Kate Middleton Spites Royal Family, Wants To Raise Her Children Her Way

Kate Middleton Spites Royal Family, Wants To Raise Her Children Her Way

Kate Middleton may be a princess, but she wears the pants in her marriage. She is calling the shots when it comes to raising Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 2. Kate Middleton smoothly fit into the royal family, but she has her own ideas when it comes to her little prince and princess-in-training.

The royal family is still old-fashioned when it comes to how they show off their family in the public eye and how they raise their children. Kate Middleton wants to make her own rules and change some things along the way.

Queen Elizabeth followed the rules to a T. She believed that kids should be seen and not heard. She also thought they should be raised by her nannies as she fulfilled her royal duties.

Kate Middleton Spites Royal Family, Wants To Raise Her Children Her Way

Kate Middleton wants her kids to live a normal life. That includes playing outside and getting dirty. The royal family believes that kids should be kept clean and proper at all times. They’re not allowed to be kids. Kate Middleton loves to hear her kids running and playing around Kensington Palace, according to AOL News.

Prince William had somewhat of a normal upbringing, so it makes sense that she would want the same for their kids. Kate Middleton has become more of a hands-on mother. She claims not to have any nannies. However, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s housekeeper quit on them. Kate Middleton’s parent, Carole and Michael Middleton, moved in with them to lend a helping hand.

Kate Middleton spends more time with her children than she does fulfilling her royal duties. Her family has become a priority for her. When it comes to handling her two children, Kate leans on her mother for support. Her mother will also babysit her kids when she has to travel.

The Duchess of Cambridge looks perfect and proper when she steps out in public, but she’s been “keeping stuffy royal protocol far from their apartment at Kensington Palace,” according to the latest reports.

Kate Middleton Spites Royal Family, Wants To Raise Her Children Her Way

She’s doing things “her way” – or that’s at least what the rumors are saying. Though Princess Charlotte and Prince George have been seen at various events, Kate Middleton wants to keep her two children out of the public eye. She also would rather have them at home with her own parents rather than with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Kate Middleton also wants the education of her children to be different apart from the royal family. Kate Middleton and Prince William chose Thomas’s Battersea School in London for Prince George over the prestigious Wetherby School.

Kate’s ideas seem to have rubbed off on her husband. This comes after William’s latest interview with British GQ in which he claimed he wants his children to stay out of the spotlight and live a “normal life.”

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  • Elizabeth Connell

    Why do they even bother with the royal privilege if they wanna be “normal” I say to Will give up your privilege and go live in a cabin away from society and the media on a little island and raise your kids normal there. You can work as a fast food worker

    • Bubbly

      This “I won’t my children to live a normal life” is getting stale. No one believes this anymore. Why do they even bother trying to sell this crap?

      Besides, they will end up doing whatever the queen tells them to do or allow them to do. None of this “spite-ing” of royal family is ever going to happen. Why do you write shit like this? Is there a point?
      I guess it did make me respond to this blog, so perhaps that’s what your goal (point) is, is it, CDL?

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