NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 10/8/17: Season 9 Episode 2 “Se Murio el Payaso”

NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 10/8/17: Season 9 Episode 2 "Se Murio el Payaso"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: Los Angeles returns with an all new Sunday, October 8, 2017, season 9 episode 2 called, “Se Murio el Payaso” and we have your weekly NCIS: Los Angeles recap below. On tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles episode, as per the CBS synopsis, “Sam works undercover as a financier of illegal currency when the daughter of a notorious counterfeiter arrives in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Callen partners with Anna to track the family’s latest scheme.”

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The US Secret Service had asked for NCIS’s help on tonight’s episode after a lengthy investigation into the Marca Family was finally starting to bare results. The agent involved in the case – Agent Nicole DeChamps – has been undercover within the organization for a long time and she knew for a fact that the Marca Family was one of the world’s biggest counterfeit organization. But the organization was a family and it was hard to get anyone to reveal something much less get one to turn on the other. So Nicole directed her people to whom she believed was the weakest link. She gave them Lucila Marca’s information because thought Lucila would break in time.

Lucila was the cherished princess. She mostly handled the US front and didn’t deal with the harder stuff. However, Lucila proved to be smarter than what Nicole assumed. Lucila knew that the agents that picked her up had wanted information on her family and so she decided to be “pleasant” to them. She asked them about their day, their names, how they were liking their jobs? So she was being very nice to them and had taken a step out of order until she started talking to Kensi and Deeks. The couple showed right away that they were couple and so Lucila did everything in her power to create a divide.

Lucila managed to separate the two in order to be alone with Kensi and then she made her move. She asked Kensi where she lived and found out that Kensi couldn’t afford some of the places she were listing off. Yet, She told Kensi that she didn’t have to settle. That Kensi could give up her crappy job, Deeks, and live the life she deserved with Lucila. Lucila propositioned Kensi and thought she could turn her against her partner. So it was a rude awakening for her when her charms didn’t pan out. Kensi wasn’t interested in Lucila and she kept on with the hard questioning because both she and Deeks knew Lucila knew more than she was letting on.

But Lucila had tried to play dumb. She pretended like she had never known about her grandfather’s reputation until after he had passed and that her father was a legitimate business man. Lucila said that they were good people and that they were used to getting harassed. So the two asked her about her flight to LA because her pilot had told them that he was expected to pick up a package in LA and bring that as well as the girl back to Peru. Peru was were the family were based from and it continues to hold fond memories for Lucila though she dropped the her act for a second and told them that no organization could make a case based off a criminal’s word.

That was after all what the pilot was and so Lucila knew they couldn’t take her down or force to say anything. Though Kensi and Deeks continued to try as Sam went in undercover to back up Nicole. Nicole told Sam that her overreach team was compromised and that her cover was at risk of being blown. So Sam had reassured her and he had stepped in to act Nicole’s financier with the Marca Family. The Marcas had wanted to expand their business interest and Nicole had said that she had a guy that could help them. Except Sam decide to create a character and run with it. He pretended to be a socially inept genius because he thought that would get the family to bend and it didn’t work.

Sam couldn’t force the family into making a deal with him at his own apartment and so he was ultimately forced to join Nicole on a boat. However, the boat couldn’t be secured and Nicole’s overreach team had told NCIS that they didn’t like the situation. There had been one guy on the team that was a close friend of Callen’s and so he hadn’t hesitated to say that he didn’t the like situation when he saw an armed team go on the boat following Sam and Nicole. So Callen and Anna tried to find out what was going on. The two had earlier looked into one of the businesses that the family ran and they had found the paper that was being used for the counterfeit, but the paper sample had been for US dollars. It had been for euros.

Euros were much harder to forge than the dollar because they had a holographic part it to. But Nell said that if they had the holographic signature and the ink that they could have been making counterfeit euros for years without anyone knowing. So that was just one thing that managed to slip by Nicole yet there was a second angle that she missed and was actually important to the case. She had thought Lucila was the weakest link and it turns out Lucila wasn’t even Lucila. She was Claudia and her mother had been the maid at the Marca’s compound down in Peru. And so Claudia wasn’t conscripted in because she was family – she had joined them because she wanted to be powerful and they had allowed her because they knew she was smart.

Claudia hadn’t called for a lawyer because she had wanted to keep Kensi and Deeks on her case and miss her check-in. She has to check-in every three hours or her boss would know something was wrong and so she had just passed that mark when she informed them that she had never missed a check-in before. Yet, Kensi and Deeks managed to call the overreach team and get them to Sam and Nicole before the two were seriously injured. They had figured something was wrong when the man they were dealing with had suddenly turned on them. So they played hide and seek on the boat until backup arrived.

Though with several members of the Marca family in custody, the others like Callen and Anna were able to find the counterfeit den and shut it down. So the Secret Service put the Marca out of business and the case was officially closed, but Eric had stayed on at the office because he had wanted to find Hetty and hadn’t known to look for her out East. Hetty was seemingly working a case that no one else knew about and therefore she hadn’t retired. She just went rogue!


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