Kate Middleton’s Kids Stole The Spotlight On Queen Elizabeth’s 91st Birthday

Kate Middleton's Kids Stole The Spotlight On Queen Elizabeth's 91st Birthday

Kate Middleton wasn’t the only one in the spotlight over the weekend. It was her kids, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, who stole the show during their great grandmother’s 91st birthday. Kate Middleton, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte stole the spotlight at the Queen’s 91st birthday celebrations. They were joined by the Queen herself, the Duke of Edinburgh, and other members of the royal family.

They were all the stars of the show that took place outside the Buckingham Palace. They waved out to the large crowds and watch an RAF flypast for Trooping the Colour for the Queen’s birthday parade, according to the Daily Mail. Prince George was photographed looking up in the sky with his left hand covering his eye. Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte looked adorable as she beamed in her pink frilly dress.

At the beginning of the show, the royal family gathered on the balcony. Kate Middleton was seen holding Princess Charlotte in her arms and pointing out to the crowd. Prince George looked bored as he stood with his head in his hands. Once the helicopters flew over Buckingham Palace, Prince George waved along with his two-year-old sister. The family then retreated inside after hearing the final rendition of the national anthem. Of course, they gave the royal wave, which Princess Charlotte was glad to join in on.

Kate Middleton's Kids Stole The Spotlight On Queen Elizabeth's 91st Birthday

Kate Middleton was photographed wearing a pink Alexander Wang dress and a pink hat designed by Jane Taylor for the Queen’s big day. She was seen interacting more with her own children than with the other members of the royal family.

The event isn’t just important to the Queen. It’s an important day on the Armed Forces’ calendar as families and friends of the officers and soldiers watch the ceremony.

The Queen had to deliver an important message amid the Grenfell Tower fire, the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, and Britain’s election. She wanted to deliver a message that matched the somber mood of the country.

Kate Middleton's Kids Stole The Spotlight On Queen Elizabeth's 91st Birthday

The royal family was later spotted outside Buckingham Palace. Kate Middleton didn’t look too amused riding in a carriage with Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker Bowles. She probably would have rather been with her children and Prince William. Anyone else but the Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Harry was photographed sitting opposite of the two ladies. The Duchesses maintained their composure and waved to the roaring crowds that were there to see them. Check back with CDL for more royal family news and updates here.

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