Kate Middleton’s Shady Uncle Gary Goldsmith Not Invited To Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Reception

Kate Middleton's Shady Uncle Gary Goldsmith Not Invited To Pippa Middleton's Wedding Reception

Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton have a shady Uncle. His name is Gary Goldsmith, and he’s Carole Middleton’s brother. He wasn’t invited to Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception. While he was still invited to Pippa’s weekend wedding to James Matthew, he was not invited to the reception. Shortly after the church service ended, he drove back to London and had dinner at the Chiltern Firehouse.

This is a huge deal. Roger Federer and his wife Mirka attended Pippa Middleton’s wedding and her reception. ITV News anchor Tom Bradby and his wife Claudia, Vogue fashion editor Serena Hood, TV presenter Donna Air, and Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle were all invited to the reception. But, Carole Middleton’s own brother didn’t get an invite to the wedding reception. Neither did his wife Julie-Ann.


Only Gary Goldsmith and his 15-year-old daughter, Tallulah, were invited to the church ceremony — not to the evening reception that took place at the mansion. Gary Goldsmith was the only person from Carole Middleton’s extended family to get invited to only the church service. Meanwhile, Carole Middleton’s cousins, aunts, uncles, and godchildren weren’t invited to the wedding at all.

Carole Middleton made got cozy with the Royal Family by distancing herself from her extended family. She supposedly needed to invite Gary Goldsmith because she feels he knows too much about her and her family. She’s afraid that he would spill some of their family secrets to the press.

Gary Goldsmith is also someone who lives a seedy lifestyle. He’s a millionaire who owns a home in Ibiza that’s aptly called the Maison de Bang Bang. It’s the same mansion where Kate Middleton and Prince William used to frequently vacation at the beginning of their relationship. It’s been believed that Gary Goldsmith helped Kate and Pippa Middleton achieve status climbing over the years. He also supposedly helped Kate get married to Prince William.

Kate Middleton's Shady Uncle Gary Goldsmith Not Invited To Pippa Middleton's Wedding Reception

He’s still a shady person, however. He’s been described as a “louche” by the British press. He’s also been said to snort cocaine in front of reporters several years ago. Gary Goldsmith doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to the press. And, it appears he doesn’t hold back in his private life. It sounds like he would’ve been too much to handle at Pippa Middleton’s reception. Since he can’t control his alcohol or dabbles in drugs, it would’ve been best to keep him at home.

However, friends said that Carole Middleton’s snub came as a shock to them. Though he’s been married to his wife Julie-Anne for five years, she couldn’t have been barred by Pippa Middleton’s strict “no ring, no bring” rule. What are your thoughts, CDL readers? Why do you think Gary Goldsmith was not invited to the reception? Do you think he would’ve been too much of a mess at the celebration? Share your thoughts below in the comments section and come back to CDL for all your Royal news.

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16 responses to “Kate Middleton’s Shady Uncle Gary Goldsmith Not Invited To Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Reception”

  1. Christian says:

    …..and this is important, WHY???

  2. HotMess88 says:

    The guy is an A-grade sleaze. The photo of him on the left shows him carding coke in front of reporters. He’s given some indiscreet and embarrassing interviews over the years so little wonder he wasn’t invited to the festivities. More info on Uncle Gary and the rest of the family is online in “The Monsters of Middleton”.

    • Sigi says:

      Kate is probably listed in the “monsters” list. The stupid b*tch has shown her ugly bare ass in front of everyone,including children, and that makes her a pedo.

  3. Ladyhawke says:

    There’s been much speculation, for years, in the UK press about Goldsmith’s contribution to the Middleton fortune. Hard to imagine such a fortune could be built on a mail-order party-favour business operating out of a converted barn on the family property.

    • Sigi says:

      Exactly ! {P.S. I didn’t forget that info I was going to tell you about, sorry for the delay,hope things improved ?}.

      • Ladyhawke says:

        Thanks, there’s absolutely no hurry -only when you have sufficient time. Things remain the same.

        • Sigi says:

          Well that sucks –
          I’ll try to send some info off real soon,maybe later tonight. I did notice the current solar astrology {good predictive for the year}, has Sun opposite Neptune, and other Neptune situations. The Sun in that aspect can mean likely men, in general…and them being liars,or deception,possibly could mean they might be intuitive but not being honest with it. But there’s more and I’ll write back again –
          lately it’s been hard for me to concentrate – I think too much is going on lately but I don;t mind the astrology stuff I just have to focus a little bit !

  4. ass flasher kate says:

    uncle Gary used to lend his Ibiza mansion to Kate and William during their dating/sex years, Gary used the mansions to bring strippers and drug for wealthy clientele, Middleton are a very nasty t family, shame on you William for bringing this sleezy,greedy, phony, people into the royal family!!

    • Sigi says:

      Great post. And as if Uncle Gary isn’t good enough for a sleazy exhibitionist like Kate who was pals with Emma Sayle of all people.Kate is a hooker type that’s why she shows her bare ass in public,and her hairy hoochie and tits too. The RF are all satanic assholes and not worth a shit,either,but it’s still amazing they let the Middletrash hoard hypnotize their village idiot,William.

      • Ladyhawke says:

        Watched a programme called “Posh Orgies” a few nights ago on cable. One of the interviewees was Emma Sayle. Apparently those types of “parties” are popular with the elite in the UK. I just found it incredibly tacky. It may be available online; I’ll check.

        • Sigi says:

          Seriously ?! TV has become such garbage ! I mean I knew it already but it still amazes me what gets broadcasted.
          That’s good info to post online, along with links showing Katie the Butt was once close friends with Emma the Pimp. I’m sure they got a lot done back in the day…..

          Yeah,all sorts of parties are popular with the global “elite” {not so elite but more like sewer rats}, like the film “eyes wide shut” too, and more.As you probably already know.

        • Sigi says:

          A few more things, there are 5 aspects to Neptune, which would increase intuitive matters.
          Neptune for you this solar year is in the 3rd house of siblings/ communication /short trips/and possibly includes neighbors, {anything 3rd house related}.
          Neptune also opposes the MC {you could try looking that up, but I’ll also look it up}. It tends to cause annoying things –
          {by the way when I said Neptune opposes the Sun I was wrong it’s square to the Sun. and it means about the same thing as the opposition too}.

          You know so far about the only hint I can really give you about that stuff you were wondering about….it looks more likely it would be coming via a male rather than a female. If that makes any sense.
          There is a Moon-Mars opposition {aggravation from women, also the need for caution/safety,emotions a bit battered too at times}, but yet more harsh aspects are with the Sun {males/authorities}.

          Well, one thing to check out is Pluto in the 1st house. It’s square to Jupiter in the 10th too. Pluto that close to the Ascendant could mean some sort of “things to deal with” ,
          and a minor hard aspect from Pluto hits the Sun. Sun is also opposing Saturn.

          You know, {just to mention something more positive}Venus trine the Ascendant, and it’s conjunct Uranus in the 5th house of love affairs,fun,and children {and other things}. You might have some sudden,wonderful love connections that are a bit different and charming !
          or enjoy some great vacations or other fun/relaxation/ or creativity.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            Got all that, thanks. In a workshop all day; just stepped out for lunch. Yes, there is a sibling issue and I’m quite certain there is a male interfering behind the scenes. There has been/will be a considerable change in finances (positive). Still going through the grieving process. Something occurred this morning, with a physical object which startled me, and for which I have no rational explanation; it impressed me as a sign of a connection or validation of something I had discussed with the person before he passed. I’ll look up some of the other things you mentioned. It’s going to be a very long day. Much appreciate all the info.

          • Sigi says:

            Wow. And I had forgot – your father passed recently ? I’m sorry, hope everything works out OK.
            Good luck with the sibling.Life is hard enough without having a family member acting up, and I know, I’ve had it happen too.
            Well, what you said isn’t all bad so that I’m glad to hear.
            I had a strange incident once too, {well maybe more than once} right after someone passed and it set something off, no rational explanation {like you said}.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            I still find it amazing that astrology can be so spot on – depending on the expertise of the person drawing the chart.
            Q. My sensitivity has been particularly heightened for the last month and a few people have asked me to read for them. Is that what you meant when you commented about “intuition(s)” at the beginning of (I think) the first detailed post?
            Terrific information; many thanks.

  5. Sigi says:

    Unfortunately most all the comments are truth, not exactly pure gossip !