Pippa Middleton Preps Pregnancy Announcement: Kate Middleton Sibling Rivalry Gets Crazy

Pippa Middleton Preps Pregnancy Announcement: Kate Middleton Sibling Rivalry Gets Crazy

Pippa Middleton is apparently getting ready to prep her own pregnancy announcement. Many royal critics believe that Pippa’s jealously and competitive streak will go into overdrive now that her sister Kate Middleton has announced that she is pregnant with her third child.

It’s no secret that Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton have always had a strong sibling rivalry. Pippa made that clear when she insisted on having a royal wedding of her own when she married James Matthews earlier this year. Plus, Pippa loves all of the media attention she gets for being Kate Middleton’s little sister. After all, many royal observers have long said that she and her mother Carole Middleton have long been riding on Kate Middleton’s royal coattails for several years now.

Now that Pippa Middleton is married to her dream husband, James Matthews, the next step is to naturally start a family. She’s already shut down her business, PXM Enterprises, and from what many people can tell, has cleared her calendar as well. If that weren’t enough, it doesn’t look like Pippa is participating in any strenuous triathlons or athletic events as she usually does each year.

Pippa Middleton Preps Pregnancy Announcement: Kate Middleton Sibling Rivalry Gets Crazy

A lot of royal critics believe that Pippa Middleton is willing to do just about anything to get pregnant. Pippa might be the most competitive sibling the celebrity world has ever seen. What’s more, she wants the momentum to keep going by keeping her name in every important headline on both sides of the pond. And the only way for that to happen is to announce that she is expecting her first child.

So far, Pippa has two choices: she can either announce her pregnancy right after sister Kate Middleton and make headlines for being pregnant at the same time as her sister or Pippa can wait a few weeks later. That is, if she even has a bun in the oven to begin with.

So far Pippa Middleton hasn’t said anything about possibly getting pregnant or her future family plans for that matter. Yet many royal fans know that the truth will come out sooner rather than later. There’s a good possibility that Pippa might be just waiting for the right moment to put the spotlight and focus back on her before it’s too late.

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  1. royalwatcher says:

    Still don’t like the fascinators as hats. I hope the trend goes away

    • PennieP. says:

      Yes! Something with a very wide brim. Block out her shoe leather face.
      WOW! and she’s not even 40!!

      • Sigi says:

        LOL. The Middleton women are all rough looking.

        • PennieP. says:

          Sigi!! How I have missed you and Ladyhawke!!
          No fun here without you!!
          Looks like our Katie is getting her Diving Certification renewed, AGAIN! I can’t believe she’s in for #3, as she can’t control the 2 she has, I suppose anything to get out of “Work “… LOL!!
          AND as for Pippa…. She should invest in a BeeKeeper hat.. Some serious sun damage has caused her to look like an old army boot.
          Great to bump into you… Let Lafyhawke know I miss her, tell her “Hello ” if she is around!!

          • Sigi says:

            HEY PENNIE !
            I missed you too. I was pleasantly surprised to see you and royalwatcher here again.
            My theory on Waity – she’s trying to keep Baldy nailed down just in case. Adding a brand new spawn now and then = insurance and emotional manipulation.
            Extra spawn = excuse to run away from what little “work” she’s asked to do. {agree with you}.
            Ladyhawke is here all the time mainly as “HotMess88”,her main ID now, has “Absolutely Fabulous” icon.

          • PennieP. says:

            Yeah, I just ‘saw ‘ her..
            Golly! So much to laugh at, so little time.
            I about DIED when the Flasher got a million euros for nude pics published in a French tabloid.
            That is hysterical, seeing how she has displayed her bits all over the globe.
            What a F- ing hypocrite… Can you believe that nerve?
            I really thought they were going to toss the case out of court on her past behavior… Well, she got her big settlement and I about died laughing…
            I saw royalwatcher, too.

            It’s so grand to catch up with you all!!
            Thank you for your reply!!

          • Sigi says:

            The stupid press is claiming Baldy and the flasher got a load of money and “won”. But if you search enough you find more honest articles, and the fact is they got a small percentage of what they were suing for. And made themselves look like even worse idiots in the process.
            Right ? How can an infamous, exhibitionist pervert win ANY lawsuit ? If they’re from a corrupt RF I guess.
            In any other trial she would have lost due to her general and well known behavior of showing every gross private part of her nasty body. Hypocrites, I agree,damned straight. The dumb bitch ought to donate that money to her “mental” charity {about the only charity I ever hear that she bothers with every so often and not much}.SHE’S “mental”.

            Hope to see you again soon,Pennie,

          • PennieP. says:

            Yeah, they wanted £ 4 million. Got £110,000… shave off the fee for the barrister… They probably will net her next BoTox treatment.
            By the way, do they sell ROGAIN™ in GB? I think it’s past time Willie got a few boxes.. He’s looking worse for the wear!!
            Hey! Let me know when there is a good story anywhere… I’ll be glad to join in the fun!
            After all, you do put the “fun” in dysfunction!!! LOL!

          • Sigi says:

            Yes I’d bet they spend heavily on all the botox needed for Waity’s aged drinker/smoker/sun damaged face.
            Righto, Baldy needs help. He’s butt-ugly.
            OK, if I hop around to other stories I’ll try to remember but I’m a space cadet !

  2. HotMess88 says:

    So to break the 500 word article down to one sentence: Pippa and her spouse, who resembles a slightly superior camel, have been going at it like a pair of jack-rabbits, in a desperate attempt not to be overshadowed by Clueless.

  3. Sigi says:

    The dude she married must be Gay because Pippa is manly !

    • HotMess88 says:

      Oh yes!! Pips in the infamous toilet roll dress.
      Haven’t seen the photos on the boat before nor the topless photo. Good example of how excessive sun exposure = prematurely aged the skin – Pips and Clueless are perfect examples.
      Geezus!! What the hell is wrong with the Middleton siblings? They need no encouragement to whip out their bits and pieces.
      Brother James was photographed, naked in an empty bathtub with whipped cream covering his nips and bits.
      The human body is a miracle, but there’s a time and place…

      • Sigi says:

        Waity and Pippa = The Leather Sisters.

        I think James had his bare ass photographed too. Yes they’re all eager to show off ! Bizarre.

  4. Elizabeth Connell says:

    Pippa looks like a hag, I’m sorry but she stayed in the sun too long!

  5. HotMess88 says:

    (Just found your comment)
    No, haven’t glimpsed those manly photos of James. Too scared to look – some images can’t be wiped from the memory bank.