Kendall Jenner Dating Chandler Parsons Behind Hailey Baldwin’s Back: Steals BFF’s Man For The New Year?

Kendall Jenner Dating Chandler Parsons Behind Hailey Baldwin's Back: Steals BFF's Man For The New Year?

Did Kendall Jenner swipe Chandler Parsons from her friend Hailey Baldwin? That’s what fans can’t help but wonder, as there’s a new report that suggests Kendall and Chandler might be an item again. This, of course, comes after the news that Hailey and Chandler were getting hot and heavy just two months ago.

Kendall and Chandler were first linked back in 2014. They were spotted dining at a New York City hotspot and dated briefly. Sources say that the two parted ways simply because they couldn’t make their relationship work. Kendall was traveling because of her modeling obligations while Chandler couldn’t keep up with her and his NBA schedule at the same time.

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Then again, Hailey Baldwin recently denied that she and Chandler were even dating to begin with. Instead, sources say that Hailey and Chandler have been friends and that Kendall met him through her friend. But not everyone believes this. Hailey and Chandler were spotted having a romantic dinner in Hollywood for Hailey’s birthday back in November. Eyewitnesses say that the two looked very intimate with each other and that they looked like they were more than just friends. Chandler even documented the occasion on his Snapchat.

But for Kendall, she sees things differently. Insiders say that Kendall and Chandler have been spending a lot of time together. Even though Kendall was previously linked to rapper A$AP Rocky, she didn’t take the romance seriously. The duo has been spotted all around Beverly Hills together, with sources saying that Kendall is very invested in their relationship. She’s been single for way too long and feels like she’s ready to commit to a serious relationship.

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If that weren’t enough, both Kendall and Hailey were spotted cheering on Chandler at a Los Angeles Lakers game together. Do the two women know that Chandler might be double-timing them? Would Hailey cut the cord on their friendship if she knew that Kendall was dating Chandler behind her back? Of course, only Kendall Jenner knows the real truth between her and Chandler Parsons. Things didn’t work out the first time around, but will they now?

So far, neither Kendall nor Chandler have made any comments about the report. But fans know that the truth will come out sooner rather than later.

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What do you think? Did Kendall Jenner swipe Chandler Parsons from Hailey Baldwin? Are Kendall and Chandler secretly dating behind Hailey’s back? Let us know in our comments section. Also, check back with CDL for all the latest on Kendall Jenner right here.

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