they brought back Todd Manning and still kept Franco around with Howarth playing both parts.

      • Kevin Pham says:

        I think it would be too much work for the audience to pay attention to his scenes! But at least TODD MANNING was more interesting and more audience approachable to have on the show!!?????

        JOE SCULLY JR is exactly the same story line with FRANCO
        TRACY was written to fall for JOE SCULLY JR
        LIZ then LIZ was written to fall for FRANCO

        LIZ learned through AJ QUATERMAINE and the rest of the PORT CHARLES SCOOBY GANG that FRANCO had MICHAEL RAPED in jail and LIZ is also aware that FRANCO kidnapped AIDEN and FRANCO killed hundreds of people from the time FRANCO was getting off murder charges in his young adolescent years as deceased EX- OFFICER DOMESTICO was always covering for FRANCO!
        When TRACY learned the truth about JOE SCULLY JR, TRACY ENDED her relationship with
        WHEN LIZ learned the truth about FRANCO…the writers SA and JP writings has made the role of LIZ look dumbfounded and complicit to this opposition of this violation…!
        And since then SA and JP allowed the role of FRANCO to live and not recieve any punishment and that is a huge FODDER and fallacy to this show’s progress.
        Logically we all know in this rational, the character LIZ should have been scripted to go seek advice about dating FRANCO through TRACY?????

        but let’s remember out of this whole time LIZ has been paired with FRANCO did MONICATRACY|BOBBIE bring it upon themselves to go see little jake at LIZs house ever since..
        NOPE..not one time since APRIL 2016 did we ever see TRACY go to LIZ’s house to go see her nephew LITTLE JAKE!!
        Because SA and JP know that logic of that constructed writing would never make sense ?????
        and it would be a huge fallacy to that pairing called FRIZ…!
        Either way TODD MANNING would be better off on this show than FRANCO in a lot of ways!

        The writing and humor for TODD MANNING is 100X hilarious and more approachable to understand! FRANCO was a grown man when he decided to mess with MICHAEL’s life and the fallout was having michael raped in JAIL. So that will always be the over top reasons to remove franco and bring TODD MANNING!!!?????

  8. @HawaiianTater says:

    As expected, they didn’t show Jason until the final scene. It couldn’t be any more blatantly obvious that it’s the real Jason, considering Carly and Sonny were yet again having a conversation about how different Jason is now and Carly saying she never really got her connection with him back. The strong and dangerous comments the nurse made could not be describing anyone else but Jason. We certainly all know how strong and dangerous Jason Morgan is.

    I would also point out that when Ava said Nikolas Cassadine, it wasn’t the Nikolas name that set him off; it was Cassadine. Clearly, Jason knows it’s Valentin and/or Helena who has been holding him drugged and captive this entire time. There’s going to be some hell to pay once Stone Cold is on the loose again.

  9. Brenda Medeiros says:

    It’s not the age I just can’t see Steve making love to her ..

  10. GH_FAN says:

    I’m not here for a Ava/Jason relationship. What the hell for? I mean I am not here for her and Griffin either but they are growing on me. She really read him about hiding behind being a priest. I think they level one another out in a weird way. Ava is dangerous and can play the victim like no other Griffin doesn’t know her well enough to see through that and with any hope he wont have to because maybe all this has changed Ava even if just a little bit. They are like Liz and Franco to me. Just doesn’t make sense. Kinda gross. I would rather have it that Ava signed those papers of Valentin’s because he knew he was going to send her exactly where Nik Cassadine is hurt or mentally unaware whatever his condition may be his mother and sister would me grateful as would Spencer. They’d be mad she signed the papers and recanted her statement but for her to walk in with Nik would change everything! Why is Ava being connected to Jason Morgan in any way shape or form? It would also really make better sense to me that she found Morgan during her time away but not Jason.