Kate Middleton Already Irritated With Meghan Markle’s Copycat Style

Kate Middleton Already Irritated With Meghan Markle’s Copycat Style

Kate Middleton is apparently already irritated with Meghan Markle’s copycat style. Meghan isn’t even a member of the British royal family, yet she’s already following in Kate’s fashionable footsteps by dressing just like the Duchess of Cambridge.

Apparently, the Hollywood actress was spotted wearing the same black lace dress that Kate Middleton wore only a few short months ago. The Duchess of Cambridge makes headlines for all of the stylish outfits she wears in public and that’s why royal fans can’t help but wonder why Meghan would choose to wear something that is already sitting in Kate’s closet.

If that weren’t enough, reports also indicate that Meghan has already adapted a more conservative, royal look. She’s ditching all of her figure-hugging dresses and mini-skirts as she is already following Queen Elizabeth’s fashion rules and guidelines. Meghan is not even officially engaged to her boyfriend Prince Harry, yet she’s already taking all the necessary steps towards becoming a royal princess.

Kate Middleton Already Irritated With Meghan Markle’s Copycat Style

For Kate Middleton, she’s more than just a little irritated with Meghan. That’s because she loves all the attention she gets whenever she steps out in an expensive designer dress during one of her royal engagements and public appearances. The last thing the Duchess of Cambridge wants to do is compete with Prince Harry’s girlfriend for attention and worse, headlines. Yet that’s exactly what’s going on right now. Meghan has already been declared the more stylish girlfriend with her sexier and edgier wardrobe.

Plus, Meghan already has something that Kate can only wish for, and that’s a natural ability to work a red carpet. After all, she’s been doing it for years. Meghan knows exactly what do to and what do say in front of a camera. Kate, on the other hand, poses and smiles but rarely says anything on camera.

There’s a strong possibility that Meghan will end up stealing Kate’s thunder each and every time they are forced to attend an event together. And that’s what Kate is dreading the most. She already knows that she’ll have a hard time keeping up with Meghan, or keeping a straight face when she’s around her, too.

Of course, Kate Middleton is yet to make any comments about Meghan Markle’s copycat style. The Duchess certainly doesn’t want to see it happen again. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle and the entire royal family right here.

Photo by John Phillips – WPA Pool /Getty Images