NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 12/10/17: Season 9 Episode 10 “Forasteira”

NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 12/10/17: Season 9 Episode 10 "Forasteira"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: Los Angeles returns with an all-new Sunday, December 10, 2017, season 9 episode 10 called, “Forasteira” and we have your weekly NCIS: Los Angeles recap below. On tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles episode, as per the CBS synopsis, “The team tracks a highly-skilled assailant determined to avenge her father’s death by killing a Brazilian diplomat.”

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Deeks asked Kensi to cover for him at the office on tonight’s all-new episode when his mother’s boyfriend had gotten robbed and needed his help recovering his stolen laptop.

However, Kensi didn’t understand why a stolen laptop could be such a big deal much less why the boyfriend didn’t want Deeks’s mother to find out about it. So Deeks found himself in the awkward position of having to explain a few things. He told her his mother wasn’t like her sweet mother. Deeks’s mom was the type of woman that might have certain pictures on the laptop and it was better than no one ever saw them though finding out what could be on the laptop meant having another conversation with his mother’s boyfriend and so Kensi eventually took pity on him.

Kensi agreed to tell everyone that Deeks had important business to take care of. Though with him being out of the office all day, she found herself paired off with Hidoko. Hidoko was still technically new and so she hasn’t gotten the chance to work with Kensi like she’s worked with everyone else yet they had to work together on their latest case. The team had gotten a case involving several former Marines being found dead at a bar and unfortunately, their deaths had been intentional. So that begged the question why all three had been targeted.

They were no longer in the armed forces and there hadn’t been an incident before the three had been murdered then the evidence burnt. Yet, Eric did some digging and he found out that the former marines had joined MS-13 not long after leaving the military. So that made sense because a lot of gangs tend to hire former serviceman for their combat training, but the suspect the team was looking for must have had training as well because they were a few things the fire didn’t hide. Like how everyone had been killed long before the bar burnt down.

Sam and Callen had gone out to the scene and they had quickly deduced how everyone died. There had once been found with a broken neck, another stabbed, and a third with a gunshot wound. But there weren’t a lot of men out there that were skilled enough to pull off all that much less servicewoman. So it turns out to be a good thing that there was at least one survivor. The woman that owned the place had told Kensi and Hidoko that she had been asked to show a drunk woman the bathroom and that before she knew it she blacked out only to wake up to two firemen standing over her.

The woman, however, had described the entire incident as odd. She said the firemen had found her in the refrigerator and not only had the assailant turned it off, but she also called “911” from Ms. Jackson’s phone. So that told Kensi and Hidoko that their assailant was calculated. She didn’t want anyone besides her target getting hurt and had taken precautions to protect civilians. Except that didn’t sound like a rival gang! Another gang member would have been intent on sending a message and not anything else – so the team decided to go meet up with MS-13.

Sam and Callen hit one of their houses and they found a drug den. Though not much else and the gang had looked like they were holding themselves up in the house almost as if they were expecting to be attacked. So the guys couldn’t piece what they found yet the girls had much better luck. They found one former serviceman that their assailant hadn’t killed. She had instead locked him while she stole his weapons and so the only thing the guy could say about the woman was that she had an accent. He described it as Spanish and later the team learned it was more Portuguese.

The guy had paid close attention to the men that the woman had taken out and it appeared that she had been circling the security detail for the second-in-command to a Brazilian diplomat. Yet, the diplomat had had his own theory about what was going on. The Consul General knew Mosley and so he told her his man – Carvalho – had been hanging out with undesirables because he believed Carvalho was intending on killing him. So that hadn’t made much sense to the team because why would Carvalho kill off his own people before attempting to kill his boss? It just hadn’t made sense to them and they had only bought it because they couldn’t afford to leave Souza in danger.

Souza was still a diplomat after all and the team couldn’t afford an international scandal with one of their allies. Therefore, they chose to lay a trap for their would-be assassin. They pretended to be moving Souza to a safe location and the woman attacked them while they had been allegedly driving to the airport. But while everyone had made it out of the encounter alive, Kensi had had enough time to track down their assassin and ask her why she was trying to kill Souza. So it had come as a surprise when they learned that their assassin hadn’t been working for Carvalho. She said Carvalho was just as another one of Souza’s dogs and that Souza was the problem.

The assailant had said that Souza was brought in drugs to poison her country. However, that was as much as they got to talk about it before the other woman made a run for it. So Kensi told her team about what’s been happening and they brought Souza in to find out what was really going on because it turns out it hadn’t been squeaky clean. He had been using gangs like MS-13 to bring drugs into Brazil and was willing to pin his crimes on Carvalho. And that hadn’t been the first time he tried doing something like that.

Souza had also blamed a bombing on an innocent man and the man had been killed for it. Though the man’s daughter was their assassin. Her name was Pietra Ray and she had joined a militia group after her father died as a child soldier. So she blamed Souza for what happened to her father and to her yet Kensi who had built up a Rappaport with her had eventually managed to talk Pietra down when Pierta tried to kill Souza again. She had told the young woman that she knows what’s it’s like to lose a father and that she could get justice just not through killing anyone.

So Pietra agreed to stand down and was willing to plead guilty to all that she did as long as the others made sure that Souza went down as well. Yet, Mosley said that they were going to keep that promise.


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