General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Tries to Win Carly Back After Morgan Med Reveal – Carly Turns to Griffin for Comfort

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Tries to Win Carly Back After Morgan Med Reveal – Carly Turns to Griffin for Comfort

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) mistakenly think there’s hope for him and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) after they finally get some closure on the death of their son Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig). But Sonny couldn’t be more wrong – Carly will soon have her eye on another man that’s a 180 degree change from her ex. It’s former priest Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen).

Carly catches Sonny bedding her ex lawyer Martina Morales (Daya Vaidya) and that blows up in a big way. Carly keeps getting close to letting this divorce go back to being amicable but then Sonny crosses her all over again. Him wrecking Jasper “Jax” Jacks’ (Ingo Rademacher) life was horrible since it cost Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) the chance for her dad to visit her in Port Charles. And then Sonny salted the wound.

After raking Carly over the coals for shagging Jax – even though Sonny told Carly they were done – Sonny has now hopped in bed with someone else. It would be one thing if it was a stranger to Carly, but for it to be the shark of a lawyer she flew in from LA is doubly infuriating. Carly reignites the divorce war and although she doesn’t want to use Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner), she might, since he hates Sonny, too.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Tries to Win Carly Back After Morgan Med Reveal – Carly Turns to Griffin for Comfort

It doesn’t seem that Martina is sticking around Port Charles for too long, but that doesn’t mean the memory of Carly catching Martina and Sonny in bed together won’t linger. That’s not something Carly will soon forget. The week of the Nurse’s Ball, new information breaks loose thanks to Dr Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) and Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) duplicity is revealed.

It won’t be until the week after the Nurse’s Ball that the crap really hits the fan and Sonny and Carly come for Ava seeking revenge and justice for Morgan’s death. GH spoilers reveal Carly and Sonny unite in their effort to make Ava pay and Sonny seems to think that means he and Carly are back on common ground. Sonny is wrong. Carly is only standing shoulder to shoulder with Sonny on this one issue.

As soon as Ava gets what’s coming to her, Carly is done with Sonny again. Sonny regrets the things he’s done over the past few months including lying about Nelle Hayes Benson (Chloe Lanier), having Jax deported, and bedding Martina. Too bad the mob boss doesn’t have a time machine, but there is no way to undo the damage he’s done. Sonny has his eyes on Carly, but she’s looking elsewhere.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Tries to Win Carly Back After Morgan Med Reveal – Carly Turns to Griffin for Comfort

Carly wants something drastically different from Sonny and his violent lifestyle, mood swings, and darkness. What’s more different from Sonny than Griffin? The hunky doc saves lives instead of taking them, is inherently good, and there’s no risk that he would bring danger into Carly’s life. GH rumors have hinted for a while that Griffin would get a married girlfriend and it might just be Carly.

Perhaps the best thing about pairing Griffin with Carly is that Sonny can’t hate on the guy. Griffin is a great guy and would make Carly’s life far better than Sonny can. Share your comments on the possible pairing of Griffin and Carly – and CarSon’s seemingly permanent split, Be sure to tune into CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.

  • You Belong To Me You Are Mine

    Yeah cause this shit will get gh higher ratings -__-

    • Elizabeth Healey


      • You Belong To Me You Are Mine


      • Sue Smith

        That is what the person meant,

        sarcasm people

  • Elizabeth Healey

    Come on people, Griffin Is way too young for the witch and way too nice! Get him matched up with someone that is deserving of him!

    • Violet Lemm

      The only other one would be Liz, and she’s pretty much spoken for.

      • Pamela

        Griffin, is still in love with Claudette to be involved with Carly. Besides, I can’t see Griffin getting involved with Carly because of Sonny. Sonny and Griffin have pretty good relationship because of Duke. I can’t see Griffin messing that up because he’s in a relationship with Carly…

        If this story is true that is. Which I question very seriously. Especially on this Website anyway….

      • Sue Smith


  • Keakea

    Carly and Griffin….hmm who thought match is good ???? needs go to the drawing board! Griffin is only couple years older than Michael! Wth, I don’t understand they broke Sonny and Carly up any! ????????

  • Violet Lemm

    Oh Griffin, I’ll disown you, if you have anything to do with that hag,Carly.

  • Pamela

    We all know that Carly and Griffin won’t last for Long. Griffin is a good guy but Carly in a relationship with him wouldn’t work. I mean for a while it would be good. But Griffin Monroe isn’t no Sonny Corinthos. Carly loves .Sonny. She will always love Sonny….

    What this is all about is Hurt feels by both of them. Sonny and Carly, when they both hurt as the often as they do to each other. They both lash out at one another… It’s the same old story with them. Anyone that gets involve with either one of them. Is just going to end up hurt in the process. That’s a fact.

  • lovethosedimples

    No thank you! That’s just NOT the least bit appealing to me! She’s way too slimy for him.

  • Charlie

    The writing on gh is too predictable. this show is boring and predictable.

  • Margie Messer

    Carly is a nasty skank griffin deserves better.sonny will never do anything to dukes son.carly is going to get the biggest revenge hurting sonny by rubbi b g griffin in sonny’s face

  • Sondra

    And Carly needs to get off her high horse..She was unforgiving….uncaring…
    And jumped in the sack first thing with Candy Boy…
    Sonny shouldn’t…why not?????
    Hypocritical witch.
    Sonny will take her back..but i hope he and Martina remain Friends…anything to drive Karky nuts….

  • Annie

    That’s one of the oddest match ups Ever!!! She’s almost old enough to be his mother!!! Plus Griffin and Sonny seem to have a bond. Can’t imagine him being a former priest and his history with Claudette that he’d hook up with Carly!!! YUCK!!!????

  • Tayah Ragland

    Carly can’t talk about anybody. She is being a traulop! First Jax, now Griffin I can’t this is crazy. She needs to forgive Sonny and stay in her marriage.

  • Doris n shipp

    No no no no Griffin and Carly! Sick sick sick ! Why not ken and Carl. That would really pudd Sonny off!

  • Brenda Medeiros

    No I like Franco & Liz together complete opposites good match my opinion..!

  • ctshar

    Anything that gets grifin in a love scene and permanently OUT of celibacy/priesthood works for me. What a waste of hotness…

    • Sue Smith


  • Cat

    Griffin is too young and can do much better than the likes of Carly!! Just NO!

  • Sue Smith

    Like dating her son!!! dumb,,,and Car Son never split for good,,comeon

  • Elizabeth Healey

    yeah that’s a good match

  • Francesca

    Sonny and Carly belong together! It’s a terrible story line that has been shoved down viewers throats. They should have been greeting together, she should not have forgiven Jax for his part in the Nelle debacle. Sonny should not have given Carly an ultimatum, ‘to forgive him, or divorce him!
    Really? None of this should have escalated and none of it was necessary.
    Writers, you have blown this show to smeetherins.
    You came on board to bring back “love in the afternoon”. You have brought darkness, hatred and death! You have killed and therefore let go and caused to be fired, important legacy characters.
    Now it’s your turn. You need to be fired.

  • Francesca

    Getting Griffin and Carly together is craziness. Maybe Griffin should be paired with Maxi when she comes back, since Nathan is being swept off his feet by Amy. Although Kristina stated to her dad Sonny that, Amy and her are a couple!
    Do you read what you write? If you don’t read it, try watching the show!!!!’ You might get a clue.

  • renelson23

    Good Gawd writer’s – don’t do this – PLEASE – Griffin deserves a good life not this ugly that comes with Carly….JMHO