Kate Middleton’s Parenting Skills Slammed: Prince George Without Seatbelt In Moving Car?

Kate Middleton’s Parenting Skills Slammed: Prince George Without Seatbelt In Moving Car

Kate Middleton’s parenting skills are under fire once again. This time around the Duchess of Cambridge is getting slammed for allowing her 3-year-old son Prince George to stand in a moving car during his aunt Pippa Middleton’s wedding on Saturday, May 20. What’s more, Prince George did not wear a seatbelt while the car was on its way to St. Mark’s Church for the wedding ceremony.

Photographs clearly show Prince George standing in a car that was also carrying Kate Middleton and his younger sister, Princess Charlotte. While both Kate and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte were seated, Prince George could be seen standing inside the vehicle, looking out the window and waving to the paparazzi.

Sure, the car was driving on a private road with no other vehicles nearby but a lot of critics still say that anything can happen at any given time. A lot of concerned royal observers say that it shouldn’t matter whether the car was moving slowly or fast as young toddlers Prince George’s age should have their seatbelts securely fastened at all times.

Kate Middleton’s Parenting Skills Slammed: Prince George Without Seatbelt In Moving Car

Even though Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte easily stole the show at Pippa Middleton’s wedding, they did have their royal temper tantrum moments. George gave his mother Kate a hard time when he refused to listen to her moments before the wedding ceremony.

Kate was photographed giving the future King of England a piece of her mind outside of the church. Clearly, Prince George just wanted to have fun with the other pageboys in the wedding party, but Kate didn’t have the time or the patience for his shenanigans.

For the most part, the Duchess managed to keep the young children under control even though she had to “sshh” them a few times. If that weren’t enough, Prince George also stepped on Pippa’s wedding dress and turned his basket of confetti upside down.

Kate Middleton’s Parenting Skills Slammed: Prince George Without Seatbelt In Moving Car

And while Kate might have been feeling stressed over her role as the wedding babysitter, a lot of people say that’s still no excuse for her to not keep George securely fastened with a seatbelt inside their moving car. Of course, the last thing anyone would want to see is young Prince George bumped or bruised only moments before Pippa Middleton’s wedding ceremony.

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the controversy. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on the royal family right here!

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27 responses to “Kate Middleton’s Parenting Skills Slammed: Prince George Without Seatbelt In Moving Car?”

  1. Elizabeth Connell says:

    Apparently the reason she scolded George was because he stepped on Pippa’s Wedding train, Charlotte did the exact same thing on purpose and she didn’t get caught, just George.

    Also about not wearing a seatbelt, It’s illegal in my state for minors to not wear seat belts, including adults. I don’t know about the UK, but in the US you would get fines for doing that,

    • sue says:

      why scold him in full view of the cameras and making him wail in a wedding, she has poor judgement !!

      • Bubbly says:

        All for show.

        • Sigi says:

          Yes,Waity is aware of the cameras. She seemed half put out because Pippa got most of the attention,since it was her wedding. So Waity decided to attract attention by making George into a spectacle and playing the firm-mom {as if the nannies don’t run everything}.

  2. Sigi says:


  3. Sigi says:

    Why the surprise ? It’s Kate THe Ass Flasher. Can’t keep her own ass covered up. Why expect her to be able to handle anything else ? Yeah,sounds like she’s a f-ing piss-poor parent. She’s used to the nanny doing it all, so she doesn’t stop to consider anything.

    • Ladyhawke says:

      It’s all so confusing when there’s no nanny to supervise/hand the child to.

      • Sigi says:

        ha ha ha ! Perfect –

      • Sigi says:

        I just realized that if I’m going to look at your astrology I’d need your current city. But I don’t want to ask you to reveal that much –
        you shouldn’t tell people OK ? But that’s why I can’t have a look.
        Maybe get a bonafide astrologer again, have them see what’s going on ? The stuff you said about the past 2 weeks or so.

        • Ladyhawke says:

          I have no problem with people knowing I live in Sydney. If you need anything more, I’ll send it from another article further back. You were so spot on before, that’s why I trust your judgement/skills. Only get into it when you have time and I don’t need a huge amount of detail.. Greatly appreciated.
          I will, however delete this when it goes through. :)

          • Sigi says:

            OK sure – this seems familiar now.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            When typing “Sydney”, the name “Georgia” came up. I don’t know anyone called Georgia. It may fit in somewhere. Many thanks.

    • sue says:

      she can handle being a sextoy to a prince for a decade, all for titles and perks, shes a train wreck, not suitable for her big role, bad mother/wife, she never supports william, its all about her,and frankly shes a very annoying, underwhelming human being!!

      • Sigi says:

        Totally agree with you ! Waity learned a lot of stuff from Emma Sayle but it sure didn’t add to her public role or her character.

  4. Fredda says:

    Ladies, you’re relentless. I raised two sons, still in one piece at 50 and 45. I might have done the same thing on a private road with no cars. You never have a good thing to say about the young woman. Are you perfect?

    • Bubbly says:

      Congratulations! We all do the best we can with our children. Having kids survive to old age is my goal too.
      Nevertheless, a seat belt is a seat belt and it’s there for a reason. The kid should have it clipped on. If I was caught having my kid without it on I would be given a ticket and points would be taken off my driver’s licence. They strive to be “just like everyone else”, right? They should be charged with negligence and the driver should be given a ticket with penalty to their driver’s licence. Just like everyone else would be, right?

      As to “never” having anything good to say about Middleton? Well, when she deserves something good to be said about her I will be first in line to do so. That’s a promise.

    • HotMess88 says:

      Well, yes I am! And many of us find the woman a waste of space as far as having the ability to contribute positively to the image of the monarchy. However, this is an open forum, so all views are welcome, however deluded they may be. Cheers!

  5. Tina says:

    For goodness sake, no traffic and a short ride, give it a break. Bet the detractors done worse. Leave her alone, as if we were all perfect.

  6. Elizabeth Connell says:

    none at all

  7. Ladyhawke says:

    And you obsessively snail-trail – more embarrassing for you.