Love & Hip Hop Recap 1/30/17: Season 7 Episode 12 “Cancun”

Love & Hip Hop Recap 1/30/17: Season 7 Episode 12 "Cancun"

Tonight on VH1’s hit series Love & Hip Hop airs with an all-new Monday, January 30, 2017, season 7 episode 12 and we have your Love & Hip Hop recap below for you.  On tonight’s Love & Hip Hop season 7 episode 12 as per the VH1 synopsis, “The ladies arrive in Mexico, but Yandy Smith-Harris brings an uninvited guest who fuels her feud with Kim “Kimbella” Vanderhee. Later, Juju’s book stirs up drama; and Self exacts revenge on Cisco back in New York.”

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This week on Love and Hip Hop New York Pap pours himself into work to deal with the loss of the baby he was having with Remy. While he is in the studio his mom and daughter come to see him. Pap tells them “Usually I’m the one to say that I’m fine, but this time I’m not.” His mom tells him “You have to know that work is not everything. Maybe you two need to get some counseling together.”

Peter is meeting with Rich, Snoop, and Self to try and discuss bringing Cisco back into the group. Peter is looking to forgive Cisco and move forward since he is trying to make amends with Tara and rebuild their relationship. Peter tells Self “You need to make sure that you put all of that mess behind you with Cisco.” Self says “You tell Cisco to come and bring his cars and I’ll mess them up. Gwinnin deserves some payback for him trying to mess with our business.” Snoop says “You creeps have too much drama for me. I’m out of this.”

Yandy, Juju, Kimbella and the ladies are heading to Mexico for a relaxing vacation. However there is still simmering drama between Kim and Yandy over the fact that Yandy won’t clue Kim in to how the business dealings are working between she and Jules. When Yandy arrives she has Bianca with her. This does not make the girls happy. Kimbella tells Bianca “We don’t have a problem with you, but I need to talk to Yandy for a minute.” All of the ladies decide to leave and Kim tells Yandy “I spoke to Jules and he told me what happened in the meeting with the two of you and I need you to know that I need to know what’s going on with my man’s career.” Yandy tells her “Then you need to talk to your man.

Bianca is working on writing and is shocked to look up and see Cardi walking up with Mariah Lynn. At first the two women are not happy to see each other. Mariah tells Bianca “I’m sorry I let myself be used by someone who was trying to get back at her boyfriend. I’m not friends with Sky anymore.” Bianca tells her “The birds.” Mariah laughs and says “You’re the one she threw bread at!” The two girls hug each other and before Mariah completely forgives Bianca for pouring drinks on her she tosses Bianca into the pool.

When Papoose comes home from the studio after talking with his mother and daughter he finds Remy sitting on the couch. He sits down next to her and tells her “I never want you to think this is your fault. I love you no matter what and we are going to get through this together.” Remy cries and tells him “I can’t help thinking that if only I had done it when you wanted me to then this wouldn’t have happened.” Pap hugs her and tells her “Even if we never have a child together I love you always.”

Kimbella is still upset that Yandy has brought Bianca to Mexico so she and Juju are heading out to one club while Yandy and J head out to another. While they are out Yandy catches Bianca out with Cardi, Mariah and her sisters. Yandy is very upset. She tells Bianca “I brought you here to work and not to turn up.” Bianca tells Yandy “I respect you, but I know that you have alot going on with Mendecees being locked away but I need to have a little fun too.” Yandy tells her “When you lose I lose too. You need to understand that.” Bianca tells her she does and the two ladies hug it out.

Juju has organized an empowerment lunch. Yandy is there when Kimbella arrives. She tells Kim “I had to walk out because you weren’t hearing me.” Kim tells her “I’m happy that you are managing my man, but I need you to listen to me and really hear me.” Yandy seems really affected by what Kim has to say. When Bianca, Cardi and Mariah arrive at the table Mariah calls Yandy out for her behavior at the club. Yandy tells Mariah “I don’t mind Bianca having fun, but when I saw her in the club turning up I had to let her know.” The ladies all come to an understanding and decide to make it a fun day in Mexico. They decide to have a twerk off. Everyone has a great time.

The Creep Squad heads out for a night on the town. When Peter, Rich and Cisco come out of the club Self has spray painted Cisco’s car to make it property of Gwinnin. He tells Cisco “When you take from Gwinnin Gwinnin takes back.” Cisco is furious. He lunges at Self who quickly jumps back and laughs. Self tells him “It wipes right off!” Self steps up to show him that that the marker wipes away easily and that it was all a practical joke. Cisco is relieved. He tells Rich, Peter and Self “I owe you all apologies. I lost myself for a little while and ended up hurting my friends. I don’t want to do that anymore. Can we all be friends again.” The four men agree and the Creep Squad is reunited.

Back in Mexico just as it seems the drama has died down Yandy is once again upset because of the information in Juju’s book. Yandy tells her “When I tell someone something about my life I expect that story to stay between me and that person and I tell.” The fight is instantaneous. Juju tells her “The stories in my book are not about my friends and if they were I’d tell them.” The argument continues and finally Juju walks away. Kimbella tells Yandy “You are being mean girl Yandy. I can’t even be on your side right now.”