Meghan Markle Related to Prince Harry Through Queen Mother’s Ancestor

Meghan Markle Related to Prince Harry Through Queen Mother’s Ancestor

Meghan Markle might be an American television actress in love with a British prince, but it looks like she’s got a connection to the royal family, too. New reports suggest that the Suits star might in fact be related to her future husband, Prince Harry.

Apparently, genealogical researchers have discovered that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are related through an ancestor of the Queen Mother. Meghan’s father Thomas Markle is a descendant of Ralph Bowes, who just happened to be the High Sherriff of County Durham. His family also had a seat at Streatlam Castle.

Meghan’s line comes from Ralph Bowes’s granddaughter, Bridget Bowes and her husband, John Hussey. Prince Harry’s line, meanwhile, traces back from Bridget Bowes’s uncle, who inherited Streatlam Castle. Bridget and her husband Sir George Bowes had a daughter named Mary Bowes. Their marriage was the first generation of the Bowes-Lyon family, which The Queen Mother comes from. This in turn makes Meghan and Prince Harry 15th cousins.

Meghan Markle Related to Prince Harry Through Queen Mother’s Ancestor

Of course, this latest revelation is not going to stop Prince Harry from marrying Meghan Markle. As a matter of fact, his brother Prince William is also distantly related to his wife, Kate Middleton. William and Kate share a common ancestor I nSir Thomas Leighton, who just happens to be William’s 12th great-grandfather, and Kate’s 11th great-grandfather. This makes the Duke and Duchess 12th cousins, once removed.

At the same time though, many fans are going to be surprised that Meghan does indeed have a connection to the British royal family, even though it’s from 15 generations ago. For many, they just assumed that Meghan was another Hollywood star who Prince Harry just happened to fall deeply in love with. After all, her family is not as well connected or wealthy as the Middletons, nor is she an A-list name in the entertainment industry. Meghan Markle only became a household name thanks to her romance with Prince Harry.

So far Prince Harry hasn’t proposed to Meghan Markle, although a lot of royal observers are sure that it will happen any day now. They’ve made it no secret that they are planning a future together. They’ve been spending more time with one another now than ever before, signaling that a royal engagement announcement will come very soon. Slowly but surely, Meghan’s official princess transformation will begin.

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Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation